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The Sims 4: House Ideas for Beginner Builders

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Start simple with these four house ideas to build the home of your dreams in The Sims 4!

The Sims 4‘s intuitive build tools makes building easier than ever, but for beginners, it can be daunting trying to figure out where to begin. If you’re longing to get away from building the same flat-looking box all the time but aren’t confident enough to explore complex architecture, this one’s for you! These Sims 4 house ideas are simple designs that are easy to create and have lots of personality. Our quick tips for how to build each style of home in The Sims 4 will give you the build inspo you need to get going!

4 Simple House Ideas to Build in The Sims 4

A-Frame or Chalet House

How To Build in The Sims 4: Chalet
A-frame Home

A-frames, sometimes called chalets, may look complicated to build at first glance but they are actually quite easy. They can be built one of two ways: either with a single A-frame roof directly on the foundation, or by building a room with two shed roofs along the side and an a-frame roof on top to create a seamless A-frame design.

Mobile Home

Sims 4 Build Inspo: Mobile Home
Mobile Homes

Don’t underestimate mobile homes! They’re an easy house idea to build and can be a very cozy, inviting place to raise a small family. Mobile homes are typically a rectangular shape and raised up on a higher foundation with a small deck out front. Try utilizing the flat roof design of many mobile homes for an upper BBQ deck like this example!


Sims 4 House Ideas: Mid-Century
Mid-Century Home

These homes are popular house ideas for desert landscapes but can be found all over North America. They are typically single-story homes with clean, straight lines and an asymmetrical design, with portions of the home jutting out to create more visual appeal. Since these homes typically stick to squares and rectangles for their shape, it’s a nice way for a beginner to get creative.


Sims 4 House Ideas: Colonial
Colonial Home

A colonial home might seem complicated at first due to their grand appearance but they are actually one of the simplest two-story designs out there! These homes are traditionally two stories with a perfectly symmetrical rectangular design. Popular colonial features include decorative pillars, shuttered windows, and dormer roofs. This is a very simple example above highlighting common features of a colonial home to give you some house ideas!

Need some help with roofing any of these Sims 4 house ideas? No problem! We have more Sims 4 build inspo for you! Check out our ultimate roofing guide!

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