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Best Sims 4 Challenges: 6 Family Challenges You Should Try Out

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These family-centred challenges will keep you playing with your Sims 4 families longer!

Looking for some new challenges to keep your Sims 4 gameplay fresh and interesting? Look no further! We’ve compiled 6 of the best and most popular Sims 4 family gameplay challenges for you right here! Some are long-time favourites while others might be new to you!

Check out this list of the best Sims 4 challenges for family gameplay!

6 Best Sims 4 Challenges

The Legacy Challenge

Sims 4 Best Challenges: Legacy Challenge

The Legacy Challenge is created and maintained by Pinstar and his wife, ImaginingMystic. It started all the way back in the days of The Sims 2. Pinstar had a brilliant idea to create a gameplay challenge focused on the new generational system introduced in The Sims 2. The concept was simple; start with a single Sim on a giant plot of empty land with very little money and work your way up to success and prosperity over a period of 10 generations. In practice, it was much more challenging than it seemed on the surface and Simmers fell completely in love with it. Since then, he and his wife have adapted the challenge for The Sims 3 and The Sims 4, providing millions of Simmers with endless fun and entertainment. We certainly owe a lot to these pioneers of Sims challenges!


Sims 4 Family Challenges: Not So Berry

Created by popular YouTuber, lilsimsie, and alwayssimming as a way to poke fun at the popular “berry Sim” aesthetic at the time, the Not-So-Berry Challenge is similar in concept to The Legacy Challenge, except each generation must complete a series of goals themed around a specific colour. The Not-So-Berry Challenge ended up becoming even more popular than the many berry-themed challenges that were available and for good reason. Each generation’s goals are challenging but attainable but also embrace the silliness of the “berry Sim” aesthetic in a really fun, light-hearted way. This is probably one of the most fun challenges I’ve ever personally played.

The 100 Baby Challenge

Sims 4 Popular Challenges: 100 Baby

The 100 Baby Challenge is a very popular challenge that was originally written for The Sims 2 by Amiisays, then adapted for The Sims 3 by various different authors, and finally, adapted for The Sims 4 by yours truly! My motivation for adapting the challenge for The Sims 4 was simply that I wanted to play the challenge in The Sims 4 but could only find The Sims 3 version. The objective of the challenge is the same no matter what version you’re playing: Give birth to 100 babies in as few generations as possible (sometimes one generation, depending on the version). Crazy? Absolutely! Fun? Definitely! If you’re a fan of chaotic gameplay and raising lots and lots of kids, this is the challenge for you!

The Genesis Challenge

The Sims 4 Genesis Challenge

This is a Sims 4 original challenge that I also wrote. It’s a lesser-known challenge but one that gives the player a lot of freedom to play their own way, which is something that’s kind of unique to Sims 4 challenges. That’s why I wanted to include it on this list. While the general theme of the challenge is based on the Book of Genesis, the challenge itself isn’t religious in any way. The basic concept is to start with two Sims in a completely empty world and repopulate it with the descendants of those two original Sims. The way you choose to play while populating the world is entirely up to you, however. It’s a good long challenge that can have other challenges incorporated into it easily. If you like flexible gameplay, you may like this one.


Sims 4 Decades Challenge

One strange thing about The Sims 4 is that while you play through infinite generations of Sims, the world around them stays the same. Fashion, technology, and cultural norms do not shift over time the way they do in the real world. This challenge by cutecoffeegal aims to change that. The objective of the challenge is to start in the 1890s and slowly work your way up to the 2010s with each new generation representing a new decade. If you’re a family player and a history buff, you’ll definitely want to check out this unique take on the traditional Legacy Challenge!

The Wonder Child

The Wonder Child Challenge for The Sims 4

The Wonder Child Challenge is another Pinstar original! This one is perfect for Simmers who struggle to play through multiple generations but still like raising families. This challenge can be completed in a single generation. The objective of the challenge is to have one child and raise that child to be perfect in every way possible by the time they become a young adult. It’s a shorter challenge that provides a lot of entertainment.

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