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Gain Instant Access to all Sims 4 Collectibles with this Lot!


Purchase all your missing collectibles at this retail store!

If you’re having trouble completing your Sims 4 collections and don’t mind spending some simoleons, this retail lot can help! Never again be stuck hunting for that last collectible to fill out your personal museum. This store has every single collection in the game from every pack to date! Sims 4 Unlock All Collectibles Lot is a very easy solution that will help out. Let’s begin!

sims 4 unlock all collectibles

The lot is called The Sims Collection Store and it was built by simmaddness. We have no idea how they managed to cram so many collectibles into a small 30×20 lot but we are so glad that they did! The small lot size means it can fit almost anywhere in your worlds and won’t eat up any of the precious few large lot sizes that we have.

The Sims 4: Unlock All Collectibles Lot

retail Lot by simmaddness

Since the lot is a fully functional retail store, all of the collectibles inside are for sale. Players who aren’t a fan of cheating and prefer a more roleplay style of gameplay will like this a lot. It’s not really cheating if your Sims still have to pay a pretty penny out of pocket to acquire those rare and valuable Sims 4 collections. It’s also a lot more fun to go to a shop and browse for what you need than just using cheats to pull the items out of the debug catalogue.

The store itself looks great, too! The storefront is very appealing to the eye and although the inside is very crowded with merchandise, the neat rows of shelving help to achieve a sense of flow throughout the store. It won’t look like an eyesore in your worlds at all.

Sims 4 Collections

This lot uses no custom content but you will need the Get To Work expansion. The lot won’t be functional as a retail store without it. The store contains all Sims 4 collections from all packs. You can use the lot without all the packs but some items will not show up.

You can download The Sims Collection Store from the Gallery right now! Click the button below to be taken to the download page and save it to your library!

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