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The Sims 4 Disney Inspired Prompts for Gameplay & More!


We don’t mean just Star Wars!

Disney is celebrating one hundred years of magic this year. and with many characters, worlds, stories, and more created over the years, why not celebrate this milestone by incorporating The Sims 4 and Disney together? With a wide variety of themes and stories that can be used for inspiration, there really is something for everyone!

The Sims 4 & Disney

It’s worth noting that The Sims had a crossover with a well-known Disney-owned franchise in the past. The Sims 4 Journey to Batuu Game Pack was released in late 2020 and introduced players to the world of Star Wars.

The Sims 4 Journey to Batuu Game Pack. Bob Pancakes and Rey.

Your Sims have the power to choose which of the three factions will get to control Batuu. Choose between joining the Resistance, the First Order, or the Scoundrels by completing missions and challenges. Unlock rewards, and new outfits, master building your own Droid or Lightsaber and explore the world of Batuu. Who gains the overall authority of Batuu, is down to you and your Sim! You might even run into some familiar faces as well!

If you don’t own The Sims 4 Journey to Batuu Game Pack, you will also find some Star Wars-themed content in the Base Game. While they are mainly in the form of Full Body Create A Sims Costumes of well-known characters, you’ll also find The Child statue that you can use to decorate your Sims homes with too!


However, we are not here to primarily talk about The Sims 4 Journey to Batuu but Disney in general!

The prompts and ideas you find in this post can be used for gameplay, storytelling, building, and Create A Sim. With so much to choose from within the Disney Universe, there really is no end of ideas!

Additionally, this is just a handful of ideas from a selection of Disney Characters, television shows, movies, and more! There are plenty more out there to discover!

Classic Disney Characters

  • Mickey & Minnie Mouse
  • Donald & Daisy Duck
  • Goofy & Pluto
  • Chip & Dale

Pixar Characters

  • Finding Nemo – Nemo, Dory, Marlin, Coral, Bruce, Crush, Nigel, and Darla
  • Toy Story – Buzz, Woody, Jessie, Andy, Rex, Bo Peep, Mr & Mrs. Potato Head, and Hamm
  • The Incredibles – Helen Parr, Bob Parr, Violet, Dash, Edna Mode, Frozone, Jack-Jack, and Syndrome
  • Up – Carl & Ellie Fredicksen, Russell, Charles Muntz, Dug & Kevin
  • Coco – Ernesto de la Cruz, Miguel, Mama Coco, Mama Imelda Rivera

Disney Princesses & Villains

  • Ariel
  • Mulan
  • Snow White
  • Jasmine
  • Rapunzel
  • Pocahontas
  • Ursula
  • Cruella de Vill
  • Scar
  • Maleficent
  • Gaston
  • Hades
The Sims 4: Encanto
Madrigal Encanto Kids Household by PlaySimsWithDee / Encanto Showcase

Disney Movies & Television Shows

  • Encanto
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Lilo & Stitch
  • Robin Hood
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Frozen
  • Raya & The Last Dragon
  • Big Hero 6
  • Wreck it Ralph
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Peter Pan
  • The Princess Diaries

Disney Channel Movies & Television Shows

  • High School Musical
  • Hannah Montana
  • The Suite Life of Zack & Cody
  • Lemonade Mouth
  • Descendants
  • Camp Rock
  • Wizards of Waverly Place
  • The Lizzie McGuire Movie
  • Shake it Up
  • Liv & Maddie
Marvel Characters, Gamora, Doctor Strange & Scarlet Witch by SirSims
Gamora, Doctor Strange & Scarlet Witch by SirSim

Marvel & Star Wars

  • The Avengers: Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Dr. Strange, Scarlet Witch, Thanos, Vision, Hawkeye, Loki
  • Guardians of the Galaxy: Star-Lord, Gamora, Rocket, Groot, Mantis, Drax
  • Ms Marvel/Kamala Khan
  • Moon Knight/ Mr Knight
  • Hawkeye/ Clint Barton, Kate Bishop
  • Ant-Man and Wasp
  • Spider-Man & MJ
  • America Chavez & Wong
  • Luke Skywalker
  • Princess Leia
  • Anakin Skywalker
  • Padmé Amidala
  • Kylo Ren
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • Boba Fett
  • Rey
  • Yoda
  • Grogu (Baby Yoda)

Disney Locations

  • Magic Kingdom & the Disney Castle
  • Galaxy’s Edge – Star Wars
  • East High – High School Musical
  • Wonderland – Alice in Wonderland
  • Casa Madrigal – Encanto
  • The Waverly Sub Station – Wizards of Waverly Place
  • The Hundred Acre Wood – Winnie the Pooh
The Sims 4: Disney Castle by Kate Emerald
Disney Castle by KateEmerald

This is by no means a finalized list of characters, television shows, movies, or locations. There are so many out there to explore and draw inspiration from for your The Sims 4 and Disney gameplay or building experiences.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the creations that our super-talented Sims Community has created! Be it

The Sims 4 & Disney Inspired Community Content

The Disney Princess Challenge

A popular challenge within The Sims 4 is the Disney Princess Challenge. Inspired by the Princesses of Disney and their movies, this challenge follows the original legacy challenge with some slight variants. Chose between following the story of each Princess or just allow the game to unfold before you while still following the challenge rules.

Do you want to find out more about the Disney Princess Challenge? Click here to read more!

The Sims 4 Disney Themed Custom Content

With everything from outfits inspired by various Disney characters, Build Mode objects, and custom Poses there is plenty of The Sims 4 custom content out there. There’s so much that it would be hard to list every single piece right here.

The best way we have found to find the perfect pieces of Disney-inspired Custom Content for The Sims 4 is using Tumblr.

Try using one of the following searches to help find your perfect Custom Content:

  • The Sims 4 Disney CC
  • The Sims 4 Disney Poses
  • The Sims 4 Disney Clothing
  • The Sims 4 Disney Mods

The Sims 4 Disney Gallery Content

The Gallery is an amazing place to find incredible creations from fellow players! From individual Sims to full households. Disney-inspired rooms to the Cinderella Castle The Sims 4 Gallery is the one-stop place for all your in-game Disney needs!

The Sims 4 Gallery: Elsa's Ice Palace by Rubinrot97
Elsa’s Ice Palace by Rubinrot97

There are a variety of search terms you can use to discover different Gallery Creations. The filters will also allow you to search for your desired specification as well as just households, lots, or rooms too!

While just searching Disney as the Item Name in The Gallery will return plenty of results, you can also search specific characters, movies, or television shows to further refine your searches.

So why not celebrate one hundred years of Disney magic in The Sims 4 by using the prompts above as the inspiration for your next story? Maybe even your next build? However, you decide to play, have fun and enjoy the magic!

Are you looking for more building ideas and inspiration? Take a look at over seventy different inspirational prompts here!

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