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The Sims 4: We Built a Funeral Home for Your Legacy Saves


Honour your Sims of the past with this funeral home!

Sims 4 funeral

With the Growing Together expansion pack launching next month, legacy players are no doubt excited to start playing through generations with more content. One rather sad aspect of legacy saves is that previous generations eventually grow old and pass on, handing the torch down to the next generation. It’s been this way since The Sims 2. Death is a part of life and generational players are going to need somewhere to lay their previous generations to rest. This need inspired us to build a funeral home in The Sims 4!

Welcome to Eternal Rest Funeral Home in The Sims 4

Viewing Room
Viewing room

Eternal Rest Funeral Home is not just a funeral home for The Sims 4! It is also a cemetery, a mausoleum, and a morgue. It also sits on a fairly small 30×30 lot. Real estate is tight in The Sims 4 and single function venues just aren’t a smart use of limited space. Your Sims will not only be able to gather here for funerals and viewings, but they will also be able to lay their loved ones to rest. For you storytellers out there, the morgue can be a great backdrop for all kinds of stories.

You might be thinking that a 30×30 lot couldn’t possibly fit that many urns and tombstones. It’s true that the outdoor cemetery has just 21 plots; however, enter the mausoleum and you will find four basement levels that can hold up to 135 Sims. In total, you’ll be able to lay up to 156 Sims to rest at this Sims 4 funeral home. This should be plenty of space for a 10 generation legacy challenge but if it’s not, the lower levels can be expanded.

Outdoor cemetery

Why a Funeral Home?

Sims 4 funeral
Four basement levels of catacombs to lay Sims to rest

Why have a funeral home at all when we don’t have funerals in The Sims 4 (and it doesn’t look like they are coming in Growing Together, either)? Functionally, having dozens of ghosts on your home lot is a nuisance. You may still want to have Great Grandma Ethel’s spirit around but her nightly activities break everything in the house. Place her urn or tombstone on a different lot and she can stick around without disrupting the whole house every night. For the sentimental Simmers, it’s important to give friends and family an opportunity to say goodbye when a loved one passes. This lot gives them an opportunity to do that.

Download this funeral home by clicking the button below! Or follow SnarkyWitch in the Gallery and look for Eternal Rest Funeral Home!

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