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The Sims 4 Growing Together: San Sequoia World Map

san sequoia world map

First look at the San Sequoia World Map and detailed run of Lot Sizes!

The Sims Team has revealed the first look into the World Map from The Sims 4 Growing Together! The new Map features San Sequoia, a San Franscisco-esque type of world. Seperated into 3 neighborhoods and 12 lots in total. Let’s break down what’s new!

Sims 4 Growing Together – World Map

Take a first look at the World Map of San Sequoia.

Sims 4 World Map - San Sequoia
San Sequoia World Map

As you see above, each neighborhood contains 4 different lots. Down below you’ll find a list of all the neighborhoods and their descriptions. Stay tuned for updates on lots and lot sizes!

San Sequoia Lot Sizes

Developer working on The Sims 4 @Mattnetic has shared a full map preview of the new Lot Sizes!

World Lot Sizes of San Sequoia
World Lot Sizes

Check out the breakdown of each neighborhood. Yup, there’s a large 64×64 Lot as well.

San Sequoia Neighborhoods

Anchorpoint Wharf

Once the center of a bustling fishing and canning industry, Anchorpoint Wharf is known now as a vibrant area downtown featuring a movie theater, parklets, and more. There’s plenty to keep all ages entertained.

Gilbert Gardens

Gilbert Gardens’ gorgeous park was once owned by Gilbert Gilberts, a land developer who helped establish the area. Now, it’s the perfect locale for family trips to the gardens. Where, amongst other activities, Sims can take a walk on one of the three scenic lake walking paths or visit the community’s Splash Pad play area. Whalebert is hoping to see you soon!

Hopewell Hills

Hopewell Hills is a cozy spot away from the hustle and bustle of town. The perfect place for anyone who wants, well, space! If the suburbs are your idea of paradise, you’ve found it here in this quiet neighborhood.

San Sequoia World Icon

@SimGuruNinja shared an image preview of the new world icon. Check out what San Sequoia looks like in the World Menu!

San Sequoia world icon
San Sequoia icon

Stick around for more updates on the new world of San Sequoia and Sims 4 Growing Together!

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