Growing Together

The Sims 4’s latest Pack adds Features for Adults and Careers

sims 4 midlife crisis career features

Adults get more opportunities (and more risks) in The Sims 4 Growing Together!

Ever heard of a Sims 4 Midlife Crisis?

The Sims Team talked a lot about Infants and young Sims life stages in the latest Growing Together livestream. Still, adults had an interesting segment in the livestream where developers talked more about new features for Adults and their Careers.

You can expect several new features as your Sims step into adulthood in Growing Together, including:

Sims 4 Midlife Crisis

Midlife Crisis is a new thing that can happen to Adult Sims as they grow up through that life stage! These basically function as temporary Aspirations that after completion, your Sims can continue with the previous one. There are 4 different Midlife Crises that the developers mentioned.

One of the new Midlife Crises featured in the stream was Desire for Adventure:

Sims 4 Midlife Crisis
Midlife Crisis Feature Preview

The devs confirmed that this feature is optional, meaning that your Sims can just “wait throught it”. If you decide to play it through you’ll notice that the Crisis will last shorter and you’ll get beneficial moodlets after it’s over.

Workplace Rival

This is something that can happen if you’re in a Career. Your Sim sometimes won’t be able to get a promotion because of a Workplace Rival. You’ll have to resolve it at work or invite the rival over to try and resolve it.

Sims 4 Workplace Rival - New Career Features
Workplace Rival

Both ways of resolution will bring new interactions that will give you a chance to settle the beef. If you’re at work, you can see the interactions by clicking your Sim icon.

@GrimSuruDoi hinted that if the Workplace Rival Sim dies by any chance, they won’t stand in your way for promotion anymore.

Burnout System

Not specifically related to Careers, but there’s a general new feature for Adult Sims that will affect Careers as well. The developer shared the following:

If you’re going too hard on particular Skill building or working too hard, your Sim may indicate to you that they need a break. They’ll need to do something that’s different and creative. However, if they’re just doing creative things, they’ll need to do something else to take a break from that.

Lay-offs in The Sims 4!

“We’ve added the opportunity to get laid off!” laughed the game developers, while also confirming that getting fired is a new feature.

When you go to work, there’s a chance that the company is going through “restructuring”. Meaning that there’s going to be lay-offs. You may be able to do just fine – working a little extra hard during that period.

If you do get laid off, we added some interesting options afterwards. If you have friends, they might come in to check on you. There’s also some other features when searching for jobs after just being laid off.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming features for Adult Sims? Join the conversation below!

Stay tuned for more information about The Sims 4 Growing Together. Until then, take a look at some of the Gameplay Objects coming!

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