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Latest Sims 4 Update is causing a Face Glitch

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The latest Sims 4 Update has a Face Glitch, morphing pre-existing Sims’ faces!

Have you noticed the Sims 4 Face Glitch? Wouldn’t be a Sims 4 Update rollout without a hiccup, right?

The April 18th Patch that’s been released for The Sims 4 Base Game yesterday has caused a visual issue for Sims’ faces in-game. Just a few moments after, The Sims Direct Team quickly issued a statement saying that they’re looking into it. What is the issue all about? Find out below:

The Sims 4: Face, Eyes and Mouth Bug

As reported first on the EA Answers HQ website, players have started noticing that their Sims now have a different face structure after The Sims 4 April 2023 Update. First noticed by Sean_Theriault on EA AHQ, Sims have slightly misplaced positioning for face, eyes and mouth compared to their original placement.

Sims 4 Bug Report

How can we find the bug ourselves? Download any sims from the gallery into CAS. All previously created sims in Save files are effected as well

What happens when the bug occurs? All previously created sims have a face bug. The eyes and mouth look weird. The eyes look mishappen and the pupils are really big. The mouth has a weird underbite to it. Even resetting the face with new eye presets doesn’t fix the problem. This only affect previously created sims. If you create a new sim the bug doesn’t occur.


Check out the visual comparison shared by @onlyabidoang:

There’s also a good .GIF comparison shared on EA AHQ by member moxhollow, showing that the Face Glitch extends to the Body shape as well. And that it can also make your Sims cross-eyed:

Sims 4 Face Glitch: Before and After

New Tooth Mishap

Unfortunately, teeth haven’t been spared from the glitch either. EA AHQ user GiardiniDiMarzo has shared screenshots of this Bug affecting both Teeth and Mouth shape and positioning.

In less than a day, this Visual Glitch in The Sims 4 was reported by 700 players on the EA Answers forum. Players also reported that this issue persists for both old and new save files. No matter if you’re a CC / Mod user or not!

Sims 4 Face Glitch: Official Statement

The Sims Direct shared the following statement after the user reports, confirming that their team is now investigating this issue.

Sims 4 Face Glitch: Official Statement
Official statement on The Sims 4 Face Glitch

Have you encountered The Sims 4 Face Glitch in your game? Let us know and stay tuned for updates on this Sims 4 Bug!

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