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The Sims 4 Growing Together: The Fundamentals of Recreation Centers

TS4 Growing Together Recreation Centers

Let’s talk about Recreation Centers!

This brand-new lot type was introduced to players in The Sims 4 Growing Together.

Now you might be wondering, what is the purpose of the recreation center? Well, it is simply a place that is part of and at the heart of the community!

In Growing Together, a recreation center is described as the following:

A recreation center is the perfect place for family-friendly community learning and play. It’s an arts center, fitness zone, game room, and play space all in one.

A Ghost Sim using the Music Room at the Celebration Center
A Ghost Sim using the Music Room at the Celebration Center

Where in Growing Together do I find the Recreation Center?

To find the pre-made recreation center, simply visit the Gilbert Gardens neighbourhood in San Sequoia! You’ll then be looking for the lot called the Celebration Center. Once you’ve located the pre-made lot, simply select the Sims that you want to travel with, and off you go!

Introducing the Celebration Center

Now that you have travelled to San Sequoia with your Sims, let’s take a closer look at what the Celebration Center has to offer!

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The Growing Together Celebration Center in San Sequoia

The lot is situated on a 64×64 also comes with the Fast Internet, Great Acoustics and Study Spot lot traits.

On the lower ground, you will find a kitchen and dining space, workout area, indoor play area as well as a welcome desk and a handful of tables dotted around.

TS4 x64 2023 04 20 11 17 43
The Lower Ground Floor of the Celebration Center

As for the upper level of the Celebration Center, you’ll find an arts and crafts room, study space and a music room!

TS4 x64 2023 04 20 11 17 09
The Upper Level Floor of the Celebration Center

Let’s not forget about the outdoor space at the Celebration Center!

Overlooking the lake in San Sequoia, you’ll find the outdoor play area for younger Sims, It features two sets of monkey bars and the Starcruiser X jungle gym! Additionally, you’ll find an outdoor seating area by the kitchen area and also some chess tables dotted around under a beautiful Cherry Tree.

Did you know, that the recreation center that came with the Growing Together expansion pack was created by LilSimsie?

What can you do at a Recreation Center?

Well, you can do pretty much anything. As mentioned in the lot description, you can have elements of the recreation center dedicated to learning, arts, fitness, games, and more! While these may seem quite simple and straightforward activities, they are in fact also very broad, and there are a number of ways your Sims can get involved.

What if I want to create my own Growing Together inspired Recreation Center?

You certainly can!

Whether you want to revamp the pre-made recreation center or want to create your own, there are a number of ways you can do so!

A Recreation Center can be a number of different things. It’s not only a community orientated lot, but also a place where Sims can also focus on their own personal development. Let’s also not forget, you can even host events and club get together’s here too!

Growing Together Pre Made Recreation Center, Celebration Center
The Celebration Center in San Sequoia

Don’t forget, Recreation Centers are not just limited to being placed in San Sequoia! They can be placed in any world and on any lot size too!

Recreation Center Ideas

Here are some ideas of things you can incorporate learning into your own Recreation Center:

  • Skill based rooms – Either a particular skill in general or focused on a specific task Sims can complete to improve a particular skill.
  • Kitchen – Not only can Sims improve their cooking skills here but it can also be a way of developing friendships with other Sims from within the Community.
  • Events Space – The one-stop space for Sims to host their own events. These could include Baby Showers, Family Reunions,
  • Day Care/Play Area – We all know it’s sometimes hard to keep our younger Sims occupied, so why not dedicate a space where they can have some fun for a little while!
  • Computer Room – A space where your Sims can complete their homework, practice their computer based skills, apply for jobs or university and more!
  • Outdoor Fitness/Wellness Space – Whether that is adding a pool or a place for Sims to take part in Yoga Sessions, why not utilize some of that outdoor space for your Sims to use!
  • Gardening Space – The perfect place for our outdoor loving and green thumb Sims!

Requirements when Building a Recreation Center

As with any community lot build, there is a variety of requirements that your build must meet. Surprisingly, for a Recreation Center, they are relatively easy ones to fulfil!

  • Game x3
  • Musical Instrument x2
  • Workout Equipment x2
  • Sink x1
  • Toilet x1
  • Stereo x1
  • Jungle Gym x1

With only a handful of objects needed to fulfil the lot requirements, it really does leave it the rest of your Recreation Center open to plenty of other ideas!

Hold Up, isn’t a Recreation Center the same as Community Space?

Community Spaces were introduced in The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle. You could say they are similar to a degree, however not at the same time.

While both focus on being at the heart of the community, there are actually four different kinds of Community Spaces. These being Community Garden, Maker Space and Marketplace along with a generic Community Space.

While these focus more on specific theme’s these can also be voted for by Sims via one of the community notice boards.

Ultimately, the new Recreation Center lot type is a lot more flexible and can be tailored to multiple different needs within the community compared to a Community Space.

The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle: All About Community Spaces
A Market Place Community Space from The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle

Want to find out more about Community Spaces from Eco Lifestyle? Find out everything you need to know and more here!

Community Creations

The community has been hard at work creating its own Recreation Center builds. There have been some absolutely incredible builds shared in the community.

Here are two of our many favourites from the community!

Growing Together Recreational Center by SoSimsy

Modern Recreation Center by Simproved

That’s everything you need to know about Recreation Centers in The Sims 4 Growing Together! Have you used this new lot type yet, or have you taken on the challenge to build your own? Let us know in the comments below!

As always, stay tuned to Sims Community for all the latest news and information from The Sims franchise!

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