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This Sims 4 Milestones Mod is an Amazing Overhaul!

sims 4 milestones expanded mod

Over 50 new milestones and improvements to existing milestones!

Sims 4 milestones mod
Image Credit: Lumpinou

Lumpinou has released a Sims 4 milestones mod that adds so much more depth to The Sims 4 Growing Together‘s existing milestones system. While the expansion pack’s new milestones feature was well-received by Simmers, they were also quick to point out that the milestone system could be improved in various ways. For example, the game does not distinguish between divorces and break-ups and Sims don’t get milestones for some important events, such as getting a new sibling or their parents splitting up.

Of course, a modder has solved these problems! Lumpinou’s Milestones Expanded mod adds over 50 new custom milestones across multiple DLC packs and adds more detail and depth to some of the game’s existing milestones! It also adds custom moodlets related to many milestones and Social Bunny posts related to milestones!

This Sims 4 Milestones Mod is a Must Have!

Lumpinou’s improvements to the milestones system makes the lives of your Sims feel even more in-depth and meaningful. While it’s clear that EA’s milestones system is a great addition to the game, it really needed some extra detail in quite a few areas. The fact that Lumpinou not only added more milestones and edited existing milestones, but also went to the effort of including moodlets and Social Bunny posts shows their dedication to making a great game feature even better!

New Milestones

Sims 4 milestones mod

This Sims 4 milestones mod adds over 50 new milestones to the game. So many important moments that EA neglected to include as milestones are now represented. Dropping out of university, moving to a new world, taking vacations, getting a new sibling, having your parents split up and so much more is now commemorated as milestones for your Sims!

Check out the full list of new milestones Lumpinou has added to the game below! Some milestones are exclusive to certain packs. Players can remove milestones from individual packs that they don’t own. Also, some milestones are designed to work with Lumpinou’s WooHoo Wellness mod. Some milestones are still being worked on, as indicated in the following list.

  • Became National Leader
  • Befriended Dolphin
  • Befriended Toilet
  • Born In [world] indicator
  • Came Out
  • Carried Baby For Another
  • Child Taken Social Service
  • Composed Lyrics
  • Composed Song
  • Death of a Pet
  • Death Of Best Friend
  • Death Of Child
  • Death Of Grandparent
  • Death Of Parent
  • Death Of Pet
  • Death Of SO
  • Death Of Sibling
  • Diagnosed With Permanent WTD
  • Did Gender Transition Steps
  • Dropped Out University
  • Enrolled in University (not ready)
  • First Kiss (firsts)
  • First Kiss with someone new
  • Gave Child For Adoption
  • Got Kicked Out By Parents
  • Got New Sibling
  • Got divorced
  • Got Sterilization Surgery (not ready)
  • Had Alien Baby (not ready)
  • Had Abortion
  • Had Teen Pregnancy (not ready)
  • Had Unwanted pregnancy (not ready)
  • Had cryptic pregnancy (not ready)
  • Had out of relationship pregnancy (not ready)
  • Had Grandchildren
  • Had Science Baby (not ready)
  • Had Miscarriage
  • Had Wedding Ceremony (not ready)
  • Introduced Self To a Celebrity
  • Joined Religion
  • Left Religion
  • Lost Custody
  • Made Video Game
  • Mastered An Instrument
  • Moved Worlds
  • Online Dating Profile
  • Owned Business
  • Parents Separated
  • Published Book
  • Scuba Diving
  • Sold Masterpiece
  • Took Vacation Other World
  • Won Custody
  • WooHoo with someone new
  • Won Gaming Competition
  • Won Star Accolade
  • Wrote Book
From Lumpinou

Milestone Improvements

Milestone Improvements

In addition to adding SO many more milestones to the game, this Sims 4 milestones mod also makes improvements to some existing milestones. Certain important milestones like getting married and the birth of a child now record the lot where this milestone took place!

Sims can also ask other Sims about their milestones. If they are close enough friends, your Sim will find out all of that Sim’s past experiences. If they aren’t close, the other Sim will be pretty annoyed with you for being nosy, though.

It’s a small tweak in this Sims 4 milestones mod but a nice one that we feel makes these important life moments even more special and meaningful!

New Moodlets

Milestones are not just life records in an info panel. They’re a part of your Sim’s life and they have shaped the way they are now, which this Sims 4 milestones mod reflects perfectly. Depending on whether your Sim has experienced a certain milestone for the first time, or if they’ve experienced the milestone previously, they may get different moodlets related to that milestone.

Sims 4 milestones mod

For example, your Sim may become very sad if they’ve been cheated on more than once and their moodlets will reflect that they have yet another unfaithful partner. Meanwhile, a Sim giving birth for the first time may get a moodlet that reflects both the excitement and anxiety of this monumental moment in their life.

Special Statuses

As if this Sims 4 milestones mod doesn’t have enough improvements in it already, Lumpinou has also taken the liberty of adding some special relationship bits to certain Sims related to milestones. This is probably one of our personal favourite features of this mod.

Custom Relationship Bits

Sims who have their very first kiss or woohoo together will get a mutual relationship bit in their Sim Profile that reflects that this Sim was their Very First Kiss or their Very First WooHoo. The first born child of a family also gets a special status signifying their importance in the household.

We think this is a really cool way for this Sims 4 milestones mod to keep track of a Sim’s first important experience with another Sim!

Social Bunny Posts

But all of that is still not all this amazing Sims 4 milestones mod does! Players who own The Sims 4 High School Years expansion pack will enjoy additional features of this mod relating to the Social Bunny app!

Sims 4 milestones mod
Image Credit: Lumpinou

Sims will be able to post about those important milestone moments on Social Bunny. Considering how boring and repetitive the Social Bunny posts get after about ten minutes of using it, anything that adds some variety to this game feature is a welcomed change!

This Sims 4 milestones mod does not require High School Years in order to function; however, Social Bunny features will not be available to players who don’t have the expansion.

Download the Milestones Expanded Mod

The Milestones Expanded mod by Lumpinou has left early access and is now freely available to everyone on their Patreon! As always, make sure to read all the download instructions carefully before installing.

This Sims 4 milestones mod requires The Sims 4 Growing Together expansion pack.

Looking for more information on milestones? Check out our Milestones Guide!

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