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What’s That Light? A Guide to Aliens in The Sims 4

sims 4 aliens and abductions guide

The truth is out there, Scully…

With the release of the first expansion pack for The Sims 4, Get To Work, came the first “supernatural” life state – Sims 4 aliens! Aliens have been a part of the Sims games since The Sims 2 and have been a long-time favorite of Simmers of all ages.

In each iteration of The Sims franchise, aliens have been improved upon in both appearance and playability. In The Sims 2, aliens were referred to as Pollination Technicians and didn’t offer much more in terms of interactions, but the novelty of possibly getting abducted and the concept of male pregnancy was enough for the time. With The Sims 3, Aliens were given a little more substance with alien-specific social interaction as well as that nifty space-ship vehicle they could zoom around in.

All About The Sims 4 Aliens!

Now, The Sims 4 aliens are better than ever! Here I’ll highlight the new features and game play that you can access while playing as an alien.


In addition to the standard green-hued aliens of yore, your other-worldly Sims can now have a variety of skin tones ranging from palest white-blue to vibrant greens and rich purples. You can customize your Sims 4 aliens further by giving them unique make-up and tattoos that really make them stand out from  the crowd.

Sims 4 aliens

Another interesting feature of Sims 4 aliens are the eyes that are unique to alien Sims. They can have grey, blue, turquoise or purple eyes reminiscent of a galaxy far, far, away which is truly unique!


If all of that is just a little too, well, alien for you, thanks to a free update, you can make your Sims 4 aliens try to appear as human as possible by giving them hair, human eyes and makeup as well as clothes.

Possibly the coolest feature of Sims 4 aliens is the ability for them to disguise themselves as Earth-bound Sims when out among the general public. This is a new feature for aliens with The Sims 4 and one that I wholeheartedly embrace. Although, I have found myself overly suspicious of game generated townies because there’s a decent chance they may be an alien. This is an example of a townie that I discovered in game to be an alien with his human disguise on the left, and his true Alien form on the right.

Sims 4 aliens

Without resorting to more… intimate… measures of discovering that a Sim is an alien (ie: WooHoo), another sign is a slight pulsating glow surrounding the Sim when they enter any strong emotional state like “Very Playful” or “Very Happy.” Any of the “Very” and beyond emotions will signal the glow.

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As if Sims 4 aliens in disguise wasn’t great enough, they even have their own home “planet” which is a secret alien lot called Sixam. The Get To Work Expansion did a great job integrating aliens into the game by utilizing the already existing rocket ship as a means of traveling to the alien world of Sixam.

Sims 4 aliens

In order to get to Sixam via rocket ship, there are a few requirements. First, you need to build a rocket ship. This will cost you 4000 simoleons just to place the pad and an additional 1000 simoleons to build. Once you’ve finally reached level 10 of the Rocket Science skill and built the ship, you’ll have the option to upgrade the ship by installing a Wormhole Generator. This will also cost you a pretty penny to the sum of 1000 simoleons. That’s at a minimum 6000 simoleons and a great deal of time (without cheating) just to travel to the lot. But it’s worth it – you’ll see in a minute.

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The second way of getting to Sixam is through the new Scientist career that also came with Get To Work. At level 6, if in the possession of a few metals, crystals, and elements, you can invent the Electroflux Wormhole Generator. You’re not quite there yet, though. You have to get to level 10 of the career before you can travel to the alien world. Once you reach the top of the career, drag your Wormhole Generator back to the Invention Creator station and you can upgrade it. Now you’re ready to go!

So you’re finally on Sixam!

Sims 4 aliens

At first it may not seem like much, but hang in there! There are new collectibles to be found in the form of harvestables, geodes, and smaller Sims 4 aliens.

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And let’s not forget the scenery itself. The world is beautiful. It’s covered in foliage that seems to have it’s own heartbeat as lights pulsate throughout the roots.

Sims 4 Aliens: Sixam World Preview
Sixam in The Sims 4 Get to Work
Sims 4 aliens

Once you’ve been on Sixam for a few minutes, you’ll start to catch glimpses of Sims 4 aliens on the planet. There are spawn points at the far corners so it takes a little while for them to come into view.

Note: When travelling to Sixam, it will add a good amount (15-20) of Sims 4 aliens to the population. Feel free to delete them from the Manage Worlds option. The game will always spawn more if you go back!

Aliens in Sixam

If your Sim is in the Scientist career, a daily task may be to travel to Sixam for a special event. Let’s just say the Sims 4 aliens have been doing their research and like to party!

Sims 4 Aliens on the Secret Sixam Lot

Abductions & Pregnancy

What’s the fun in having Sims 4 aliens without the chance to get abducted? Fret not, because your Sims can, and maybe will, get abducted by aliens. If a particular Sim is the target of an abduction, they will stop whatever it is they are doing to go outside and investigate a strange light. Abductions will only happen at night, so anywhere between 9pm and 5am.

Alien Abductions in The Sims 4

An abduction lasts a few Sim hours and usually your Sim will be returned a little dazed but generally unharmed. Sims with the Geek trait will get a positive moodlet from getting abducted.

Originally, if your abducted Sim was a human male, there was a chance he’d come back pregnant. With the latest gender updates, any abducted Sim who can get other Sims pregnant can return home pregnant with an alien baby.

Alien Pregnancy in The Sims 4

If your Sim gets pregnant from an alien abduction, they will have the same confetti-tossing moment that Sims who can become pregnant get when they discover they are expecting. However, they will not be able to take a pregnancy test. They will simply complain of a tummy ache.

The next stage of an alien pregnancy via abduction is a -1 Uncomfortable moodlet bemoaning strange weight gain. The third and final stage is a different -1 Uncomfortable moodlet claiming that something is DEFINITELY not right.

09 10 15 6 33 PM 1024x542 1

The pregnant Sim will go into labor like normal and can deliver the baby at home or at the hospital.

Sims 4 Aliens: Baby

Once you’ve had the bundle of joy, you have the option of keeping it or returning it to its home world, an option that can be found when clicking on the bassinet. Babies resulting from an abduction have their own bassinet that also has the “It’s so…cute?” interaction which was a nice touch.

Alien Crib in The Sims 4

Non-alien Sims who can get other Sims pregnant also run the risk of getting pregnant if they Try For Baby with an alien who can become pregnant. Alien Sims who can get other Sims pregnant cannot become pregnant.

Alien Children and Hybrids

Alien children can be any of the wide range of skin tones available to adult Sims 4 aliens. However, they do not have the make up and tattoos available to them. Full alien children also have the ability to disguise themselves. Alien children result from either two aliens trying for a baby or an alien abduction.

Sim-Alien hybrids result from non-alien and alien Sims trying for baby. These resulting children are unique because they have the skin tone of an alien but will have hair and normal eyes. Hybrid aliens also cannot disguise themselves nor do they have any of the alien social interactions.

Sims 4 Aliens: Children

Alien Powers and Interactions

There are several new social interactions that Sims 4 aliens can perform. Some of the interactions require Brain Power and your alien will need a cool down period before performing more of those interactions.

Alien Powers

Empathize (Friendly): Allows your alien to feel what the target Sim is feeling.

Alien Powers

Analyze Personality (Friendly): Learn all of the target Sim’s traits all at once.

Erase Memory (Mischief): The target Sim will immediately forget your alien allowing plenty of time to disguise and re-introduce yourself without the awkwardness of discovering their secret.

Sims 4 Aliens: Powers Showcase


Scare with Probe: This is more for entertainment value, but your alien Sim whips out a device that reveals various comical “probes” such as a blender or duck-on-a-stick.

Sims 4 aliens

There are also several alien-specific socials such as talking about human food or discussing weird atmospheric pressure. If you come across another alien, the two can perform a secret handshake!

Looking for some more neat facts about Sims 4 aliens? Look no further!

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