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The Sims 4 Treehouse Guide: Build, Upgrade and Play!

sims 4 treehouse guide growing together

Build, upgrade, and decorate the perfect play space for the whole family!

Sims 4 Growing Together Treehouse

Sims 4 Treehouse objects are a new feature with Growing Together, and they are bigger and better than ever before! The new treehouses have so many different customization options and the whole family can work together to build it. Add upgrades, decorations, and even place some toys and furnishings in the treehouse! We’re going to tell you everything you need to know about building a treehouse in The Sims 4 Growing Together!

Building a Sims 4 Treehouse in Growing Together

Sims 4 Treehouse: Building Process

Firstly, you need to have a treehouse on your lot. To get a treehouse, purchase it from Build/Buy under Outdoor Activities and place it outside on your lot. The treehouse takes up a whopping 9×9 grid so make sure you have a lot of open outdoor space for this object. We don’t recommend using the moveobjects cheat to squeeze the treehouse in a smaller space. Your Sims won’t be able to perform some of the upgrades or make use of the treehouse if there is anything at all obstructing its 9×9 grid footprint.

The treehouse is not built when you first place it down. It’s just two large trees with some boxes and lumber next to it. Click on the treehouse with an adult Sim to start building the treehouse. Children cannot build a treehouse by themselves; they need adult supervision. Once an adult is already working on the treehouse, you can have children join in. Multiple Sims can work on building a treehouse at the same time. Building a treehouse builds the Handiness skill for adults and the Mental skill for children.

The Sims 4 Growing Together: Helping Build a Treehouse

Depending on how many Sims are helping, it may take a long time to finish the Sims 4 treehouse. It took our Sims almost the entire day to finish building their treehouse with two Sims working on it. The treehouse will look rather plain when it’s finished but don’t worry! There is still plenty more you can do with it!

Upgrading a Treehouse in The Sims 4 Growing Together

Sims 4 Treehouse Upgrades

There are four different upgrades you can add to a finished treehouse. They all require either some simoleons or upgrade parts. Your Sim will also need to have Handiness skill to add upgrades to a treehouse.

BellAdds a bell that can be rungHandiness 2, 1 Common Upgrade Part
LightsAdds fairy lights which can be adjusted like any other lightsHandiness 5, 1 Common Upgrade Part, 1 Electronic Upgrade Part
SlideAdds a slide for Sims to slide down from the treehouseHandiness 2, §100
Sliding PoleAdds a pole for Sims to slide down from the treehouseHandiness 4, §100

Just like building a treehouse, multiple Sims can join in with upgrading but only adults can initiate upgrading the treehouse. Children must join in after to ensure they are being supervised by an adult.

Customising Your Treehouse

Moreover, upgrades are not the only way to customise the look of your Sims 4 treehouse! Children can decorate their finished treehouse in a variety of styles! Just click on the treehouse with a child Sim and choose to decorate it in whatever style you wish. You can change the decorations as much as you want.

Here’s a look at all the different treehouse decoration styles you can choose from!

Also, treehouses have a total of 8 open tile spaces to put toys and a limited selection of other objects. There are 4 tiles of space on each side of the front of the treehouse. So most children’s toys and activity objects that have a footprint of 4 tiles or less can be snapped in place on the treehouse. Anything that can be snapped to the treehouse is usable by your Sims. You can place toy boxes, activity tables, stuffed animals, and even telescopes in the treehouse and your Sims will be able to interact with them!

Treehouse Activities

There are so many different activities Sims can enjoy in a treehouse. Children and older Sims can use treehouses but if you want a kids or teens only hangout spot, there is an option to disallow adults from using the treehouse.

With a finished but not upgraded treehouse, Sims can sit on the built-in bench and sing songs together. They can also use the enclosure for relaxing, sleeping, playing, and yes, even Messing Around and WooHoo for teens and older Sims. Also, they can Watch Nature from the treehouse.

Sims 4 WooHoo in a Treehouse
Adults WooHooing in a treehouse

Of course, adding upgrades allows more activities. The slide will give Sims a new way to exit the treehouse. It’s also a fun activity to enjoy. So is the sliding pole upgrade that can be added. Lights keep the treehouse lit up even when it’s dark out and your Sims can customise the colour and intensity of them just like they can with any other lights in the game. The bell upgrade lets your Sims ring the bell on the treehouse, too.

Playing Pretend in a Sims 4 Growing Together Treehouse

Additionally, children have lots of play options on the Sims 4 Treehouse in Growing Together. They can Play on Treehouse and Play Pretend. The Play Pretend options match the decoration styles. For example, you can have your child Sims play princesses if they have the princess decorations on the treehouse. However, this is only an option. You can use any of the play pretend options regardless of the treehouse’s decorations. Also, there is a Play House option under Play Pretend.

Sims 4 Treehouse: Play Pretend
A child playing pretend in a treehouse

Also, want to control who’s allowed in the treehouse? Select Set Admission on the treehouse. You can set the treehouse to kids only, teens only, or no adults allowed. The no adults allowed option will let both kids and teens use the treehouse.

Of course, there are many more activities Sims can do in the treehouse depending on which activity objects and toys you’ve placed on it. Play with toyboxes, stuffed animals, make crafts, stargaze, and much more!

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