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The Sims 4 Walking Experience: Take A Walk Around the Beautiful San Sequoia

sims 4 san sequoia walking guide

Everything you need to know about San Sequoia Walks in Growing Together!

Let’s talk about The Sims 4 Walking experiences!

Do you want your Sims to explore more of the scenic side of San Sequoia? Take in all the little details that your Sims may usually pass by. Well, The Sims 4 Growing Together has just the thing for you!

Much like how we saw Hiking added with The Sims 4 Snowy Escape, this brand-new walking activity that comes with Growing Together is really easy to get started with!

The Sims 4 Walking Experience

So, how do you start going for a walk around San Sequoia? Well, it’s easy!

Simply travel from your current location over to the Recreation Center in Gilbert Gardens. Dotted around the area is a selection of signposts. These signposts will allow you to begin one of several different kinds of walking experiences.

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Gather your friends and explore San Sequoia’s Gilbert Gardens

There are a total of three different signs posts, each allowing your Sims to take on a different kind of walk. Regardless of which walk you take part in, your Sim can go on their own, but there are other options too. These include in a group with other Sims, infants, and even dogs!

Your Sims will be able to choose a walk around the Lake, Pond, or Arboretum!

Location of each Walking Sign Post

With there being three different routes your Sims can take for their walks, you might be wondering where each of the different starting points are. In fact, they are located in very noticeable spots around the neighborhood.

The Pond

Located across the lake from the Recreation Center is the Pond Walk. Simply head over to where the wooden footbridge is and you’ll see it just next to where the tiny house is on the lake.

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The Pond Signpost

The Lake

The easiest one to locate is the signpost for Lake Walking. Located just to the left-hand side of the Recreation Center as you look across the lake.

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The Lake Signpost

The Arboretum

Located just over from the Lake Walking signpost and Recreation Center is the Arboretum Walk starting point.

Growing Together Walks Sign Post
The Arboretum Signpost

The Different Kinds of Walking Experiences

There are seven different types of walks that can be undertaken in Growing Together. These are the same regardless of which of the three locations your Sim goes to.

The types of walks you can undertake are:

  • Jog Around the Lake/Pond/Arboretum
  • Jog Around the Lake/Pond/Arboretum With
  • Power Walk Around the Lake/Pond/Arboretum
  • Power Walk Around the Lake/Pond/Arboretum With
  • Walk Around the Lake/Pond/Arboretum
  • Walk Around the Lake/Pond/Arboretum With
  • Reflective Walk
Growing Together Walks Sign Post
Walking Activity Sign Post

What Next?

Now that your Sims are on their walk, why not take a moment to take in your surroundings? Look for the smaller details on the route, things you might usually pass by or not have seen before. Go for a walk with Sims you might not normally hang out with. Get to know other Sims and of course, work on that fitness skill while taking it all in!

Growing Together with your Infant

Yes, infants can join you on your walks! Head to the Baby Care section for the infant you want to join you on the walk and have them sit in their carrier!

Growing Together, Infants on a walking activity
Exploring San Sequoia with Infants

Walk with your Pets

As well as other Sims joining you on a walk, why not invite your dog along with you too? Sadly, cats are unable to take part in the walks around Gilbert Gardens.

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Taking a quick break!

Build Your Fitness Skill

Taking part in either a Power walk or Jog around any of the routes will also help your Sims build on their Fitness levels!

Growing Together, Sims Jogging
Sims Jogging around Gilbert Gardens

That’s everything that you need to know about the Gilbert Gardens Trails. So what are you waiting for? Why not take a trip to this lovely Growing Together neighborhood of San Sequoia today?

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