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The Sims 4 Horses: Everything We Know

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The clues are leading up to the next Expansion Pack being Sims 4 Horse Ranch

In case you missed all the buzz lately, The Sims 4 horses are rumoured to be the next expansion pack coming to the game. How do we know this? Well, we don’t for sure; however, all the signs appear to be pointing to horses. As always, take all speculation with a grain of salt until we get official confirmation from The Sims Team but if you’re curious about why so many people are convinced horses are coming to The Sims 4, read on! We’ve compiled all the most compelling clues and information to date!

Sims 4 Horses Pack Leak

One of the most compelling pieces of evidence for The Sims 4 horses is the recent leak on several key sale sites, including Instant Gaming and CD Keys. While these websites are not official sources, they have successfully predicted upcoming packs in the past. The Instant Gaming listing uses a custom box art image using a Sims 3 Pets render. This isn’t uncommon for these kinds of websites when they list games that don’t have released box art yet.

This supposed Sims 4 horse pack is listed as The Sims 4 Horse Ranch with a release date of July 20th, 2023. We wouldn’t recommend putting much stock into this date at the moment, especially not a date that is so close without any official announcement from The Sims, but it’s still interesting that a release date is popping up on these key sale sites.

sims 4 horse ranch release date

Concept Art

One thing we do know for sure is that there are two expansion packs scheduled for release sometime in 2023. This was revealed during The Sims Summit back in October of 2022. We already got Growing Together back in March of 2023, which leaves one more expansion pack for this year. During the Summit, we got a glimpse of some early concept art for both upcoming expansions.

One piece of bedroom concept art clearly depicts many of the Build/Buy items that came with Growing Together; however, the kitchen concept art shows off a lot of unfamiliar pieces in a Western ranch-style home. This would fit the theme of a horse ranch.

Behind The Sims Summit Stream Event 9 29 screenshot

New World Concept

More concept art from The Sims Summit shows off two different worlds from the two expansion packs for 2023. One is clearly San Sequoia, the world that has already shipped with Growing Together. The other, pictured below, looks more rustic and colourful. It could possibly be inspired by somewhere in South America. Either way, it looks a little more rural than the small city of San Sequoia.

Could this possibly be a world designed for Sims 4 horses? Maybe!

sims 4 horses unreleased concept art

Leaked Sims 4 Horses Game Code

We know that oftentimes, expansion packs are planned out years in advance. By the time a new expansion is released, it’s the product of up to 5 years’ planning and development by The Sims Team. Back in 2019 (conveniently about five years ago), a Simmer noticed specific references to horses in the game code. Horses were named multiple times in animation cues and interactions with Sims.

Due to the timing of this code being found, it’s possible that horses were originally planned to be part of Cats & Dogs and then abandoned. However, it’s also possible that this was the beginning of The Sims Team preparing the game for Sims 4 horses later on in the game’s lifespan.

Hints from Growing Together

Of course, we cannot forget the more heavy-handed Sims 4 horses references being slipped into the game recently. Most notably, the Growing Together expansion pack released earlier this year is packed with horse references almost everywhere you look.

The children’s school drawings feature a horse and a pegasus, there is a pegasus in the puzzles Sims can complete at the game table. There are references to horses in a bunch of the catalogue descriptions in Build/Buy. It just seems like there are too many Sims 4 horses clues for them all to just be a coincidence.

The Sims 4 Growing Together Expansion Pack Official Reveal Trailer 0 9 screenshot

Research from the Community

And that’s not all! Some Simmers in the community have been doing some research of their own into the Sims 4 horses rumours. SimMattically, who has frequently been correct in his predictions about upcoming Sims content in the past, has been sharing the findings of his own research on Twitter.

He confirmed in a tweet that the Sims 4 horses expansion is real and that it’s going to come with a desert world based on the state of Arizona.

Goats and Sheep

When asked about other animals that could be a part of the Sims 4 horses pack, SimMattically also hinted that goats and sheep specifically would enjoy the new landscape.

Sims Session teases Unreleased Country Song

This one might be a bit of a stretch, which is why we saved it for last, but the latest Sims Sessions has been teasing a new country song being added to the game in Simlish. Since The Sims Team has always focused heavily on mainstream pop music for the game’s soundtrack, this is an interesting break from tradition.

Perhaps this country song is meant to go with a Western horse ranch expansion pack?

BRELAND Records “Natural” in Simlish | Sims Sessions

What do you think?

It’s time to tell us your thoughts on all of this! Based on all of this information, are you convinced that The Sims 4 Horses is on the horizon? Or are you calling one big hoax on the whole thing?

Do you think horses will be the next expansion pack for The Sims 4?

Share your thoughts in the comments but remember to be respectful and kind at all times to your fellow Simmers. These are real people on the other side of the computer screen, so let’s make the discussion a positive experience for everyone involved.

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