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Sims 4 Story Starter Kit: Intergalactic Invasion

sims 4 story starter kit intergalactic invasion

This alien returned to her home planet with more than just knowledge…

Welcome to our eighteenth official The Sims 4 Story Starter Kit! If you missed all the info on The Sims 4 Story Starter Kits, you can read more about what they are and how they work in our introductory article!

For this month’s The Sims 4 Story Starter Kit, we’re bringing you an alien from the planet Sixam who wants a child so bad that she took one from earth back to her home planet!

The Sims 4 Story Starter Kit: Intergalactic Invasion

Sims 4 Story Starter Kit

Neela Researcher #172 (or Neela Jones as is her code name on Earth) grew up on Sixam dreaming of being assigned her perfect career by the Sixam High Council. She’d always wanted to be a Pollination Technician or an Offspring Rearer. Her peers always thought her a bit odd for this; no one wanted those jobs. They were just necessary for the continuation of the species. What most aliens aspired to were prestigious roles in society, like Researchers and Medics. But Neela Unassigned knew what her heart wanted and she looked forward to the day when she became an adult and could become Neela Pollination Technician or Neela Offspring Rearer.

But Neela’s mandatory medical exam to determine her suitability for the job of Pollination Technician resulted in heartbreaking news: Neela was not able to produce offspring of her own. Disappointed but not completely discouraged, she submitted a special request to be assigned as an Offspring Rearer instead. She didn’t need to be able to produce offspring for that career. She just needed to raise them, which could be even more amazing than being a Pollination Technician!

However, the High Council rejected her request. Neela displayed an incredible aptitude for science and technology. In fact, she was one of the most brilliant aliens they’d come across in several generations. They felt her skills would be wasted as an Offspring Rearer and overruled her request. Neela was assigned the role of Researcher instead. They had such confidence in her abilities that her first assignment was to travel to earth under the guise of a human scientist and infiltrate the lab in StrangerVille to recover a flora specimen native to Sixam that was irresponsibly brought to Earth and now destroying that planet’s ecosystem.

Her peers were all thrilled for her and congratulated her on landing such a prestigious role in society and being entrusted with such an important mission. But Neela was devastated. She took her assignment and traveled to Earth with a heavy heart, feeling like all her dreams had been ripped away from her.

So imagine her surprise when she finally did get inside that secret lab and found the Sixam Mother Plant… with a human baby cradled in one of its giant leaves. How did he get there?! Who put him there?! And why hadn’t the carnivorous Mother Plant eaten him? It was like the Mother Plant knew exactly what Neela longed for and kept him safe just for her. He just HAD to be meant for her, right? She would never get another chance to be a mother.

So Neela secretly took the baby and named him Raymond, a human name she was fond of because she liked how it sounded. She raised him in secret while working as a scientist on Earth and began drafting plans to bring him back to Sixam with her when her assignment ended. There were a lot of challenges to raising a human child on Sixam. The biggest one being humans can’t breathe in Sixam’s atmosphere. She’d have to design a home with an air lock system to keep him safe. And he’d need an enclosed terrarium to play in that mimicked his natural environment on Earth.

When Neela arrived back on Sixam with Raymond, the High Council was horrified! She stole a human child?! She can’t just take human children and keep them! Sixam Law on the Ethical Treatment of Humans clearly states that all humans abducted must be returned to Earth within 72 hours unharmed. Not to mention a human child can’t possibly thrive on a planet with an inhabitable atmosphere no matter how hard Neela tries to recreate his natural environment. He’d be nothing more than a zoo animal in a glass cage. But Neela’s already fallen in love with this child and feels like his mother. She just needs time to get to know him.

Will this Sims 4 Story Starter Kit end badly for Neela? Will she be allowed to keep Raymond or will she be punished by the High Council for breaking the law and be forced to return him to Earth?

The Sims 4 Story Starter Kit Household Info:

Neela Jones
  • Age: Young Adult
  • Occult: Alien
  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Romantic Interests: Men and Women
  • WooHoo Interests: Men and Women
  • Romantic Exploration?: Yes
  • Traits: Family-Oriented, Genius, Bookworm, Home Turf (Bonus)
  • Aspiration: StrangerVille Mystery
  • Likes: Purple, Electronica Music, Strange Tunes, Cerebral Sims, Family Motivated Sims, Discussing Interests, Deep Thoughts, Stories, Programming, Rocket Science
  • Dislikes: Pessimistic Sims, Small Talk, Comedy
  • Skills: Rocket Science (10), Handiness (5), Programming (4), Logic (4)
  • Career: Scientist (6)
  • Relationships:
    • Raymond Jones: Son – Distant
  • Packs Used: Get To Work, Growing Together
Raymond Jones
  • Age: Infant
  • Pronouns: He/Him
  • Traits: Sensitive
  • Relationships:
    • Neela Jones: Mother
  • Packs Used: Growing Together

Household Notes:

  • This The Sims 4 Story Starter Kit household should be able to purchase their lot with their default starting funds. Make sure you import the family into CAS, then move them in. If you move them into a home straight from the Gallery, they will not have the funds I set for them.
  • Neela’s home was designed for the secret lot on Sixam. To place this lot on Sixam, move Neela into any lot in any home world and travel to Sixam. Use the cheat bb.enablefreebuild to place her home on the lot there.
  • Raymond can be brought to Sixam through the upgraded Wormhole Generator, which Neela will be able to make at level 10 of her career. Select Raymond to come with you when you have Neela use the Wormhole Generator. Once Neela and Raymond are both on Sixam, they can stay there indefinitely and treat it like their home.

The Sims 4 Story Starter Kit: Terrestrial Terrarium

This latest The Sims 4 Story Starter Kit build is a very unusual home. You might even say it’s out of this world! With less gravity on Sixam, this home can defy the Earthly laws of gravity with its precarious-looking architectural design. A nursery behind an air-locked door and an enclosed play area with its own air filtration system designed to look like Earth allows a human child to grow up here in relative comfort… as long as they never step outside.

The Sims 4 Story Starter Kit Lot Info:

  • Lot Type: Residential
  • Price: §117,478
  • Size: 20×20
  • Beds: 2
  • Baths: 2
  • Lot Traits: None
  • Lot Challenges: None
  • Packs Used: Get To Work, StrangerVille, Growing Together

Your The Sims 4 Story Starter Kit is waiting for you! Get The Household and The Lot by downloading them from the official Gallery Website linked on the buttons below. Or, follow SnarkyWitch in the Gallery and look for Intergalactic Invasion and Terrestrial Terrarium! You can also find all our The Sims 4 Story Starter Kits by searching the hashtag #StoryStarterKit in the Gallery!


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