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The Sims 4 Update: A Plentiful Content Guide

sims 4 new content july 2023 patch

Check out all the new goodies in your game for free right now!

sims 4 july 2023 update: editable ceilings

The latest Sims 4 July 2023 Update for this year came with quite a bit of free new content for the base game! New hairstyles, CAS presets, cooking recipes, Build mode functionality, new Build swatches and more are new to The Sims 4 as of today. There’s a lot of new stuff to point out so we’ll show off everything that’s new in this Sims 4 update so you can find all these goodies easily!

We’ll be releasing content about The Sims 4 Horse Ranch release seperately on Sims Community later this week. Stay tuned!

The Sims 4 July 2023 Content Update


CAS has plenty of new stuff in The Sims 4 July 2023 Update. New hairstyles, eyebrows, eye shape presets, and skin details have been added to help you create more diverse Sims.


Three new long hairstyles for both masculine and feminine framed Sims are new to the base game today. The hairstyles are inspired by Native American styles and traditions, honouring the importance of long hair to Native American people.

The new hairstyles are available for children and older Sims.


2023 07 18 14 59 58 323 ellanora by ellcrze

Nine new eyebrows are also available in CAS with more tapered styles. You can see the different eyebrow options in the above image.

Eye Presets

The Sims 4 July 2023 Update: New Eye Presets

There are lots of new East Asian eye shape presets available in CAS as well.

Skin Details

Additionally, there are now four new eye bags that can be applied to Sims in CAS. You can find them under Skin Details in the Eye Details subcategory.


The Sims 4 July 2023 Update brings new functionality and lots of new colour swatches to Build Mode! Players now have the ability to customize the look of ceilings and have a wider range of colour swatches available to choose from on multiple walls, floors, doors, and fencing. Free Cam mode is now enabled for Build Mode as well.

Ceiling Customisation

2023 07 18 14 11 32 666 ellanora by ellcrze
Painted Ceiling in Build Mode

Ceilings can now be customised in Build Mode. The flooring section of Build Mode now says Floors and Ceilings. When you click on it, you’ll see that you can now toggle between tiling the floor or the ceiling, either individually or by room. All existing floor tiles are now available for ceiling application as well.

Floor/Ceiling Tile Swatches

There are lots of new swatches added to existing floor tiles in the base game. You can see all swatches for the floor tiles that have received new swatch options so you can compare the old and new swatches in the pictures below.

Wall Swatches

Several wall patterns also got new swatches in today’s Sims 4 update, many of them designed to match some of the new flooring swatches. You can see all swatches for every wall pattern that got new swatches below so you can compare old and new swatches.

Door Swatches

The Simple Single-Panel Door actually received so many new swatches that The Sims Team added them in a separate catalogue entry for this door, called the Simple Single-Panel Door – Ranch. You can see all the swatches for the “new” door below:

New Door Swatches in The Sims 4 July 2023 Content Update

Fence Swatches

Today’s Sims 4 update also added a whole lot of new swatches to one of the base game fences to give it a more rustic and weathered look. The fence is called the Ladder-Style Horizontal Fencing.

New Fences
New Fences in The Sims 4 July 2023 Content Update

Free Cam Mode

Players who found it a hassle to have to exit out of Build Mode and move in a family in Live Mode just to take nice screenshots of their builds will be delighted to know that Free Cam mode can now be accessed in Build Mode!

sims 4 july 2023 update: free cam mode in Build Mode
A screenshot taken in Free Cam mode while still in Build/Buy.

Other Cool Stuff!

Build and CAS additions were not all that was added in this Sims 4 July 2023 Update! We also got a new cooking recipe, a better filter system for social events, and lots of bug fixes.

New Recipe

Three Sisters Chili Recipe
Three Sisters Chili Recipe

The Three Sisters Chili is a new dish that can be cooked on the grill at level 1 of the Cooking skill. The dish is inspired by Native American traditions, using the symbolic three sisters (corn, beans, and squash) which are grown in the same plot together.

Location Filters for Social Events

sims 4 july 2023 update: location filters

It wasn’t mentioned in The Sims 4 update patch notes, but The Sims Team snuck in a new filter system to better plan out social events. Possible event locations are now separated by world submenus and players can open and close these submenus to quickly find the location they want to host their event at.

Bug Fixes

In addition to fun new content, this Sims 4 update also contains a lot of bug fixes across many DLC packs. For the full list of bug fixes, check out the patch notes here!

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