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Sims 4 Ceiling Paint: How to Use This Nifty New Feature

Sims 4 Ceiling Painting Tutorial

Paintable ceilings are finally here! Here’s how to use them!

sims 4 ceiling paint

Sims 4 ceiling paint? It sounds too good to be true but it’s real now! The latest update for The Sims 4 has finally added this feature players have been wanting in Build/Buy mode for years. Previously, all ceilings were plain white with no texture or patterns able to be applied to them. This made for some really jarring indoor spaces, especially when building historic builds and rustic or weathered builds. The stark white ceilings ruined the look of the whole build.

That’s a thing of the past now, though! Players who update their Sims 4 game to the latest version will now be able to paint their ceilings any colour or pattern that’s available for floors! We’re going to walk you through exactly how Sims 4 ceiling paint works in this latest update!

How to Apply Sims 4 Ceiling Paint

You’ll find that applying Sims 4 ceiling paint is just as easy and straight forward as applying flooring! Read on to learn how to customise your ceilings in The Sims 4!

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Floor and Ceiling Patterns in Build/Buy

When you enter Build/Buy, you’ll notice that the flooring icon now says Floor and Ceiling Patterns. This is because applying ceiling tiles is pretty much the same as applying floor tiles. All available floor tiles are also able to be applied to ceilings (yes, even brick and carpeting because why the heck not, right?).

Click on the Floor and Ceiling Patterns icon to be taken to the familiar floor tile menu, just with some new additions to the user interface. You can see that in addition to the flooring options you always had access to, there are additional icons along the top left of the flooring selection. These new options allow you to toggle between applying flooring by tile, flooring by room, ceilings by tile, and ceilings by room, in that order.

Painting a ceiling by tile or by room works pretty much exactly the same as tiling a floor by tile or by room. The by tile option allows you to paint tile-by-tile which gives you the freedom to mix and match different patterns and create your own custom patterns if you want to. By room is a quick tool that will automatically apply your chosen pattern to the whole room.

Paint Your Ceilings!

Luckily, gone are the days of awkwardly trying to tilt the camera up to cover the ceilings like in past Sims games. When you switch to the Sims 4 ceiling paint tool, the camera jumps up to the above level and allows you to customise the ceiling below from above. Don’t worry; any flooring you picked out for the above level will show up again once you leave the ceiling paint mode.

sims 4 ceiling paint
Apply ceilings from the level above; flooring for the above level can still be selected separately

To see how the ceiling you picked out looks on the lower level, pan the camera down to check out how the room looks with its new ceiling!

Painting ceilings in The Sims 4 is going to be a complete game changer for builders! Not only do players now have a wide variety of flooring now available for ceilings, but today’s update also added plenty of new swatch selections to many of the existing flooring (and now ceiling) tiles! For more info on the new swatches, check out our full update overview!

What kinds of builds are you planning to make with the new Sims 4 ceiling paint tools? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to bookmark our News category so you never miss out on the latest Sims 4 updates!

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