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The Sims 4 Growing Together: Get Creative with Splash Pads

Sims 4 Growing Together Splash Pads

It’s Time to make a Splash!

Want to know more about the new Sims 4 Splash Pads in Growing Together? Well, let’s first introduce you to Whalbert. A loveable whale friend who lives in the splash pad park in San Sequoia!

The Sims 4 Splash Pads: Meeting Whalbert!
Meet Whalebert!

Of course, while Whalebert is the star of the splash pad, it actually makes a great location for your Sims of all ages to visit and have some fun!

Where can I find the new Sims 4 Splash Pad in Growing Together?

The splash pad can be found in the Gilbert Gardens neighborhood. Simply head over to the Celebration Center. You’ll see the splash pad to the right-hand side of the lake just past the fishing spot.

Gilbert Gardens Splash Pad
Gilbert Gardens Splash Pad

The splash pad is a great place to go for Sims of all ages. Whether it’s playing in the water, enjoying time soaking up the sun, exploring, and making memories.

Of course, you can do more than just visit the splash pad in San Sequoia, You can make your own! Whether that is by creating your own community lot or in your Sims garden!

Growing Together Splash Pad Objects

Why not try your hand at building your own splash pad? Big or small, it really doesn’t matter as there are plenty of possibilities for creating the perfect water activity!

Growing Together: Splash Pad Objects Overview
Growing Together: Splash Pad Objects Overview

There are a total of seven different objects that you can use to build the perfect splash pad. Each of the splash pads comes in small, medium, or large sizes and in a variety of shapes and colors.

As for adding water to the splash pad, there are three fountains you can choose from. Again there are three different styles you can choose and various colors.

Finally, why not add your own Whalebert to your splash pad? Whalebert comes in four different swatches and you can even resize Whalebert depending on how much space you have to use.

Of course, we can’t forget about the cute Splash Pad Flowers! While they are more decorative they add to the overall feel of your Splash Pad!

Splash Pad Flowers
Splash Pad Flowers

The objects for creating a splash pad range from $100 for the smallest water fountain and up to $1050 for Whalebert.

Creating your own Splash Pad

Growing Together ultimately gives you the foundations when creating your own splash pad. If you own other packs, you unlock even more building possibilities.

However, it’s not just the range of objects additions packs give you. While this does give you more scope with how you build, what about lot types and locations? How big do you want your splash pad to be? Do your Sims only have a small amount of space to utilize? With multiple questions, it does get you thinking!

Here are a few ideas for when you are creating your own Splash Pads:

  • Location – Any world would be perfect to add a Splash Pad to. However, what about one in Sulani, Tartosa, or Oasis Springs?
  • Lot Types – Chose from a variety of lot types including a Pool, Park, and even a Recreation Center, and incorporate a Splash Pad into your build!
  • Lot Traits – Add lot traits to your Splash Pad Lots! Childs Play will allow your Child Sims to build their skills quicker whereas Bracing Breezes will create a more enjoyable atmosphere to exercise in.
  • Objects – There are plenty of objects you can use to make the ultimate Splash Pad! Take the various loungers that can be used in pools as well as seating options, play equipment, and more!

Community Creations using Growing Together

Now, we all know that our community is incredibly talented. Whether that is creating stories, Sims, or builds for the game. One build in particular that caught our attention recently is from Kate Emerald.

While Kate does use the T.O.O.L mod by TwistedMexi to create the build, the build overall is completely free of custom content. The only content it uses is already available in The Sims 4!

This incredibly detailed waterpark is the perfect place for Sims to hang out and chill as well as have some fun!

Have you visited the Splash Pad in San Sequoia with your Sims yet? Or have you created your own using the new items from Growing Together? Let us know in the comments below!

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