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The Sims 4 Cars: 3 Easy Ways to Get Your Dream Ride!

the sims 4 cars guide

So You’re Wondering, How to Get Cars in The Sims 4?

Have you ever wanted to see your Sim own a sleek convertible or maybe a vintage Mustang? While driving isn’t an option in the game (or is it?), you can still add some serious appeal to your Sim’s residence with Sims 4 cars. Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned player, this article is your best guide to adding your dream vehicle to the Sims 4.

Sure, your Sim won’t be able to drive to the grocery store or take a scenic tour around the neighborhood, but these Sims 4 cars can serve as a great representation of your Sim’s lifestyle. We’ll start with the simple steps and shift further to more practical options, but either way you’ll find a way to make your Sim the main topic of the neighbourhood. So Simmers, put on your seatbelts and let’s hit the road!

Method #1: Adding Cars as Decorative Items

As you know the Sims 4 doesn’t let you drive cars, but it does allow you to include them as decorative items in your builds. There’s a handy little trick to do this, without using any cheats or mods. Without further to do, let’s break down the basic method of adding cars to your Sim’s property.

Step 1: Navigate to Decorations

Sims 4 Decoration Tab

First things first, go into build mode by clicking on the hammer and wrench icon, or simply press F2 on your keyboard. Once you’re in build mode, navigate your way to the Decorations tab. This is where you’ll find a bunch of cool items to decorate your Sim’s home, including cars.

Step 2: Find Miniature Car Models

Within the Decorations tab, click on Sculptures and you’ll be able to find them there. If you want to make this process faster, just type “car” into the search bar and you’ll find a couple of miniature model Sims 4 cars. These tiny models serve as the base for your Sims 4 cars.

Sims 4 Miniature Cars

Step 3: Size It Up!

Sims 4 Car

Once you’ve selected your miniature car, it’s time to make it life-sized. To do this, click on the car and use the bracket keys [ and ] on your keyboard to adjust it to your preferred size. Voila, you got Sims 4 car without using any cheats or mods! Although if this is a bit too simple for you, the next method might suit your taste better.

Need more help or you’re a Xbox/PS user? Check out our full guide on How to Resize Objects in The Sims 4!

Method #2: Unlock Hidden Sims 4 Cars with Cheats

For those of you who are looking for something a bit more cool and unique, cheats will be your best friend. By using cheats, you can unlock a variety of Sims 4 cars that are not readily available in the build catalog. A part from cars you’ll find loads of other cool items, so let’s dive deeper on how to access this secret catalogue!

Step 1: Open Cheat Console

The very first thing you need to do is open cheat console. This is the gateway to unlocking various hidden items within the game. To open the console, press Ctrl + Shift + C on your keyboard. A small text box will appear at the top of your screen, serving as place to enter your cheats.

Sims 4 Cheats Console

Step 2: Enter the Cheat Code

In the cheat console, first type the cheat testingcheats true, this will enable our cheats. The next step is to enter the second cheat bb.showhiddenobjects and hit enter. This cheat will unlock a variety of hidden items in build mode, but to get to the secret Sims 4 cars we need to enter one more cheat. The final cheat you should enter is bb.showliveeditobjects and voila, your cars should be visible now.

Sims 4 Cars Cheat

Step 3: Search for Debug

Sims 4 Debug

Once you’ve activated the cheat, head back into Build mode. Only this time, in the search bar at the top, type in debug. This keyword will reveal a list of items that were previously hidden from your view in the build catalogue.

Step 4: Find Your Perfect Sims 4 Car

Sims 4 Cars

After you type in debug, you’ll notice the menu is now flooded with a bunch of new items, including a wide range of Sims 4 cars. Once you’re done exploring the newly added items, scroll down through this list until you find your perfect car. Only thing left to do is place it on your lot and make your Sim neighbours jealous!

Do you think the game is more fun with cheats? Well, there’s more where that came from! Check out our Essential List of Sims 4 Cheats!

Method #3: Expand Your Vehicle Collection with The Sims 4 Cars Mod

These ways are a good quick trick to get cars in the Sims 4, but they’re not drivable, are they? If you’re left feeling nostalgic about the drive feature from previous Sims games, we have something that will cheer you up. If you haven’t heard of the Sims 4 Car Mod by Dark Gaia, it’s a mod that turns nostalgia into reality. With this mod, your Sims can actually own and drive cars in their lots, effectively bringing Sims 4 Cars to life! Oh, and did we mention it’s Base Game compatible?

Sims 4 Car Mod Features

Sims 4 Car mod
Image taken from Mod the Sims.

The mod introduces five different drivable Sims 4 cars, each offering its own unique perks. The cars are located under the “Hobbies and Activities > Misc” in Function Mode and “Outdoors > Activities” in Room Mode. When it comes to placement, you can place these cars anywhere on your lot as long as your Sims can reach them.

To take a drive, you simply click on the car and choose the “Drive to…”. As your Sim approaches the car, a map screen will pop up to choose their destination. But it doesn’t stop there, arriving at the chosen destination gives your Sim a “Traveled in Style” +3 emotional moodlet. These emotions depend on the car you use though.

Car Options, Prices, and Emotions

Sims 4 Car Mods
Image taken from Mod the Sims.

In the Sims 4 Car Mod collection of vehicles, you can find the following:

  • Smoogo Minima: The most affordable option at §10,000, driving this car will leave your Sim with a Playful moodlet.
  • Smord P328: Slightly more expensive, this car costs §12,500 and grants your Sim a Focused moodlet.
  • Tofunda Wagon: Priced at §15,000, driving this car will give your Sim an Energized moodlet.
  • Vorn Stallion: For those looking for romance, this car comes in at §17,500 and rewards your Sim with a Flirty moodlet.
  • Bwan Speedster YL: The premium option, costs §20,000 and will leave your Sim with a Confident moodlet.

A Lot More Sims 4 Car CC Coming Soon!

Auto enthusiasts, buckle up! Beloved Max20 has been working on something special in the garage! Very soon we can expect full-blown car custom content, which won’t be just a mere accessory, but rather a breath of life in the Sims world. Although the creator admits the first version has some quirks, the final model is yet to be released.

For those curious about the development process, Max20 released a screenshot on their Twitter Account about the CC in the works.

The creator also shared that they’re working on other objects within this Sims 4 Cars CC Set. Including Garage Doors, several types of Parking Spaces and miscellaneous garage decor!

How to Install This Drivable Sims 4 Car Mod

Installing this mod follows the same procedure as most other mods. You’ll need to download the mod file and transfer the .zip/.package to your Sims 4 Mods folder. Don’t forget to enable mods from your game settings to ensure that the cars show up in your game.

By adding this mod to your Sims 4 game, you’ll be able to drive past cars as decorative pieces with your fully functional, drivable Sims 4 car. If you’ve been missing the driving feature in The Sims 4, this mod is your gateway to a more powerful gaming experience.

We know that starting out with mods, or even adding this one to your huge collection, can be a little overwhelming. That’s why we found a crafty little work-around, check out our Sims 4 Mod and CC Manager Walkthrough!

download icon

The Sims 4 Car Mod is available to download on Mod The Sims for FREE.

Add Final Touches to Your Sims 4 Cars

Adding these Sims 4 cars may not be the full driving experience we’re used to, but it definitely brings that extra layer of realism and excitement we need. Ranging from vintage cars to modern sports cars, with these creative work-arounds your Sim will be able to show their love for the road. Whether it’s with basic build options, hidden gems unlocked with cheats or going even more advanced with mods.

Now that you got your Sims 4 cars placed, why not spice things up by creating a driveway or a garage to frame your new dream vehicle? You can use various build mode items like terrain paint for asphalt, wall and roof tools for the garage, and for some extra flair you can add some decorative plants.

If you’re going to do just that, you can’t miss out on this Functional Garage Doors Mod for the Sims 4!

The Sims 4 Cars - Garage Doors Mod

So, is your Sim the kind to own a flashy sports car, a regular car or an eco-friendly vehicle? Let us know in the comments below!

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