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The Sims 4 Update: A Delicious Feature Overview!

The Sims 4 Patch September 2023 Overview

Cool Kitchen upgrade, better recipe organisation and more!

To prep the game for the upcoming Home Chef Hustle Stuff Pack release this Thursday, there is a Sims 4 update September 2023 available today. The latest game update brings some new features to the game, mostly centred around cooking, along with a bunch of bug fixes for both the base game and various packs. We’re going to cover all the most important changes to the game so you can make the most of today’s update!

The Sims 4 Update September 2023 Overview

Recipe Filters

sims 4 update september 2023

The Sims 4 has received so many new recipes both in the base game and in packs over the years that the recipe list we had previously just wasn’t cutting it anymore. It was a cumbersome chore trying to find what you wanted to cook in a never-ending, jumbled list, especially if your Sims had certain dietary restrictions.

The Sims Team agreed that the current recipe UI no longer suits Simmers’ needs and have revamped it in this Sims 4 update September 2023. Now when you open up the recipe list to cook something, you’ll be able to click through different filters to find exactly what you want much more easily.

The recipe filters have five categories: Vegetarian dishes, lactose-free dishes, meat dishes, seafood dishes, and sweets. So if your Sim is a vegetarian or lactose-intolerant, you’ll be able to click on those filters to find everything your Sims can eat in one list.


2023 09 26 14 04 41 189 ellanora by ellcrze

Did anyone ever actually use that freakishly big Willy Wonka fever dream of a cupcake factory? Yeah, neither did we. Mostly because the darn thing was the size of an entire kitchen in and of itself. The good news is that the #FreeTheCupcake movement is a success! Today’s Sims 4 update September 2023 allows your Sims to bake cupcakes in a regular oven at last! Oh, and did we mention that toddlers can eat cupcakes now? Let them eat cupcakes!

sims 4 update september 2023

The cupcake recipes can be found in the Sweets filter of the new recipe list. Get baking!

Live Draggable Appliances

The Sims 4 Home Chef Hustle Stuff pack will come with two new small appliances that are live-draggable. This is to help your Sims out with cooking for quick cash on the go.

But the new pizza oven and waffle iron aren’t the only small countertop appliances that are live-draggable! A variety of countertop kitchen appliances have been made live-draggable as well to help your Sims get their home chef hustle aspirations off the ground.

2023 09 26 15 22 06 501 ellanora by ellcrze

Here’s the full list of every kitchen appliance that can now be dragged around following the Sims 4 update September 2023:

  • The Wavescatter
  • The Food Annihilator
  • The Omniwaver
  • The Schmapple Micro
  • Luxe Drink Tray
  • Sugar Kane Popcorn Popper
  • Summer Drink Tray
  • Sweet Tooth Ice Cream Machine
  • Fountain of Mirth
  • The Gravy Fountain Mark IV Stand
  • Vintage Glamour Beverage Fountain
  • Blazin’ Ladles’ Over The Counter Oven
  • “No Space” Electric Oven Space Saver

Kids Scream for Ice Cream!

sims 4 update september 2023

For players who own the Cool Kitchen Stuff pack, you’ll be happy to know that children can now make ice cream with the ice cream machine!

Just click on it with a child Sim active and direct them to make ice cream. They’ll pull out a little step stool to reach the top of the counter. How cute is that?

Other Cooking Tweaks

Today’s Sims 4 update September 2023 also came with a handful of smaller cooking tweaks. Recipe quality and ingredients both got some fine-tuning.

Cooked meal quality will now better reflect your Sim’s cooking skill, emotional state, and appliance quality.

sims 4 update september 2023

Cooking, Gourmet Cooking, and Baking skill-based recipes have all had their ingredients updated to include more ingredients added in various packs. For example, players who own both Cottage Living and Get To Work can use the flour, sugar, and egg ingredients from Cottage Living in the baking recipes from Get To Work.

Bug Fixes

For a full breakdown of all the bug fixes in the Sims 4 update September 2023, check out the official patch notes!

Need to catch up on some of The Sims 4’s more recent features? Check out what’s new with the game in an earlier update this month!

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