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Home Chef Hustle Gameplay: 4 New Ways to Love Cooking!

Home Chef Hustle

Get cooking and making money with the new waffle iron, pizza oven, stand mixer, and food stand!

The first Sims 4 stuff pack in two years is exciting all on its own but we know Simmers want to see some Home Chef Hustle gameplay! In addition to lots of nifty Build/Buy objects and CAS assets, this stuff pack also comes with four functional objects that add new gameplay. The stand mixer can prep ingredients for you, making cooking go a lot faster. Make delicious pizza, focaccia bread, and waffles in the new pizza oven and waffle iron. Then sell all the tasty things you’ve made at the new food stall and turn your cooking hobby into a booming side hustle!

Home Chef Hustle Gameplay Overview

Check out all the object features in the latest Sims 4 stuff pack! Learn how to make the most of the waffle iron, pizza oven, stand mixer, and food market stall!

Stand Mixer

A Sim using a stand mixer | Home Chef Hustle gameplay

The stand mixer is a surprisingly useful kitchen appliance! Its main purpose is to prep your ingredients for cooking. This doesn’t sound very useful on its own. Why add in another unnecessary cooking step when you can just use unprepped ingredients like always, right? We thought so, too, until we actually started using it and realised how useful it really was.

Not only does prepping your ingredients speed up the cooking process but you can actually create a lot of ingredients from a few ingredients with the mixer. Having prepped ingredients means your Sims don’t have to prep their food on the counter before they cook it. The mixer is also automatic; your Sims don’t need to stand at the mixer while it’s prepping food. They can turn it on, leave to go do something else, and then return to collect the prepped ingredients, so it really is a big time saver.

Prepped ingredients list

The best Home Chef Hustle gameplay when it comes to the stand mixer, however, is how it magically turns one ingredient into five ingredients! It’s true! Every time you prep an ingredient in the stand mixer, it creates five containers of prepped ingredients! This means if you need a vegetable for five different dishes, you can put one vegetable in the stand mixer and end up with enough prepped veggies to make all five dishes instead of having to obtain five vegetables.

The stand mixer can also consolidate multiple ingredients into one ingredient to make life easier. For example, you can put eggs, flour, and sugar into the stand mixer to get five containers of cookie dough which you can then use in cooking instead of needing 5 eggs, 5 bags of flour, and 5 bags of sugar.

Waffle Iron

A Sim making waffles | Home Chef Hustle gameplay

If you’re a fan of breakfast food, you’ll want a waffle iron in your kitchen. This small countertop kitchen appliance offers plenty of Home Chef Hustle gameplay in the form of tasty waffle recipes! Prep some batter in the stand mixer and bring it over to the waffle iron to start cooking up a tasty breakfast.

The waffle iron comes with 11 new varieties of waffle, from plain waffles to the all-American chicken and waffles and even fish waffles! Of course, your Sims will need to have the cooking skill to have access to every waffle recipe so keep practicing in the kitchen to learn every recipe.

Waffle recipe list

Some handy Home Chef Hustle gameplay when it comes to the waffle iron is the ability to let your waffles cook while you do something else in the kitchen. Just like the stand mixer, Sims can pour in the batter, turn it on, and walk away until their waffles are done. But beware! The waffle iron is a fire risk when left unattended for too long! Make sure you return to fetch your waffles as soon as you hear that beep telling you your waffles are ready.

Pizza Oven

A Sim making focaccia bread | Home Chef Hustle gameplay

The pizza oven makes a triumphant return to The Sims series but this time, it’s compact and portable! It also comes with new Home Chef Hustle gameplay in the form of both delicious pizzas and focaccia bread! Make sure to build your cooking skill to unlock all the recipes.

There are 17 different pizza and focaccia bread recipes available on the pizza oven and just like the other appliances that come with this stuff pack, Sims can walk away and let their pizza or focaccia cook while they handle other tasks in the kitchen. When it’s done, your Sims will be able to enjoy or sell fresh pizza and focaccia bread anytime they want, anywhere they want!

A Sim making pizza

To save time, prep your dough in the stand mixer before putting it in the pizza oven. Either way, you’ll get to enjoy some fun animations of your Sims kneading and tossing the pizza dough before it goes into the oven!

Food Stand

A Sim selling food | Home Chef Hustle gameplay

Last but certainly not least when it comes to Home Chef Hustle gameplay is the food stand! This functional object is the key to turning your cooking hobby into a lucrative side hustle! Place it anywhere you want, stock it with all your yummy creations, and start making simoleons!

To start selling your culinary creations, just drag any food you want to sell to the stand and start a sale by clicking on the stand. Starting a sale will create a mini-event where Sims will spawn on the lot to purchase your goods. You can make a sales pitch to them or convince them to buy something but they will also make purchases on their own if they like what they see. When the sale ends, you’ll get a breakdown of what you sold and how much money you made. That kind of Home Chef Hustle gameplay makes running a small business easy!

A Sim making food during a sale

Although we have market tables in other packs that function in a similar way to this Home Chef Hustle gameplay object, the functionality of the new food stand has been optimized and cleaned up quite a bit. Rather than purchasing a whole platter of food and just walking away, Sims will purchase a serving and eat it right there so you’ll get to see their reactions to the food. Your stock lasts longer this way, too.

Another Home Chef Hustle gameplay feature we love about the food stand is the space to put two small appliances on the tables attached to it. When you run out of stock, you don’t have to close up shop to go make more food. You can cook right there on location without disrupting sales. We were pleasantly surprised to discover that our Sim could continue running a sale event at her stall while using the appliances on the tables with no issues.

Food stand profit summary | Home Chef Hustle gameplay

The food stand also has an auto-restock feature! This is probably our favourite Home Chef Hustle gameplay feature. Your Sim can keep cooking while they sell their goods to keep the table stocked. Whenever the table has space for new dishes, your Sims will automatically restock the display with whatever you dragged into the food stand’s inventory. You can also disable this feature if you find it annoying.

Oh, and did we mention you can brand your food stand by giving it a name and mark up the prices during sales? Yup!

Final Thoughts on the Home Chef Hustle Gameplay Objects

We have to say, we are pretty impressed with the Home Chef Hustle gameplay objects. We are not particularly enthusiastic about cooking in The Sims 4 in general but we can definitely appreciate the use and versatility of the new gameplay objects. It was such a pleasant surprise to us how much fun we had exploring all the new recipes and selling our food.

Appliances that we didn’t think were useful at first, such as the stand mixer, proved to be an incredibly valuable tool in the kitchen. We love that this object does so many things so efficiently. It consolidates multiple ingredients into one ingredient, it creates 5 servings of prepped ingredients out of one ingredient, and it saves a tonne of time cooking when your Sims don’t have to prep their food by hand!

A Sim talking while waiting for pizza to cook | Home Chef Hustle gameplay

The pizza oven and waffle iron’s portability is a huge plus and they both come with some great recipes that are brand new, which any avid cook in The Sims will love. We do wish the waffle iron in particular came with a few more varieties of waffles but all-in-all, these new kitchen appliances are a great addition to the kitchen.

As for the market stall, this is another Home Chef Hustle gameplay object we were skeptical of at first but ultimately ended up being impressed with. We already had market stalls in the game so we didn’t see the value in this one and didn’t consider it to be new gameplay until we played with it. After running a few sales with the food stand, we definitely understand why it’s a new gameplay object. Between the auto-stock feature, branding, sales interactions, profit summary, better tuning regarding customer behaviour, slots for small appliances, and the ability to multitask while running a sale, we would absolutely consider this food stand to be an all new Home Chef Hustle gameplay object.

Looking for more Home Chef Hustle gameplay? Check out the aspirations that come with this stuff pack!

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