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Dive Into the New Building Features of Life By You!

Life By You Build Features Showcase

Hey Simmers! Your virtual building playground just got a whole lot more exciting! With the latest Q&A video drop, Community Manager Rosio takes us on a tour around the new building features that await us.

So, shall we dive into the details and see how it stacks up against our beloved Sims 4? Buckle up; it’s going to be a fun ride!

Color and Trim Customization: A Palette of Possibilities

Life By You Screens

The memories of the iconic color wheel from Sims 3 still bring a twinkle to our eyes. Now, Life By You invites us into a vast canvas where the trim customization goes a notch higher! Unlike in Sims 4, where you might feel the color options for trims are a bit on the skimpy side, Life By You throws open a palette of materials and colors for your trims, perfectly aligning with the walls’ design. This new build mode is your canvas, with a spectrum of materials and colors to make your walls echo your style, be it quirky, classy, or somewhere in between!

Multiple Trims: Double, Triple the Fun!

Who would’ve thought that trims could get this exciting? The feature of adding more than one trim to your walls, as showcased in the video, is something we haven’t seen in Sims 4 so far. This innovative feature in Life By You is a ticket to a world of endless creative explorations, allowing you to split your walls in a wide range of ways! So do some tiling work, or create patterns; trust us when we say the sky’s the limit!

Roof Over Your Head: More Than Just Shelter

Roof Life By You

Crafting the roof in Life By You is like piecing together a Lego masterpiece, only with more customization! The control over the roof’s overhang, body, and even its interaction with chimneys is something Sims 4 could take a leaf from. The game allows you to tweak the roof’s actual size, the angle of the overhangs, and much more! Though one of the most prominent features include the ability to customize every aspect of the roof, including the upper trim angle! These features aim to help you craft roofs that are not just shelters but a statement of your architectural prowess, showing that Life by You is aiming for realness!

But this is just a part of what the game will bring. To view the full story, check out our Life By You House Building Coverage!

Fencing Around: Define Your Boundaries

LBY Fence

Ever since the Sims 2, I always wanted to have the ability to build a hedge fence on the edge of my lot. Well now, building fences right on the edge of your lot is a reality in Life By You! This feature, which we longed for in Sims 4, brings a new level of freedom in defining your lot’s boundaries. Plus, the video hints at a realm of fence customization, where you can mix and match different railings, extend fences, and even add corners to carve out your private oasis.

Like the new fence feature? Check out the Top 3 Life by You Gardens to create a first sense of your virtual backyard!

Curtain Call: Dressing Up Your Windows

LBY Curtains

The curtain conundrum is real in the virtual architectural world. Life By You comes to the rescue with a customizable curtain option! Unlike the preset sizes in Sims 4, here you can adjust the height and width of your curtains or blinds to ensure they are a perfect match for your windows, making window dressing a breeze.

Table and Chair Tango: Move As One

Move objects in life by you

No more tedious chair rearranging every time you decide to move a table. In Life By You, a simple drag moves your table and all the attached chairs, a feature that would have saved many a nerve in Sims 4! And oh, anything placed on the table comes along too. Talk about moving in harmony!

Cooling Off: Beat the Heat

Life By You Air Condition

Summer realism is dialing up in Life By You, as air conditioning is introduced for those scorching Summer days! Now, your choice of cooling mechanisms will reflect on your electricity bill, adding a layer of real-world mechanics to the gameplay. This feature not only brings a slice of reality to the table but also nudges you to manage your resources wisely, something that is lacking in the Sims 4.

Shortcuts and More: Smoothing the Edges

Life By You No Floor Limit

The promise of shortcuts in Life By You is like a cool breeze on a hot day, set to make your building experience easier and more fluid. The video also teased more robust wall and floor customization, height-adjustable walls, and a no-limit floor feature, depending on how beefy your PC is. The seamless zoom-in and zoom-out feature is like icing on the cake, allowing a closer peek into our characters’ daily adventures

LBY Zoom

This, along with the ability to create diagonal walls, gives a fresh spin to architectural creativity, making every building project an exciting adventure!

Life By You diagonal Walls

So, What Do You Think?

In wrapping up, Life By You is shaping up to be a game-changer, bringing a fresh wave of customization features that beckon us to a new era of virtual architecture! While our love for Sims 4 remains unshaken, the new building mechanics in Life By You are irresistible, making it a definite try-out when the game releases!

Lastly, Community Manager Rocio mentioned at the end of the video they love reading players’ feedback, and so do we! Don’t hesitate to let us know what you think of the new build features in the comments below! Who knows one of the developers might read it!

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