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More Simoleons, More Problems? How to Spend Your Rich Sims’ Cash!

Rich Sims

How do you spend all your rich Sims’ simoleons in The Sims 4 when you feel like you’ve already bought everything? We have some helpful tips on how to burn through simoleons so you don’t hit that dreaded max household fund limit as often.

It’s not easy being this wealthy, you know!

You’ve read all the get rich quick guides. You hustled and grinded your way to unimaginable wealth. You bought a nice big mansion with a pool, home spa, personal home theatre, and underground bowling alley. You always buy the most expensive options when you go out. But your household funds perpetually stay at $9,999,999. All those simoleons rolling in on a regular basis from all that hard work? Disappearing into the ether. Never to be seen again. Gone to waste. What a tragedy!

How to Spend Your Rich Sims’ Money in The Sims 4

Invest in a vault. Or several.

Get Famous: Over 130 Screens from the Celebrity Life Trailer / Rich Sims

Did you know the Get Famous expansion has a fancy vault that can actually store your extra simoleons for your rich Sims in The Sims 4? It’s true! Buy the self-contained vault unit (not the vault door) and your Sims will be able to fill it with all their excess simoleons. The vaults can actually hold more than $9,999,999 so you have plenty of storage for your money. Keeping money in a vault is a good way to make sure there’s always room in your household funds for more simoleons so your income doesn’t go to waste and disappear. It can also act as a personal bank account. Place a vault for each Sim in your household and you can keep their personal funds separate from each other; only the Sim who first closed and locked the vault can access it again.

Take advantage of vacations


Bored of the daily grind? Set some time out each year for your Sims to go on vacation! Even if you only own the base game, you can still place rental homes in any world. Stay in the biggest, most lavish home you can build or find in the Gallery and live it up for a whole week or two. The nicer the rental, the more expensive it is to rent per night. Your rich Sims in The Sims 4 can blow all that extra cash on a lavish holiday. Make sure to do all the most luxurious activities while you’re there, too.

Open a restaurant

The Sims 4 Dine Out: 140 Screens from the Restaurant Gameplay Trailer / Rich Sims

Want to keep busy and lose a lot of money at the same time? Open your own restaurant! It may seem like a lucrative business venture at first but between the game-breaking bugs and how imbalanced the cost to profit ratio is, you’re pretty much guaranteed to lose simoleons every day. If you break even consistently, you’re doing great in the restaurant business!

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Sims with the Good trait and Sims who are celebrities with a good reputation have the option to donate simoleons to charitable organizations. Use the mailbox to give away large sums of money to those less fortunate every day to keep your household funds just empty enough to still rake in those earnings. Sometimes your Sims will also receive random phone calls asking for a sizable donation. Donating to charity increases your reputation, too. Alternatively, Sims with atrocious reputations can donate large sums of money to organizations that undermine and sabotage charities! This will, of course, decrease your reputation.

Burn money… literally!

Over 130 Screens from the Celebrity Life Trailer / Rich Sims

Celebrity Sims have no shortage of ways they can quite literally waste money. Famous rich Sims in The Sims 4 can burn money in fireplaces and “make it rain” simoleons. Both of these actions will use up a chunk of the household funds so if you randomly feel like throwing away some money as a celebrity to alleviate the heavy burden of abundant wealth, toss some cash in the fireplace or just toss it onto the streets.

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