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Sims 4 Family Reunion Guide: Better Together!

Sims 4 Family Reunion Event

In The Sims 4 Growing Together, Sims can catch up with all of their extended relatives by throwing a Sims 4 family reunion event. Learn all about this social event in our guide!

Bring the whole fam jam together with a family reunion!

The Sims 4 Growing Together Family Reunions

We’ll walk you through how to start this event, the event goals, and all the rewards you can get from this event. We’re going to help you make sure all your family reunions in The Sims 4 Growing Together are a gold level success!

Throwing a Sims 4 Family Reunion

Select your social event

Firstly, to throw a Sims 4 family reunion event, have any adult Sim in your household use the Social app on their cell phone to Start a Social Event. Select the Family Reunion event about midway down the list and decide whether you want to throw a goaled event or not. Goaled events come with event goals to complete and rewards for finishing the event at bronze, silver, or gold level. If you do not check the box for a goaled event, the family reunion will be a generic event with no goals and no rewards. If Seasons is installed, goaled events cannot be hosted on a holiday.

The guests do not all have to be related to the hosts in order to be invited to a Sims 4 family reunion. This allows Sims who are distant relatives, related through marriage, or Sims who are honourary family members (such as close family friends) to attend these family events, too.

The Sims 4 Growing Together Family Reunions

Once you’ve selected the family reunion event, choose the hosts, the guest list, and the mixologist (if desired). A family reunion must have at least 1 host and 4 guests. Hired roles are optional. Then pick the location of the party.

Sims 4 Growing Together: Family Reunion Goals

When the event starts, the guests will show up on the lot. Everyone involved with the event will change into their party attire. If you chose not to have a goaled event, you are free to do whatever you like until the event timer ends. However, if you chose a goaled event, there are some unique goals to complete.

Meeting new family members

Main Goal: Take 20 Photos

Other Goals:

  • Thank a guest for coming
  • Talk about family
  • Call to meal
  • Share photos
  • Tell a story
  • Hug Sims

New interactions will be available on Sims during the event. They will help you complete some of the above event goals.

The Sims 4 Growing Together Family Reunions

Guests can talk to each other about various family topics during a Sims 4 family reunion event. They can discuss the importance of family, talk about family lineages and discuss future family plans with each other. Any of these interactions will help to complete the Talk About Family event goal. These interactions are easy to find in the social menu. They pop right up when clicking on a Sim; they’re not in a sub-category.

Bonding with Family

Family Reunion Rewards

Of course, you’ll want to aim to finish a Sims 4 family reunion event at the gold level. However, the bronze and silver reward items for this event are pretty good, too. Finishing a successful family reunion will unlock new collage frames for your Sims. Completing the event at silver or gold will also unlock all rewards from lower reward levels. So if you completed the event at gold level, you would also get the Four’s a Crowd and Three’s Company frames in addition to the Four’s (Still) a Crowd frame.

Moreover, these collage frame reward item are only unlockable by completing a Sims 4 family reunion event at bronze, silver, or gold level. Obviously, we don’t have many collage frame options in The Sims 4, so these are all pretty great rewards. All the frames come in 8 swatches.

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