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This Sims 4 Baldur’s Gate 3 CC is Fantasy at its Best

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It took me a while to get on the hype train for this game but I finally got Baldur’s Gate 3. Naturally, as a writer for a Sims website, my first thought today when I sat down at my desk was “Let’s find some Sims 4 Baldur’s Gate 3 CC!” So I went down a little rabbithole looking for Baldur’s Gate 3 goodies for our Sims 4 games. I kid you not when I tell you I found a treasure trove!

Recreate Baldur’s Gate 3 in The Sims 4 with some incredible custom content!

As it turns out, a very talented creator by the name of Satterlly has made a whole bunch of Baldur’s Gate 3 custom content for The Sims 4. The variety and quality is so impressive. I was absolutely blown away when I was browsing through this creator’s Baldur’s Gate 3 collection. I just knew I had to share these creations with you. Now, I only started playing the game last night, so take it easy on me if I get any Baldur’s Gate details mixed up, but let’s take a look at these incredible Sims 4 Baldur’s Gate 3 CC creations!

Sims 4 Baldur’s Gate 3 CC Collection

When I say this Sims 4 Baldur’s Gate 3 CC is impressive, that’s an understatement. Take a look for yourself if you don’t believe me!

Astarion’s Outfit

sims 4 baldur's gate 3 CC

I’ve just met Astarion in the game and I am already obsessed with him. His personality really draws you in almost instantly. That’s why I was super excited to find his outfit on Satterly’s page. It looks just like what he wears in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Tattoos

baldur's gate tattoos

This game has some wicked face tattoos. I spent a good chunk of time looking through all the tattoo options when I was making my character and it’s so cool to see these tattoos as Sims 4 Baldur’s Gate 3 CC! You could really use these tattoos for all kinds of fantasy storylines.

Headwear Set

baldur's gate headwear

I’m such a sucker for fantasy headwear pieces and this set does not disappoint. It contains the Warped Headband of Intellect, the Arcane Helmet, and the Whispering Mask head piece items from Baldur’s Gate 3. The Arcane Helmet and Whispering Mask have 1 swatch each but the Warped Headband of Intellect comes in 39 colour variants!

Warlock Outfit

warlock outfit

If your character in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a warlock, this outfit will no doubt look familiar to you. This outfit set comes with separate clothes and boots, each with a selection of colours to make your warlocks in The Sims 4 stand out from the crowd.

Flaming Fist Outfit

flaming fist outfit

I have yet to see this outfit in my current playthrough but it looks awesome and I can’t wait to come across it in Baldur’s Gate 3. I also can’t wait to download this amazing Sims 4 Baldur’s Gate 3 CC into my game like… right now. It just looks so cool!

Dream of at Night Outfit

dream of at night outfit

This is another outfit I haven’t seen yet in my game and can’t wait to find because it’s jaw dropping. My favourite thing about this gorgeous outfit is it versatility. I could see Simmers using this for an ancient Greece historical playthrough or as royal garb for elves and other fantasy creatures. It’s just absolutely stunning Sims 4 Baldur’s Gate 3 CC.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Loading Screens

Who loves loading screens? We love loading screens! And you’ll especially love these incredibly detailed and cinematic Baldur’s Gate 3 loading screens for The Sims 4! Satterly’s actually released two sets of loading screens but remember; loading screens are default replacements so only have one installed at a time!

Common Outfit

common outfit

Although these are considered to be common attire in Baldur’s Gate 3, they look anything but common to me. I love all the detail in this outfit, especially the lace up front and puff sleeves. This Sims 4 Baldur’s Gate 3 CC is very medieval and perfect for all kinds of historical and medieval fantasy playthroughs.

Mage Outfit

mage outfit

Playing as a mage can be so much fun with the power of magic at your fingertips. Now you can feel just as powerful in The Sims 4 with these incredible mage outfits from Baldur’s Gate 3 in seven different colour variants to suit a variety of styles.

Shadowheart’s Hairstyle

shadowheart hair

If you’ve played any Baldur’s Gate 3 at all, you’ll recognize this character immediately. You meet Shadowheart almost as soon as you begin your adventure and depending on your choices, she may stick around for a while! Her hairstyle is pretty unique so if you plan to make her in The Sims, you’ll want this iconic Sims 4 Baldur’s Gate 3 CC.

Shadowheart’s Outfit

shadowheart outfit

Shadowheart’s hair isn’t the only unique part of her appearance. Her entire outfit is pretty hard to replicate too. That’s why it’s a good thing you can download her whole ensemble to really complete the Shadowheart look.

Astarion’s Hairstyle

astarion hair

If you just can’t get enough of Astarion, you’re in luck because in addition to his outfit, you can also download his hairstyle to complete the whole look and pull everything together.

Astarion’s Skin Tone, Eyes, and Teeth

astarion skin

Still craving more Astarion? No problem! You can go that extra mile and download this amazing Sims 4 Baldur’s Gate 3 CC to get a really authentic look! This set includes his skin tone, red eyes, and his teeth so you can have every detail of this character just right.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Campsite Items

baldur's gate campsite cc

Recreate those periods of rest and relaxation at your campsite in Baldur’s Gate 3 in The Sims 4! A sleeping bag, cozy campfire, and lute will make you feel like you’ve earned a rest after a long day of adventuring.

Drow Studded Leather Armour

drow armour

Drow are a really fun race to play as in Baldur’s Gate 3 and not just for their unique bonuses and abilities. They also have a very cool appearance which you can recreate in your Sims game thanks to this Sims 4 Baldurs Gate 3 CC.

Druid Outfit

druid outfit

This Sims 4 Baldur’s Gate 3 CC is one of my absolute favourites because my character is a druid! Druids have always been my favourite class to play in DnD so obviously I had to play as one in Baldur’s Gate, too. I can’t wait to dress my Sim up in this Sims 4 Baldur’s Gate CC druid ensemble.

Male & Female Noble Outfits

Baldur’s Gate has many different noble outfits and you can download a whole set of them for both masculine and feminine Sims. These four different Sims 4 Baldur’s Gate 3 CC outfits can work for a medieval and/or fantasy save easily!

Tiefling Horns with Crystals, Eyes, and Nails

tiefling horns

Tieflings certainly have a very unique appearance in Baldur’s Gate 3. They are easily recognisable by their long, twisted horns, sometimes with crystal embellishments, and their glowing eyes with black sclerae. This Sims 4 Baldur’s Gate 3 CC will let you have your own tiefling Sims!

Cleric Outfit

cleric outfit

Clerics have the unique ability to draw on the powers of the divine to cast devastating damage spells and to protect their party members from harm, making them a very versatile and useful class. This Sims 4 Baldur’s Gate 3 CC will let your Sims look the part of a cleric, too.

Raphael’s Outfit

raphael outfit

I have not had the pleasure of meeting Raphael yet in my playthrough but if his character is as cool as his outfit, I’m very much looking forward to it! This beautifully detailed Sims 4 Baldur’s Gate 3 CC will let your Sims look just like Raphael!

fighter outfit

Fighters are a very straight forward class but a crucial one for any party to have. Their ability to both deal high damage and withstand high damage from enemies makes them a powerhouse and they are often used as front line attackers, which keeps magic users like druids and stealth fighters like rogues out of harm’s way. This authentic Sims 4 Baldur’s Gate 3 CC for fighters will make any Sim look battle ready!

Minthara’s Outfit

baldurs gate minthara

Minthara’s studded vest with fitted leggings and knee pads is definitely a look that’s both functional and beautiful, which is my favourite type of fashion, especially in fantasy RPGs. This Sims 4 Baldur’s Gate 3 CC will let your Sims looks as ready for anything and stunning as Minthara.

If you loved this Baldur’s Gate CC collection, why not check out our Genshin Impact CC Showcase? Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to play some more Baldur’s Gate 3!

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