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In the For Rent expansion pack, your Sims can uncover all Sims 4 secrets about their neighbours. We mean ALL secrets. There are an impressive 31 types of secret your Sims can discover about people through eavesdropping, snooping, and even breaking and entering! Once your Sim knows a secret, they can confront the Sim about it and choose to keep the secret or use the secret to blackmail them for simoleons.

Sims 4 Secrets in For Rent

We have the full list of ALL The Sims 4 Secrets right here!

If you don’t want to go through the long hassle of spying on people to find Sims 4 all secrets in the game on your own you’ve come to the right place. We have the full list of secrets below, so you can get all the tea without having to boil the water yourself, so to speak. Let the secret hunting begin!

Spying on Sims

The Sims 4 Secrets List

The Sims 4 Secrets list is full of entertainment for players who like lore and inside Sims jokes. The developers really outdid themselves with all of these funny and embarrassing Sims secrets. Each secret has a detailed description describing the details of the secret and many of them are pretty hilarious, especially if you’ve played The Sims for a long time.

A secret doesn’t necessarily impact a Sim’s behaviour or gameplay. A secret is just a fun tidbit of lore your Sims can keep or use for blackmail.

secrets abandonedsmeagie Abandoned Smeagie

On my morning walk not too long ago, I nearly tripped over a small, lonely dog meandering down the road. There was no sign of his owner, just a name tag engraved with “Smeagie” attached to his collar. I really did feel bad for the poor fella, out there on his own. But… I left him. I just couldn’t bring myself to take him home with me! There was something… off about his eyes… his piercing blank stare, it still haunts me.

secrets aidingandabetting Aiding and Abetting

There’s someone I see in my neighbourhood, he walks by every now and then. The other day, I noticed he carries a different colour briefcase every day. This seemed odd to me, like who owns that many briefcases? I let curiosity get the better of me, and followed him at a distance after I saw him walk by the next day. We walked for what felt like hours, until finally he dropped the briefcase on a bench in Oasis Springs.

I looked, and didn’t see anyone else around. So I snatched the briefcase and ran. When I got home, I opened it to find stacks and stacks of Simoleons! That guy must be a really successful criminal! I panicked, and ran as fast as I could, briefcase in hand. I ended up throwing it into the canal in Willow Creek. If anyone finds out, I could get in trouble, or worse, get on the bad side of a local criminal!

secrets grimjealousy Being Grim

The Grim Reaper is the only Sim who can have this secret.

Soul reaping is not for the faint of heart. When you’ve been around as long as I have, you’ve witnessed a series of fateful events. But even as death, I have lived a full life. I have loved. I have lost. There are times where I have pitied and obliged. And times where I have been downright medieval.

I even owned a cowboy hat once, although I’m not sure where I put it. Unfortunate for you, death’s secret is not one I can share. Mere mortals learning of such things before their time would be a grave mistake. One that would haunt you ’till the end of days! But I will leave you with this – rest up before you rest in peace, the afterlife can be quite lively.

secrets belleoftheeyeball Belle of the Eyeball

There are these rings I see folks wearing around town. They’re… odd, to say the least. It’s not just how they look. It’s how they look, if you know what I mean. They appear to be looking at me, and only me, every time I see them. The eyes follow me.

Listen, it wouldn’t be such a big issue if only one other Sim had this ring… but they’re everywhere, at least to me. And when I close my eyes, these rings are all I can see. I’m never alone! The rings will never leave! I’ve been having nightmares about them, and lately they’ve been escalating. In the last dream I had, I saw myself wearing one of them. It sent a chill down my spine. I would NEVER let those rings get to me like that… would I?

secrets coffeeconnoisseur Coffee Con-noisseur

It started out innocent, although I’m sure that’s what they all say. One morning, while I was waiting for my order at the coffee shop, the barista called out what I thought was my name. Grabbing the cup, I soon realised I was off by about… 6 letters. But I’d already taken the coffee, made eye contact with the barista, acknowledging confidently that it was mine.

When I returned, she remembered me! Soon everyone at that coffee shop knew me by this false name. And I kept going, and I kept taking this person’s coffee. That’s when things really flew off the rails. I was recognised in public by this new name. Over time it became hard to differentiate this persona from my real life. What’s next, a long lost spouse? Kids?! Who knows! Good coffee, though.

secrets crumbyfriend Crumb-y Friend

Yeah, it’s true. I’ve put plenty of bags of chips back when I’ve eaten all the whole chips, leaving just the fractured pieces and crumbs for everyone else. I don’t care! I only want the full chips! If you want your own full chips from the top of the bag, go get your own bag of chips. I just can’t be bothered to care, honestly. But… I wouldn’t actually want anyone to know I do that on the regular. Don’t tell on me!

secrets feelingbleakinwillowcreek Feeling Bleak in Willow Creek

You know what, I’m just so tired of hearing everyone talk about Willow Creek all the time. It’s always “Willow Creek this” and “Willow Creek that!” I can’t stand it anymore! I hate Willow Creek! I’ve spent way too much time there. But to me, even one minute is too long. It’s just so… willow-y. And way too creek-y. You know that “grass is greener on the other side” saying? What if the grass in Willow Creek is a little too green? Ever think about that?!

secrets fruitcakefumble Fruitcake Fumble

Greeting a new neighbour is supposed to make for an exciting day, but for me, it turned out to be one of the most embarrassing days of my life! I mean, you simply must bring a fruitcake to welcome a new neighbour… I can’t imagine not doing it. How else will you help them feel at ease in their new home? But that day, I managed to bake one of the worst fruitcakes ever made. Listen, in my defense, the sun was in my eyes! So of course I couldn’t see that I was measuring out a cup of salt, not sugar! You have to believe me!

secrets grimjealousy Grim Jealousy

Have you seen him? The Grim Reaper, I mean. He’s just so elegant, isn’t he? He’s well-dressed, mysterious, and he’s got just enough skeletons in his closet to keep things interesting for eternity. He’s got it all! I mean, watching him work can be so magnificent. When he whips out that tablet, it always dazzles me. I would tickle a Cowplant for one fraction of the style and charm Grim possesses. Isn’t his aura just so magnetic? It’s like it’s drawing all of us slowly towards him with every passing minute. Ugh, I wish I was as cool as Grim…

secrets gummytummyGummy Tummy

Since the dawn of time, gummy bear pancakes have been regarded as a delicacy enjoyed by all. That notion ends today. I don’t care if I’m the only one that thinks this! I will meet Grim on this hill alone! Gummy bear pancakes are disgusting! The gooeyness of the bear and the fluffiness of the pancake just don’t work together! And oftentimes, the bears just burn or remain gelatinous, a hard chew within an otherwise light and airy breakfast bite.

Everyone would think I’m crazy if they knew. Ever since I was small, I pretended to enjoy these gummy goobers as it brought smiles to my family’s faces. The guilt of crushing their happiness was too much, the possibility of alienating myself with this opinion too grand. And now you know, but it must stay between us. Could you imagine the potential outrage over such a controversial topic?!

secrets hopscotchhooligam Hopscotch Hooligan

All of the kids in my neighbourhood used to play hopscotch together for hours and hours. It got way too competitive! Friendships were forged and destroyed, egos (and sometimes shins) were bruised, and legends were made. One day, I was facing Kenny, the most fearsome hopscotch opponent on the block. I kept a watchful eye on Kenny, and when he looked away for a split second, I fudged my hops a bit, making it a little bit easier for me.

Thankfully no one else noticed. I ended up winning, and becoming the new #1 Hopscotcher in our neighbourhood. And I was never dethroned. I’m still proud of that title today, no matter what! I don’t know what I’d do if anyone found out I was a fraud.

secrets inapickle In a Pickle

I truly, deeply, irrevocably, hate pickles. I just do! I hate them. They’re so sour in the most face-contorting way. And yet, I still eat them. I eat them because sometimes my friends or my family will say they don’t like pickles, so I take them! I just wanted to be helpful, feel useful for once.

Maybe it was also to prove a point. I didn’t want people to think I was the type of person who hates pickles! And now I take on the burden of the pickle… everyone thinks I love them. Every birthday I end up with pickle memorabilia, monthly pickle club memberships, homemade pickles, even pickles imported from alien planets. It never ends! Now all I have is a closet full of pickles and a stomach full of lies.

secrets interstellarinterloper Interstellar Interloper

When I learned how to walk as a toddler, I had a penchant for walking into trouble. One day, I found a big metal tube in my neighbour’s backyard. He was fixing something on it, and didn’t notice when I toddled my way through the open door on its side. Of course I’d brought my favourite toy with me, and was happily playing with it while tucked away in a little corner. Well, little did I know, this tube was actually a ROCKET SHIP that my astronaut neighbour was tuning up right before his next trip to space.

But when the floor started rumbling beneath me, and the light suddenly changed around me, I managed to hop over to the window, and saw myself surrounded by the stars. It was incredible, but I knew I’d get in huge trouble if I was found. So I hid in a different little nook, with a nice view of the window, playing with my toy as I watched the stars and planets soar by. When we finally landed, I managed to sneak my way out and waddle home just in time for dinner. Somehow, no one noticed!

secrets kettlefulloflies Kettle Full of Lies

Growing up, my friend Ann had an electric kettle. It was very cute, and she’d even painted a little panther (her favourite animal) on the side of it! One day, I was struck with the inspiration to add something to the painted panther. So I grabbed a nearby pen and added an extra tooth sticking out of its mouth, between the usual 2 fangs. But the thing is, I didn’t know how to draw a panther fang, so it looked more like a human tooth. I was so embarrassed! I pretended not to notice it when her mom brewed us some tea.

The next time I was at her house, I felt that familiar strike of inspiration, and added another (once again, way too human-looking) tooth sticking out of its mouth. This happened again and again, until the day Ann finally noticed, when the panther looked like it was smiling with a mouth full of human teeth. She screamed in horror, wondering if a ghost had done it. I couldn’t bear to tell her the truth. We don’t speak anymore, but to this day I shudder to think of how she’d react if she knew it was me!

secrets liarliarpantsonfire Liar! Liar! Pants on Fire!

Fire is such a powerful thing. It grants us the ability to create delicious foods and interesting inventions. But it also threatens us with the possibility of destruction and demise. And yet, for some reason, I can’t help but think its destructive nature is beautiful, in a way. Sometimes when I’m cooking on the stove or the grill, I almost wish my culinary creation would catch fire so I can see those beautiful flames once again, just to keep things a little spicy, you know? I mean…. I would never let my pancakes catch fire on purpose! Never ever!

secrets moohoo Moo-hoo!

Back in the day, I wanted to help out the store I worked at, so I brought in my Cowplant to attract customers. You know, spark some interest with something dangerous and exciting! I didn’t know it would get so out of hand. A bigger Cowplant meant more customers, so nightly feedings were a must. It grew and grew, and as it grew, it wanted more. I couldn’t supply its demands, so it began EATING customers! It even ate the owner!

I knew my Cowplant had to be stopped, so I enlisted help in making sure it was sent to a secret place where it could never hurt another Sim. I couldn’t let my Cowplant just take over the world. That was one mean, green monster.

secrets myfundsmagicallyrosebud My Funds Magically Rose, Bud!

Listen, I don’t know where those extra Simoleons came from. It felt like it happened in an instant. One day, I checked my account and saw all my funds were normal, as expected. A few hours later, I’d randomly acquired thousands of Simoleons out of nowhere! It must have been an accounting error or something. I swear I didn’t steal them! I was so nervous, I panicked and spent it all on a bunch of new furniture to hide the evidence. If anyone finds out, they’ll assume I’m a thief!

secrets noneofyourbiscuits None of Your Biscuits

It’s been said my family are descendants of Lord Reginald Wainscott Stickywyck von Dosenwald. Before his nautical voyages, it was rumoured that he had several relationships throughout his early years. I’ve traced my ancestry back enough that I can almost find a connection that could link us together. Which seems pretty definite to me. But I don’t want word to get out! I’d hate to be treated differently just because my ancestor was the 37th Earl of Biscuit! I just… want to be treated normal, like everyone else.

secrets notsomerry Not so Merry

When it comes to receiving gifts, I’m much harder to please than most. What can I say? I just have unique tastes! Regardless of my personal pickiness, there are also a lot of mediocre (or even straight up terrible) gifts out there. So yeah, maybe I did repurpose a few of those disappointing gifts I received. I turned them into gifts for others!

Sometimes I even give the gift back to the person who gave it to me, after enough time has passed. It’s just efficient, and they hardly ever notice. You know what they say, one Sim’s trash is another Sim’s treasure! Just, uh, maybe keep this to yourself. I wouldn’t want anyone to know I’m a serial re-gifter!

secrets bearliever Now I’m a Bear-liever

Those rockets are dangerous, sure, but if you launch up to space in one, and everything lines up just right, you can crest ever-so-slightly above the moon’s orbital proximity. Time it correctly, and you can witness the greatest sight known to Sim-kind. MOON BEARS. That’s right! There are terrifying bears on the moon, I’ve seen them myself. What… you don’t believe me? Listen, they don’t want anyone to know about those galactic quadrupeds! The things I saw when I was up there, it haunts me. But you can’t tell anyone! If this gets out… I can’t go back there! They can’t take me back there!

secrets ohbabyachallenge Oh Baby, a Challenge!

Is it really that crazy to dream of having an expansive family? Listen, I’m not a horrible person to want to have children with different partners. I can name at least 5 other Sims that have done it! I’d raise those kids right and make sure they didn’t grow up too fast. I’d have plenty of parental help to go around, too. Sure, juggling multiple relationships in various stages sounds overwhelming. But I’ve never been one to stray from a challenge.

secrets poolofterror Pool of Terror

I have this recurring nightmare about a swimming pool with walls so slippery, it’s impossible to climb them to get out of the pool. The only place you can exit the pool is via a single ladder, and it always suddenly disappears as I’m swimming my way towards it, leaving me stranded in the pool. Hours pass, it’s getting darker outside, I’m exhausted and hungry. My friends and family come and go, passing me by, yet none of them even seem to notice that I’m stuck, let alone help me out of the pool. Terrifying, right?

Well, lately the dreams have been so vivid, I’ve started sleepwalking. The other day I woke up floating in a random pool in my neighbourhood, wrapped up in my wet blanket like a burrito! It was humiliating!

secrets rippedpantsRipped Pants

History class, third period, I was in the front row. I remember it like it was yesterday… My teacher, Ms. Sakamoto, asked each of us to give an impromptu speech on the history of Princess Cordelia. Naturally, I was a bit nervous, but nothing could have prepared me for what happened next. As I stood from my desk, I heard a terrifying RRRRRRRIP as the seat of my jeans split open in front of everyone! And to top it all off, I was wearing an embarrassing pair of old Voidcritter undies (because yes, it was laundry day!) It was mortifying! I swear I can still hear the cackling of my classmates in my nightmares.

secrets secretllamasSecret Llamas

When I was in elementary school, I started to harbour a growing disdain for authority. It would get so tiring following all the rules, all the time! So, in art class, I started only drawing llamas. Llamas ice skating, llamas going shopping, llama firefighters. My art teacher was furious, and told me I had to draw something different from now on. I was livid! How dare she intrude upon my creative process!

So I hid a llama in every subsequent piece I made. On the surface, it could be a painting of a rainbow. But take a closer look, and the brush strokes reveal a million tiny llamas inside of the rainbow. I even etched a super detailed llama on the bottom of the vase I sculpted during the pottery unit! Thankfully, no one had ever noticed. It’s always been my little llama-shaped secret.

secrets serialdecliner Serial Decliner

Every day, it feels like my phone won’t stop ringing with text message after text message from Sims I know wanting to hang out. Somehow there’s always new places to check out in town, out of town, everywhere! I’d bet if there was another planet that had a cool hangout spot, they’d throw me in the rocket and blast off right now if they could! But I’m just… tired. Sometimes it’s been a long day, and I just want to chill, work on myself, or take a load off. I promise I care about my friends (and minor acquaintances!) But I’ve got better things to do 90% of the time!

secrets sinkingfeeling Sinking Feeling

I’m trying to be better about this, so don’t judge me! But really, so what if I’ve washed a few dishes in the bathroom sink every now and then? In the end, a sink’s a sink. It’s not like it’s any less sanitary than the kitchen sink! Whether or not you believe me, I can assure you that there were very good reasons for me to do this. You just wouldn’t understand.

secrets sockittome Sock It to Me

A secret like this should never get out. It’s one the public would be up in arms over! Or should I say, up in feet over? I’m just a collector. It’s no big deal. Sure, it’s collecting socks, and sure it’s collecting socks that aren’t mine, but how is that a crime? I find them in the Lost & Found at different places around town, it’s completely harmless! I just love the patterns, the fabrics, the ankle height. Argyle, polka dot, stripes. Ankle, knee high, crew. Mismatched or a pair, they are a delight!

secrets relentlessallureofgrilledcheese The Relentless Allure of Grilled Cheese

When I was very young, I had a strict teacher at school, Mr. Cousland, that seemed to enjoy assigning way too much homework, and giving grades that were way too low. He was a royal pain! One week, I happened to have grilled cheese for lunch a few times. Mr. Cousland came up to me during lunch and told me I should be careful. If I eat too many grilled cheeses, it would change me forever. And he said of all the people he knew, I would be the one most likely to fall down that slippery slope.

I scoffed in his face and told him he was full of it, which earned me detention and extra homework. For years, I didn’t believe him. Until one day I felt it, after having grilled cheese for lunch, dinner, and a midnight snack, the sensation hit me like a load of bricks. It was calling to me, the golden, glistening, cheesy, crunchy delicacy. Like it was floating in the sky and begging me to fly to it. I wrested control of myself at that moment. But I couldn’t believe it, Mr. Cousland was right about grilled cheese, and he was right about me. He knew my weakness, and now so do you.

secrets tigertantrum Tiger Tantrum

The Sanctuary in Tomarang has been open for as long as I can remember. As a small child, I would beg to visit every weekend. One visit in particular, I saw a small cub stumbling around. At that moment, I knew I wanted to take him home with me. I screamed and kicked and cried, begging for a baby tiger of my own. My parents thought it would be a good idea to get me a pet cat instead. I named him Mr. Tiddlywinks. And he looked just like a tiger! Oh, how I loved him.

And then one day, my good ‘ol kid brain decided it was time for Mr. Tiddlywinks to return to the forest. Never teach a child Rehabilitation and Release unless you specify you shouldn’t do it to your house pets! I like to imagine Mr. Tiddlywinks is living high and mighty these days with his tiger pack. He was a menace, but he was my menace. Just… don’t tell anyone I abandoned my cat in the forest! I was just a kid, I didn’t know any better!

secrets toiletterror Toilet Terror

One day, when I was a child, I was overcome with a glorious wave of playfulness. I wanted to get into the most raucous mischief I could imagine. So… I set up a prank on the toilet in our house. Admittedly, I didn’t find it that fun at the beginning.

But once I heard the horrified screech of the first prank recipient, I couldn’t get enough. I set that prank up on that toilet every day. I became an expert toilet prankster. Whether family or visitors, our toilet was sending streams of water into the faces of everyone who dared to use it. I even pretended to be fooled by it, and was never found out. So… let’s keep it that way. I haven’t done it in years anyways!

secrets trashyhabit Trashy Habit

You’re telling me you’ve never gone over to a neighbour’s house to use their trashcan? Taking out the trash can be such a hassle sometimes. All I want to do is get rid of all these gross water cups my houseguests left everywhere, or maybe a spoiled grilled cheese once in a while! Sometimes I can’t even be bothered to wash those dishes, I just need them gone! So if my trash is full, I’ll just pop over to their trashcan real quick and drop all the dishes in. They’ve never noticed anyways!

And there you have it! Every secret in The Sims 4 For Rent! Finding out a secret about your neighbour can be a thrill both in the game and in real life but remember; there’s responsibility in being a secret keeper and consequences for spilling someone’s secret! If you’re going to exploit a secret, make sure that secret is worth destroying a relationship over! Then again, blackmail is useful and everyone could use a few extra simoleons in their household funds…

Want to learn how to be Keeper of Secrets? Check out our Aspiration Guide for details on how to get the most out of people’s dirty laundry by earning satisfaction points and reward traits for uncovering unsavoury tidbits about people.

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