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Crystal Creations: Every Dazzling Thing We Noticed in The Reveal

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There’s a new stuff pack shimmering in the distance! The Sims 4 Crystal Creations promises Sims the ability to turn the crystals and metals they collect into sparkling works of art in the form of jewellery! These wearable pieces come with a variety of gameplay effects and Sims can build the new Gemology skill by crafting them.

Take a magnifying glass to this bejeweled reveal trailer!

The reveal trailer did a great job getting us excited for the new pack, but we wanted to take a closer look to see if there were any small details that could be easily missed if you weren’t paying close attention. It’s time to take a magnifying glass to this sparkling reveal and see the true value of what’s inside!

Everything We Noticed in the Crystal Creations Reveal

Let’s take a closer look at the reveal trailer and see if we can spot any interesting details that aren’t so obvious at first glance!

Gameplay Effects

Sims 4 Crystal Creations

Now, gameplay effects were shown pretty prominently in the Crystal Creations trailer; however, the info menus zoomed by pretty quickly so a lot of players may have missed some important details about specific gameplay effects. It’s definitely worth pausing the video whenever the UI is shown so you can read more about what gameplay effects these pieces of jewellery can have. For example, in the above image, we can see that this piece of jewellery made with gold and a ruby will cause embarrassed moodlets to fade faster and prevent Sims from having awkward WooHoo or unpleasant romantic interactions!

Charging Crystals

sims 4 crystal creations trailer screen 362

Continuing on from the last detail we pointed out, it looks like these jewellery pieces will only have an effect on gameplay if they are charged on this crystal pedestal. This is actually a really great feature, mechanics-wise, because we’re sure there will be lots of Simmers who just want to dress their Sims in jewellery that looks pretty but don’t necessarily want the effects that come along with them. This option to charge jewellery offers players the choice between whether they want to craft jewellery for function, beauty, or both!

Crystal Cuts

sims 4 crystal creations trailer screen 460
Source: Official Trailer

It might actually have been easy to miss the fact that crystals can be cut into lovely shapes now but there are a few instances throughout the Crystal Creations trailer where we see crystals cut into various shapes like a heart, plumbob (of course), and a star. They seem to serve some kind of purpose since they are shown on the charging platform alongside a necklace but they are also just beautiful pieces to display by themselves.

Layered Jewellery

sims 4 crystal creations trailer screen 448

One exciting thing in the Crystal Creations reveal that could have possibly been glossed over by some is layered jewellery! We have seen a few pieces like these in certain packs such as Werewolves, but there’s not exactly a huge selection of layered jewellery pieces like what we see in Crystal Creations. We love the overlapping bracelets and multiple rings on each finger that was shown in the reveal! It might be too much to hope for to be able to customise them individually but either way, it’s definitely a welcomed addition to the accessories catalogue.

Jewellery as Display Pieces

sims 4 crystal creations trailer screen 413

This really caught my eye in the reveal because I love running businesses and good businesses always need some good displays to draw in customers. Sadly, The Sims 4 is lacking in décor that could realistically work in a retail setting. I was excited to see that Crystal Creations allows us to keep the jewellery our Sims craft as display pieces; they don’t necessarily need to be added to the CAS catalogue and worn. I could picture a fancy jewelers shop with these necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings on display in glass cases. I really hope these items can be set for sale using Get To Work and sold, too.

Inspired by Real World Witchcraft

sims 4 crystal creations trailer screen 514

As a witch myself, it was impossible for me not to notice the overall inspiration for this stuff pack. Influences taken from real-world witchcraft and Paganism are laced all throughout virtually everything in Crystal Creations, from the décor and fashion to the practice of charging crystals to bring about positive effects in our everyday lives. Whenever witches are featured in The Sims, it’s usually a more Hollywood interpretation. I’m certainly not offended by packs like Realm of Magic and Paranormal Stuff; both of those packs are very fun to play with and are among my favourites, but it’s still really cool to see something that represents me in a more authentic way.

Custom Engagement Rings

sims 4 crystal creations trailer screen 438

Okay, this was obvious. There was no way anyone could miss it but it was just so cool, it’d be a crime not to talk about it! CUSTOM ENGAGEMENT RINGS! I feel like this is a small detail that feels really big to players because picking out an engagement ring is such an important moment in life. People planning to propose to the person they love put so much thought into finding a ring that represents their forever together. Crystal Creations finally allows Sims to not only choose the engagement ring they want to propose with, but also craft it themselves, which is really meaningful.

What else did you spot that we might have missed? Want to see the reveal trailer for yourself? You can catch it right here!

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