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The Sims Movie Poll: What Do You Want to See?

sims movie community poll

It’s actually REAL! A live action Sims movie is finally becoming a reality and has been confirmed to be being produced by Margot Robbie, the star and producer of the viral Barbie movie. 2024 just keeps getting better and better so far!

The Sims movie

What do you want to see in a live action film about The Sims? Tell us!

This isn’t the first time there’s been talk about a Sims movie. Every few years, rumours seem to swirl and circulate that a film is in the works only to hear it’s been scrapped a few months later. Or we just never hear anything about the film again. So we were, understandably, a little sceptical when we caught wind of this news. But after some digging, it turns out that this rumour’s actually true!

Margot Robbie for Barbie
Margot Robbie for Barbie (2023)

After being involved in a blockbuster hit about a popular children’s toy, Margot Robbie seems like a great choice of producer for a film about a popular video game marketed to teenagers. Will this film actually make it to the big screen, though? After all, previous attempts at turning The Sims into a feature length film have crashed and burned. Only time will tell but we have a good feeling about this one considering who’s involved and the massive success of their previous projects.

The Sims Movie Poll: Give Us Your Thoughts


Which brings us to our poll! With so much excitement and speculation surrounding this news, we wanted to get your thoughts on a potential Sims movie. Not just your positive or negative feelings about it, but also your ideas! Who should star in the film? What should the plot be about? Should it take itself seriously as a gritty drama or poke fun at itself as a comedy?

We want to know everything so we’ve put together a poll for you to share your thoughts. Most of the questions have an “Other” option if your answer doesn’t fit with any of the choices we’ve provided. If you select “Other” for any of the questions, be sure to share your answer in the comments! Remember to be respectful of your fellow Simmers and Sims Community staff when sharing your thoughts.

The Sims™ 4 Get Famous Celebrity Life Trailer 268

Disclaimer: This poll is made by fans for fans. Sims Community has no affiliation with EA, Maxis, or any company or persons involved in the making of this film. The results of this poll will have no impact on the film; it’s just for fun.

What are your feelings about a live action Sims film?

Does Margot Robbie's involvement make the film more or less appealing to you?

What do you think of the film being live action?

What genre do you think a Sims movie should be?

What should the casting for a Sims film look like?

What should the plot of a Sims film be?

Sims inside jokes and Easter eggs! Do you want to see them in the film?

Should the film cater to the OG Simmers (The Sims 1 and 2) or newer Simmers (The Sims 3 and 4)?

Which iconic townies do you want to see in a Sims movie?

What other Sims characters should be featured?

And finally... will you go see the film when it's released?

We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for The Sims movie and we especially can’t wait to see the results of this poll! There are a lot of opinions on this latest piece of news and it was hard to capture them all in 11 brief questions so if you’ve got something to say that didn’t get touched upon in our poll, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us in the comments. Just remember to keep the conversation friendly and respectful.

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We want everyone to feel safe to share their thoughts and opinions about what a live action feature length film about The Sims should look like. Margot Robbie and everyone else involved have a lot to live up to to impress such passionate Sims fans, that’s for sure!

Can’t get enough of the Sims movie? Want to know all the tea about this latest scoop? Look no further because we’ve got you covered! See all the details that have come to light so far about the Sims movie right here on Sims Community!

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