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My experience with EA App for Mac

ea app for mac sims experience

The switch from Origin to EA App is easier and faster than I expected.

If you’re a Mac player who’s been waiting to move away from their outdated Origin launcher well boy do I have some good news for you!

The EA App platform has just now begun launching for Mac players. And to my surprise – the integration process has been much smoother than I initially expected!

ea app for mac just released

Current Reported Issues

Please note that the text below represents only a surface level experience with the new game launcher. Down below we’ll be creating a list of game issues reported by other players, including:

  • Can’t play game in other languages!
    • Multiple players reported that they’re unable to play The Sims 4 in other languages – only in English.

How to Switch from Origin to EA App

To be completely honest, I didn’t even manage to capture all the essential screenshot to explain this process from you. However, I’ll try to go into as much detail as possible about my initial experience with this switch. There’s also a more in-depth official tutorial if you plan to take extra precaution when making this switch.

Step 1: Open Origin

After logging into your Origin account you’ll be quickly prompted to switch from Origin to the new EA App. From there you’ll have to authorize the installation of the new EA App, while Origin completely removes itself from your Mac computer.

ea app migrator

Step 2: That’s pretty much it?

All you have to do now is open your brand new EA App (unless the installer does it for you already) and you’re able to enjoy the new EA App. Which, to my experience, has been a much faster and easier game launcher experience than compared to Origin for Mac.

I can’t share the same sentiment that EA App Windows players have gone through, considering that the whole switch for Windows players was a slow and steady disaster. Still, it seems that Electronic Arts have learned from their mistakes and made the integration for Mac players a much more pleasant experience.

Now, how does the new launcher work for The Sims games on Mac? I was able to test out both The Sims 3 and The Sims 4 to see upgrade in action!

The Sims 4 on EA App for Mac

My experience opening The Sims 4 through the new EA App launcher for Mac seems to have gone a bit faster than usual. At least when it comes to the speed time from clicking the play button to the game itself actually opening.

sims 4 ea app

Origin was clearly making the process of launching a game much harder than it should’ve been. And I’m glad to see that being resolved with the new launcher.

Packs and Sims 4 DLC can be found under multiple sections. With two most popular being through the “Manage Add-Ons” section (which lists all the DLC you have) as well as the game’s own Add-ons store page.

sims 4 ea app collection

The Sims 3 on EA App for Mac

I’m not sure why opening The Sims 3 (64bit version) on the new EA App launcher got me more excited than a few miliseconds of speed improvements when launching TS4.

Possibly because trying to play The Sims 3 through the Origin client program was an unpredictable disaster. On some days I would barely be able to open The Sims 3 with huge lag happening between pressing Play and actually waiting for the game to open. With some days where I’m not even able to open the game at all due to unexpected errors and crashes.

the sims 3 on ea app

The EA App experience has been surprisingly quick and straightforward for a game that’s about to turn 15 years this year. The Sims 3 launcher seems to open very quickly now, with the game itself launching super quick after hitting the play button. Almost to the point where it can be compared to the speed of The Sims 4!

sims 3 on ea app 2

It’s fair to note all The Sims players out there that your game and launcher experience may vary depending on the Mac device you’re playing on. My best recommendation out there is to consider playing The Sims 4 (and even The Sims 3) through an Apple Silicon processor. The game runs super fast on M1, M2 and M3 chips, and is even competing with the best specifications that there are for Windows players.

Plus, it seems that overheating shouldn’t be much of an issue going forward for Apple Silicon devices.

Have you migrated from Origin to EA App on Mac yet? Let us know your experience in the comments below!

The EA App Mac program is currently available for existing Origin launcher players and will soon rollout for everyone. Click here to be taken to EA App’s official download page!

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