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The Sims 4 Gallery Spotlight: Kriint’s Newcrest Creations



Kriint shared her top 5 creations that she made for Newcrest! Check them out:

Athletic Club (Download Here)

I build a fairly modern gym for the upcomming new world that they are going to add next week! It is a fully equiped gym with pool, a kids room (to leave those little devils to someone else while working out), a yoga/dance room and everything else a gym has! I really hope that you will enjoy it! I’ll do more builds for Newcrest the next days! Take care <3 #buildnewcrest #newcrest #gym #pool #modern #luxuryparty #ladysbuilds

Value: §319,186
Size: 40×30
Lot Type: Gym
Required Packs: Get to Work, Luxury Party


Public Library (Download Here)

This is the second build for the upcoming new world “Newcrest”. I went with the same theme as the gym that I made -I like matching things xD- It has everything that you will need when you visit the library and a small cafe downstairs for a small break while studing! Oh yeah and a place for those little devils again -now you don’t have to worry about their homework let someone else chase them around to make them do it! #buildnewcrest #newcrest #modern #ladysbuilds

Value: §138,507
Size: 30×20
Lot Type: Library
Required Packs: Get to Work


National Museum (Download Here)

Here is the 3rd community lot for Newcrest. It’s a Space / Nature Museum with an Observatory to watch the rocket launch -sadly the rocket does not transfer *boooo* so your Sims have to build it-. This time no kid space to leave them but a bar to get drunk if they have get on your nerves xD Hope you will enjoy it! I’ll build the last two community lots for this neighbourhood by the end of this week! Take care <3 #buildnewcres t#newcrest #modern #rocket #space #ladysbuilds

Value: §185,123
Size: 30×20
Lot Type: Museum
Required Packs: Get to Work


The Mall (Download Here)

Here is the 4th community building of the series. It’s a mall with 11 retail shops *11? Whaaaat?* I tested it and your Sims can go for a shopping spree any time you want! It fuctions perfect! Now you can trick you husband saying that you and your kids are going to visit the playground while you spend your time shoppng free! *here goes the savings for kids college* This mall will please from the geekiest geek to the sassiest lady! Take care <3 #buildnewcrest #newcrest #mall #retail #ladysbuilds

Value: §398,479
Size: 40×30
Lot Type: Retail
Required Packs: Get to Work, Luxury Party, Up All Night Content


Happy Gnome Park (Download Here)

Here’s the park the final lot to complete this neighbbourhood! I try keeping the style as much as possible so it can match the rest of the buildings! In this lot some serious terain painting and landscaping took place! I love how in the screenshots you can see nothing but trees! But I promise you there is way more than just trees xD I hope you will enjoy it! Thanks for your support! Take care! <3 #buildnewcrest #newcrest #park#trees #ladysbuilds

Value: §121,741
Size: 50×40
Lot Type: Park
Required Packs: Get to Work, Up All Night Content


You can show off your own Sims creations! Click Here for more info!

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