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The Sims 4 Modding: Plant Object IDs


Hey guys!  I recently released an article showing you how to extract the Object IDs out of your games.  Now using that information, I was able to compile the below list of plant object IDs that you can use to spawn the seeds.  I needed this information for the Garden Club I am making that will use a community garden (park) as their meeting location.

How to use these cheat codes, you have to go into build mode on an active lot. Then you type in your cheat following the example below.


  • Shift+CTRL+C (opens cheat window bar)
  • Testingcheats true (to enable cheats)
  • objects.gsi_create_obj 0x0x5B8D (spawns a strawberry)


A word of warning, items will spawn close to your Sim so I like to move her into the center of the lot. Be sure to always save before spawning items because they can show up outside your lot. Use these cheats with caution because they could break your game.

  • Apple 0x55B3
  • Basil 0xB2A4
  • Bird of Paradise 0x5B9F
  • Blackberry 0x5B8E
  • Blue Bells 0x5B9D
  • Bonsai Buds 0xB2C7
  • Carrot 0xB0F3
  • Chamomile 0x1025F
  • Chamomile (Toxic) 0x1071C
  • Cherry 0x57C3
  • Chrysanthemum 0x5B9B
  • Cowberry 0x93E2
  • Daisy 0x5899
  • Death Flower 0x1010C
  • Dragonfruit 0x5B90
  • Elderberry 0x1025C
  • Elderberry (Noxious) 0x10723
  • Fang Flower 0x11AC1
  • Fireleaf 0x102A0
  • Fireleaf (Poison) 0x10725
  • Glow Orb 0x11AC3
  • Grapes 0x5B92
  • Huckleberry 0x107E4
  • Lemon 0x57C2
  • Lily 0x5B9A
  • Morel Mushroom 0x10261
  • Morel Mushroom (False) 0x10724
  • Muckleberry 0x107E5
  • Mushroom 0xB0FF
  • Onion 0xB53C
  • Orchid 0x5B9C
  • Parsley 0xB2A6
  • Pear 0x5B95
  • Plantain 0x57C4
  • Pomegranate 0x5B8F
  • Potato 0xB0EF
  • Quill Fruit 0x11AC7
  • Rose 0x5B97
  • Sage 0xB2A8
  • Snapdragon 0x55A6
  • Spinach 0xB961
  • Strawberry 0x5B8D
  • Tomato 0xB500
  • Trash Fruit 0x5FAE
  • Tulip 0x5B98
  • U.F.O. 0x7151

Have any questions? Reach out to me on Sims Community Social!

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I’m Tatiana AKA HarmonySims/Simlish and Dreams on Tumblr. I’ve always been interested in graphic design, photography, and computers. I played Sims Freeplay for years before discovering Sims 3. An obsession was born when I pushed myself to become a better builder and learned how to make CC and mods for Sims 4.

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