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The Sims 4: Broken Mods/CC List Updated 1 – 13 – 17

Hey guys!

My friend Suebarr753 has offered to maintain this list on Tumblr (click her name for the link to her page) due to me being sick.  I know we’re all excited about toddlers but now it’s time to figure out what got broken in this patch.

What she has so far:


  • MTS_scumbumbo Always Start Lots Paused
  • MTS_TwistedMexi Always MOO
  • MTS_TwistedMexi Always Testing
  • Scumbumbo Teleporter (note:  may not work properly for toddlers due to also teleporting them)
  • MoxieMason_NoMosaic (note:  may not work properly for toddlers)
  • MTS_Scumbumbo Outfit Tools
  • Andrews Pose Player
  • EligibleSimsAlwaysShowUp (Club mod)
  • Invite Any Sim
  • RexZeng_Fashion Club Activities
  • MTS_Club Interactions (the one’s I have are working)
  • Buckley’s Camera Mod
  • MTS_coolspeare unlocked insects
  • No Auto Club Gathering
  • Cinderelli_Staff Hiring mods all seem to be working
  • CMAR_Nude in CAS
  • Andrews Pose Player
  • The Sims 4 Faster Skils – Maloekoegirl (note:  does not work with toddlers per the mod creator)
  • Try For Baby in Larger Household – ClaudiaSharon
  • No More Relationship Culling – Neia
  • Get a Random Number – Neia
  • No Culling – Neia
  • No More Sims Everywhere – Neia
  • More Clubs Per Sims – Neia
  • No Brain Freeze – Neia


  • MTS_Shimrod Stand Still in CAS
  • MTS_scumbumbo Call Anytime
  • MTS_RISP Gains
  • WickedWhims
  • Simulation Lag Fix
  • Kids Can Use The Stove Scripts
  • GrayCurse’s Cooking & Ingredients Overhaul (doesn’t work when combined with the above)
  • Larger Interaction Queue
  • Invite Into Home Indefinitely – Shimrod
  • Call Anytime + Relationship Mod – Catalina
  • Coffee Gives More Energy – Madame Butterfly
  • TS4 New Agine Mod – lientebollemeis


  • MTS_weerbesu UI Cheats here
  • s4s Wrench Hider here
  • MTS_More CAS Columns V1.5 here
  • More Clubs Per Sims here
  • MC Command Center here
  • Show/Search Sim Info here
  • More Columns in CAS here
  • Sims 4 Studio
  • Less Success Try For Baby here


  • @brittpinkiesims Fashion Career is Active
  • MTS_Neia Biology is Active
  • MTS_Neia Education is Active
  • MTS Neia Self-Employment


  • Larger Interaction Queue
  • Default replacement skins, eyes, hairs will need to be checked.

About the author


I’m Tatiana AKA HarmonySims/Simlish and Dreams on Tumblr. I’ve always been interested in graphic design, photography, and computers. I played Sims Freeplay for years before discovering Sims 3. An obsession was born when I pushed myself to become a better builder and learned how to make CC and mods for Sims 4.


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  • something is broken but i’m not sure what it is. But i tried to age up my baby to a toddler, and it instantly aged to a child. probably going to break my list down see what is messed up

    • The team can’t officially support mods so modders have to update their own mods. The team is able to answer questions, assist if they can in certain areas, are not opposed to modding, and make it so that the game isn’t too difficult to be modded. I believe months ago it was mentioned that if they embraced cc/mods fully they felt concerned that some fans would think they should be required to fix issues with mods instead of the modders or somehow have to rearrange the game to be more compatible with certain mods for those that want mods.

  • I noticed lags about custom food interactions my sim made food it was not able to eat he stopped his actions when I clicked him to clean it up too

  • I haven’t managed to work out what it is yet, but I’m definitely having an issue too, and I have non of the mods in that ‘not working’ list. When my sims try to do anything like eat or go to the bathroom they just keep resetting into the T-pose. Anyone else having this trouble? I’m going to try removing folders of mods one at a time to get to the bottom of it :)

  • I am having issues with cas. With my mods and cc in, anytime i try to add another sim into the household the game stops responding and shuts off.

    • I’m having the same issue as you, I’m going to try to delete some mods and CC for the time being. Also on my game it won’t save changes, and I get huge lag spikes… Does anyone know if any lighting mods are working or not?

        • If you are useing the wickedwhims mod that is what is doing it, it broke with the update and you need to get the update to keep useing it.

          • The Mods I do have are the MC command mod, which is already updated, the crib mod for babies that allows me to have my sims babies to be put in different cribs besides the default crib, and Zerbu’s Go To School Mod along with the Shimrod Teen and young adult romance mod

      • If you are useing the wickedwhims mod that is what is doing it, it broke with the update and you need to get the update to keep useing it with the game

    • It’s a broken cc. I had the same problem, sorted through all my cc and the culprit turned out to be oolathurman_skincolors_pantone.package

  • Try for baby not available also when my other (already pregnant) sim was in labour she reset n there was no sign of baby//bump!!! :(

  • I had simmythesim’s height and hand sliders ( and they caused pickup toddler animation issues, such as arms stretched weirdly behind sim and toddler went invisible. I also had issues performing actions with toddler–canceling the action and not even seeing some options–that went away after removing the mods.

  • I’m having problems in CAS when i try to create a toddler it doesnt shoe up and an X replaces where the toddlers face should be, anyone know what to do?

  • I updated my sims and I started playing and created my toddler in create a sim and it all worked but now that I’m playing all the objects that have to do with toddlers say debug and any new actions for toddlers just say “…” is anyone else having this issue or know how to fix it?

  • Everything is fine, but when I go to my family house my adult sims dosen’t have any needs and toddlers have only the attention skill. Please help me! ;(

  • I’m having similar problem as many people, with a lot of game lag and many toddler interactions not working. One thing I haven’t seen anyone mention is when I’ve been having my child sim practice typing, he instead sits at the computer while applying makeup (as if he’s at the vanity) and the vanity command actually shows up. Not a huge deal, but kind of funny to look at.

  • I’m having an issue where my sims will not stay asleep. They get into bed and then the action cancels and they get up again. This does not affect toddlers. Does anyone know what mod could be causing this?

  • None of my cc works, when I try loading up the game it freezes on the loading screen. When I take it out it works perfectly fine, but most of my sims are now in their underwear cuz they wear cc

  • Does anyone know what mods are conflicting w the toddlers so much to make them lanky monsters? I’ve heard the stand still mod causes it, but even when I remove it I’m still conflicting somewhere.

    • Do you have custom clothing? I’ve had this happen once when a CC clothing was marked incorrectly for children too instead of adult only and my child sim looked like that.

      • Yeah, and I’ve tried moving the clothing cc around to see if there was some kind of solution and i’m not really seeing one. i’m not sure. :C

  • You’ll likely have to find a bad cc or mod that’s in your game since it works fine without custom items. Sometimes mod conflicter from modthesims can help (though beware it may incorrectly mark some TS4 items as TS3 – usually cc from TSR website – making users think they should delete those items) narrow things done. However, for me, it helped but didn’t find the bad cc clutter I had that was causing me issues so I had to manually look (which was a long process since I have a ton of cc). If your mods are up to date and don’t conflict, it’s likely other CC items.

  • Do you have any mods that change anything with the beds or with the sims themselves? I usually check out posts on tumblr or on the forums about broken mods since usually at one point other fans had the same issues.

  • I am not having any cc show up in cas, I just got them and not a single file is working and I’ve made sure mods are turned on I’m not sure what to do at this point

  • the

    Start Life the easy way mod from azoresman is still working too,is a nice little cheat for when you just create your sim,with it,you can buy already bigger houses when you start without useing the freerealestate cheat

  • all of my cc doesn’t work…i had this one time and i fixed it by deleting all my cc then i re downloaded it later and it worked now after this update my cc doesn’t work and im upset i spent a really long time on downloading it for nothing now….im really upset and i have repaired it uninstalled it shut down my computer and even got rid of all my mods now i try and put them in nothing works it goes up does the sims 4 thing then goes to a white screen and says not responding then i wait about an hour and it still isnt working im really confused and dont know what to do

  • I’m having a problem with that the mod WhickedWims is functioning, part ways, because I can’t add anything more to it. I can download the cc to my mods folder, but it wont appear in the game. It says something that the game safer or something isn’t functioning? What’s that? Does it have anything to do with it?
    What can I do?

  • Does anyone know what Mod cause my Baby to disppear while aging up to a Toddler I have disabled all my CCand Mods and repaired my game and the game is up to date but my Baby still disappears.

  • I tried taking out and replacing all known broken mods; but when I try to load a household, it will be stuck with the loading screen and the game won’t start. Cas is working fine and I started a new neighborhood it worked fine. Does that mean the old file was corrupted?

  • Question- If I have default skins/eyes installed that don’t work with new lifestates, toddlers or vampires for instance, can leaving them in my game cause performance issues even if they’re not in use by sims I’m currently playing? In other words, could these ‘break’ my game and cause issues? I’ve been having issues since the update in June ’17 and have removed all mods but left my furnature, clothing, skins, eyes, hairs, etc. Can these ‘break’ my game just by virtue of being in the mods folder?

  • The mod UI_Cheats_Extension_v1.7.package conflicts with this pack to. It will make the character values act weird.

  • can someone help me my furniture in buy mode gone and whenever im trying to build a house my windows and doors are gone but im confused how im unable to move my sim in a house with furniture in but cant put my custom content furniture in the game but my game work perfectly fine but the furniture is gone how can i get my furniture back and build mode stuff back

  • when i played my sim in the game it occurs to have error saying you have to updated mods and cc and saying mccommander needs update too and wickedwhims but i been deleted wickedwhims but i haven’t played my game since everything has been different now all my furniture is gone all of build mode to build house is gone how to get stuff back please reply to my comments