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The Sims Mobile: New Update! (March 13th, 2018)

The Sims Mobile has a brand new update! The latest Sims Mobile update fixes a few issues as well as prepares simmers for the upcoming Hot Tub Dreams Event which starts this Thursday.

WHAT’S NEW – Version 9.2.0

Beginning March 15, play the Hot Tub Dreams Event! Complete quests and participate in events to get Hot Tub Goody Bags filled with exclusive hot tub items and swimwear. Stand out at your next party or even when friends drop by your house. Plus, we’ve made some behind-the-Sims updates to keep the party going. Thanks for playing!

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  • It’s telling me it’s time to update and will not let me play, but The App Store isn’t showing the update yet.

  • It is march the 15th where can i find the “Hot Tub Dreams Event”? I have already updated my game, and if i look under quest >> events, there is no event called: “Hot Tub Dreams Event”, might that be because I don’t have a bath yet? (I might be blind but the first bath I see which I can buy is from lvl17 which I.m.o. is a bit late?) And I can’t find a bath tub in the buy menu under outdoors there are only plants and trees there not even a BBQ like the picture suggests. Another problem I have with the game is: how do you sell your stuff from your storage?

  • Hey for the hot tub event I clicked on the bed and chose ‘dream about hot tubs’ option, then I checked it of on the quest list then I had to purchase a tv and chose watch hot tub chanel checked that off the list but that’s where I got stuck because the next event is with the fashion house and that and the restaurant locations are not working in my game…