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The Sims Team is thinking about adding disabilities to The Sims 4

It’s been known ever since the first Sims game that The Sims has always tried to be inclusive and try to tell as many diverse stories as possible. The Sims 4 has been the most progressive in terms of representation. However, it seems that The Sims Team won’t just stop improving upon Sims after their CAS Gender Customization Update.

Many simmers have been wondering if making Sims with certain disabilities would ever become a reality. Turns out The Sims Team is extremely interested in improving in this field and would love to represent actual challenges and obstacles that certain people in the real world put up with daily. This is a very sensitive topic considering that the entire Sims 4 universe has been portrayed by rather perfect Sims who are only challenged by specific traits, emotions and situations around them.

SimGuruGrant, one of the producers on The Sims 4 has shown interest over the last few months regarding how they can include more differently abled people to the world of The Sims 4.

However, after the feedback he’s gotten and the tweets he’s posted about him wanting to add this feature now he’s confirmed that things have gone to a whole different level. After being asked if he’d like to see disabilities added to The Sims 4 he answered saying that The Sims Team is actively thinking about this feature.

It’s great to see that The Sims Team has taken something like this seriously with a big desire to implement it to The Sims 4. With the promise that The Sims 4 will serve new content for at least the next 3 years there’s plenty of time for this feature to be thought out, designed and polished. However, only time will tell…

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  • I hope they add disabilities, but I feel like it’ll be fetishised by the Simmers making CC (like when people started adding skin disorders).

    I wonder if it’ll be something that is designated in CaS (which it probably will), something that’s forced upon a Sim when they injure themselves, or if it’ll be just a matter of buying a Wheelchair in BuildBuy.

    • I would love to have disabled sims. That would make the game more realistic. And I would like to have, that there is a chance when you slip in seasons, like in mud puddles or in snow storms, that you broke your arm or leg or something and that it need care, like go to the hospital (in get to work you can join them and only basegame that you maybe only send them to the hospital). That would be really nice

    • considering Grant sayed tehy actiovly talk about it i would say yes ! I thing they will do something easy first and go up from they and add them true varias packs if posible( just to make sure that thes disabilits ar not in games wear people dont want them you knew)

  • Just a few suggestions:
    maybe you can add like a physical therapy clinic for the sims with special needs . For a chance to get better and heal quickly

    And add swings and stuff for the kids sims that are using a wheelchairs in playgrounds

    Or maybe there could be a chance for the sims when they get pregnant if they didn’t take care of themselves well maybe the baby could have a disability physically or mentally

  • please dont put dissabled people in the game. i use it as a form of escape. please please dont. we will be a mockery on the gallery. people will use it as another way to make fun of us. im all for represnting the dissabled comunity most the time.but this would backfire.
    please dont.
    as a dissabled simmer who has been a fan sence the very first game please dont.
    i use it with my students who are also dissabled. please dont add dissabilitys to the game.

    • If they do add it, either for free (hopefully, it would just be rude to add it as paid content), they should hopefully add the ability to turn off disabilities in your game, and you would probably just be able to not use the content. No one is forcing you to use everything they add to the game.

      *Said as a disabled simmer who wants to be able to create my sim self*

    • I totally agree with you. The game is a form of escape for a lot of players. I’m very afraid this will end in chaos. Not a good idea. There are so many other things Sims players have been wishing for a long time. Funny and creative things. That is what we need. We don’t need more pain and suffering.

  • I think it would be really cool if in CAS you could give sims disabilities, and also if there was a possibility for them to be born with disabilities aswell

  • Yay! I’ve been waiting for this got Ages! You and your developers just made my day . I’ve played Sims since you guys made the Very first one! Its always been a blast. Could you possibly think about adding Epilepsy to the disabilities? I tend to stare off into space, pick at my clothes, and talk nonsense. There’s more kinds then just the grand maul. My kind are called the Absence Seizure, and last 2-5 minutes. It’s actually one of the top cases in the world. Epilepsy.
    If you consider it, thank you!
    Also, here’s an idea – have pets be sensitive to the disabilities! It’s quite common.

    • well they is the insane trait or what its called now. PLUSS certain things that you mentionend ar already in the game in some difrent manner so in a way this is peopaly on of teh eaysy disabilitys to add to the game as it could reuse stuff that is already in the game you knew

    • What would also be cool (you made me think of this ty) idk if this would be rlly hard to do but have like maybe blind/deaf people and like service dogs

      • As someone who is slowly going blind, i’d like visually impaired sims. They could use their canes, guide dogs (if you have cats and dogs), run into walls, trip over things kids leave in the middle of the floor. Cause I #canrelate to all of the above situations.

  • It’s a sensitive subject. I can understand that there might be some negative reactions and even some sort of mockery towards disabled people if players are gonna make fun of disabled people. But in my opinion: why make only relatable for people without disabilities? I for one have a form of autism. I would love it if they would make a new trait what could resemble that. Because if I would make myself I would want it to be realistic. And if some people don’t want that? Well…than there should be an option in the game to switch the disabled system of. That both world could enjoy.

  • I really hope they don’t, sure it would bring interessting gameplay and maybe also people that actually don’t deal with disabled people might get sensitive for it, but there are a lot of crazy and perverted simmers. Most players only think of killing sims etc and they would even use children if possible so please don’t give those even more possiblities to play their crazyness further. It’s terrible what some make out of our beautiful game.

  • What I really want to see is a very wide variety of disabilities and certain skills available to each of them and as someone who has a deaf family member and knows sign language, I would really appreciate this feature. Being able to teach someone sign language or braille or to train a dog to become a service dog would be good and to allow Sims to work as a caregiver or an interpreter, all this stuff.

    I don’t think they could sell it though, as trying to sell disabilities isn’t remotely okay. I would still buy it but I know a lot of people would have a few issues.

    What does upset me though is people saying “forced onto them at birth” or “give it to them in CAS”. I know this is probably how it will go down, but it feels wrong to make a sim’s life more difficult for the sake of storytelling. Also, I’m certain many people will use this to make fun of real life disabilities which would be very distasteful. Not sure how this will pan out…

    If we really think about it though… will people be willing to play as a deaf or blind Sim or any other Sim with disabilities? Communication will be difficult if it’s portrayed accurately. This goes for other disabilities. How will we deal with the outcomes of these disabilities? For example, seizures. What position does this put the Sim in? Seeing a Sim having a seizure isn’t exactly appropriate… Now, I’m not trying to say people with disabilities are burdens, I’m just saying, how will they represent these disabilities in a light where Simmers aren’t confused, where it’s appropriate and yet accurate?

  • You know what would also be cool? Being able to get hurt in base game (idk if it’s a more or something that’s why I said base game cause it might be but idk) and like needing crutches, or stuff like that.

  • I would for disabilities to be added just not wheelchairs but like something you have to go to the doc and get meds for or like treatment im an organ donation patient and would love to see that

  • That sounds great but I think is going to be super glitchy. Imagine all the extra animations they have to make, for literally any interaction. Either that or they’ll have disabled Sims unable to do many interactions.

  • I think they should add it because it could be more interesting to see that and for a new look at the sims instead of all the sims being the same they can have different things wrong and special things

  • I have been playing the sims since it first came out many many moons ago. I Have also been wheelchair bound for the past 23 years. I think it would be a brilliant idea to bring disabilities in to the sims world!!

  • I have mixed emotions thinking of this. So many things running through my head, I can understand the simmers who say no and those who say yes. This for me personally is an escape from reality and the stress I deal with every day. Being someone whom is deaf completely deaf in my right ear but can hear from my left ear this isn’t really a big deal, but then on the flip side adding wheelchairs will remind me of what’s to come in my life when my 7 yr. old son whom has autism and DMD (Duchene Muscular Dystrophy) one day will lose the ability to walk and be confined to a wheelchair. This makes me or anyone else step out your own shoes and try to understand the different emotions felt by everyone and knowing that it will differ for all simmers. There are many positives (embracing and encouraging) and negatives (cruel minded and nasty) yet just its a touchy move emotional wise.

  • I think disabilities should happen yes because it’s In everyday life. I do think that u should pick and choose what disabilities and who maybe in like create a sim somehow.

  • As a disabled person – I’ve been basically begging, pleading, making message board posts, and complaining for YEARS that I have really wanted to have disabled sims. I even managed to get one CC’er to make a white stick for me so I could have a blind sim some time ago (unfortunately lost the link to that). It’s something that has been painfully lacking for a long time now and it’s not exactly something modders could easily fix/add themselves. I’d love to see a Simlish Sign Language and other such things integrated. So often people leave disabled people OUT of representation concentrating on sexuality, gender, and ethnicity – while forgetting that disability affects ALL of those groups as well as it’s pretty much the biggest minority that literally everyone on the planet could potentially join.

  • My significant other and I (both disabled), would be absolutely thrilled to see disability options, or at least mobility aids! It’ll add realism, and it can be really difficult feeling like in a perfect, controlled world (such as the Sims) we wouldn’t exist.
    As for people who wouldn’t like disabilities in Sims – I’m sure a mod will be developed very quickly to remove them, if that’s the kind of thing you’re into.