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The Sims Team is thinking about adding disabilities to The Sims 4


It’s been known ever since the first Sims game that The Sims has always tried to be inclusive and try to tell as many diverse stories as possible. The Sims 4 has been the most progressive in terms of representation. However, it seems that The Sims Team won’t just stop improving upon Sims after their CAS Gender Customization Update.

Many simmers have been wondering if making Sims with certain disabilities would ever become a reality. Turns out The Sims Team is extremely interested in improving in this field and would love to represent actual challenges and obstacles that certain people in the real world put up with daily. This is a very sensitive topic considering that the entire Sims 4 universe has been portrayed by rather perfect Sims who are only challenged by specific traits, emotions and situations around them.

SimGuruGrant, one of the producers on The Sims 4 has shown interest over the last few months regarding how they can include more differently abled people to the world of The Sims 4.

However, after the feedback he’s gotten and the tweets he’s posted about him wanting to add this feature now he’s confirmed that things have gone to a whole different level. After being asked if he’d like to see disabilities added to The Sims 4 he answered saying that The Sims Team is actively thinking about this feature.

It’s great to see that The Sims Team has taken something like this seriously with a big desire to implement it to The Sims 4. With the promise that The Sims 4 will serve new content for at least the next 3 years there’s plenty of time for this feature to be thought out, designed and polished. However, only time will tell…

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