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The Sims 4: Minor Features added with the Latest Update


The Sims 4 latest update not only allows you to upgrade your Sims’s beds (you can find out more about that here), but there are also several other handy features that have been added.


Bookends have received an overhaul and now act as much smaller functional bookshelves. Whether you place them on an accent table, desk or anywhere in your Sims home they really help add just that little bit more to the room they are in and of course, they save plenty of space compared to a standard bookcase too!

Televisions & Accent Tables

This update has also seen the addition of being able to place freestanding televisions on most of the accent tables in-game. If you are looking at a way for your Sims to save a little bit of money and space or even if you want to change things up a little bit in your Sims’ living area then this is the perfect way of doing so!

The only two that I found that would not allow a television to be placed on are the Cook Book Nook from Cool Kitchen and the Corned Table which is a base game object.

Did You Know?

You can also use the Amp Stack from the Moschino Stuff Pack as a stereo now as well!

Don’t forget you can check out today’s patch notes here.

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