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FALSE SPECULATION: The Sims 4’s 9th Expansion Pack is Country Livin’

UPDATE: The Sims Forums member elelunicy has pointed out that the Target listing shown down below has been photoshopped by someone from an older Google image that you can see down below. We’ve marked this speculation as FAKE!

Please note that this post contains no official information / confirmation from The Sims Team and is only based on online findings.

After a couple of cryptic hints from SimGurus and the Future Cube about possible new content coming our way, it seems there’s another clue that ties it all up – a leak from a Target employee!

That’s right, an unknown source has published a product listing from a Target work phone listing The Sims 4 Country Livin’ as the 9th Expansion Pack for The Sims 4!

Screen via @FCowplant

This listing comes hand-in-hand with a leak that happened in September 2019 regarding Horses and equestrian themed content possibly coming to The Sims 4!

Although we can’t confirm that this is a legit leak, we can say that The Sims 4 Discover University leaked the same way just a couple of weeks before it’s announcement.

We’ll definitely keep you updated on this information so stay tuned!

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  • Wasn’t there a tweet from a guru that said an upcoming release will be something different from last games so if I remember that correctly then this EP would fit that.

    • Actually they said the EP was going to be a surprise and that the GP was going to be a major first in the franchise. I don’t think many would be surprised with a farming pack though I can’t say people will be expecting it either.

    • I personally don’t care about farming/country themed packs. All I want is a hobbies pack. No, not even pack, a hobbies UPDATE. They need to focus on fixing the base game, not adding more paid stuff that gets boring after 5 minutes.

  • This is most likely correct simce discover university was leaked the same way .. also by an target employee!

    • Not necessarily. Knitting is more stereotypically seen as an “old people” thing than a “country folk” thing. With the choices made for the SP it’s another more heavily YA/Adult focused pack with how CAS went.

    • This isn’t the first time they’ve done that though. Tiny Living could have been included with University and My First Pet Stuff could have been included in Pets so I wouldn’t be surprised if they did it again

    • Exactly! Seems to be about the money at this point considering all the bugs they still need to fix… like butlers

  • Hopefully this pack will be about growing plants, small animals and off the grid) Especially off the grid, because Sims 4 is too technological!

    • They did come out with Jungle Adventure and it centered around Salvadora which isn’t an “American” themed town/culture.

    • So much is American themed?

      San Myshuno is based off Tokyo
      Windenburg is based off of germany. Sulani is based off polyneisan islands.
      Selvadorada is based off of el salvadore.
      Britechester is based off england.

      Ones that are U.S based

      Arizona- strangerville
      New mexico- oasis springs
      New Orleans- willow creek, magnolia promenade
      Average city- new crest
      Califonia- del sol valley
      New England- brindleton bay

      Neutral- glimmerbrook and granite falls, the vampire one…

      5 based off U.S
      6 based off other countries
      3 neutrals

      So I at least dont get how it has to much of the united states. Im from Texas and I dont care about horses or farm animals, but I’ve waited for a proper country side.

      P.s. I did not forget magonlia promenade in the count. Its so small and is literally an extention of willow creek.

      • Your counting is off – 6 worlds in your list are US based, 5 are not, which makes US based worlds the majority. However, Sims fandom states the following about San Myshuno: “This world is based on a variety of modern cities from around the world like Tokyo, San Francisco and New York City and also features elements of Indian, Chinese, Japanese and Moroccan cultures. Its geography resembles that of Hong Kong.” I’ve personally always considered it to be in the US too, since it’s so multi-cultural, much unlike Tokyo and Hong Kong. I’ve also always thought Granite Falls was loosely based on Granite Falls, WA.

      • As someone that lives in England- britechester is nothing like the UK and seems to be based more off an American college town

  • THIS IS THE BEST THING TO HAPPEN FOR MY SIMS WORLD!!! I’ve been a simmer all my life I have everything! Always wanted a sole farming/country pack!!! Horses, crops, maybe other livestock and animals, off the grid, large lots!! Ugh yes please!!! Been my dream!!! ‍‍‍❤️❤️❤️

  • YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! I’m so ready to ditch San Myshuno and plant some roots (literally and figuratively) in the country. Maybe we’ll get horses, with similar mechanics to riding bikes? Maybe we’ll expand the veterinarian career? Maybe I can just churn butter and make jam and live my best patio life.


  • YES! YEESS!!! YEEESSS!!! After 20 YEARS! Finally!

    Getting EP9.
    EP of my dreams.
    It’s called Country Livin’
    Or at least it seems
    You can raise a pig, a cow
    A horse or a mare
    Just the way it sounds to me
    A perfect software

    It comes along!
    The way I feel about it
    It just can’t be wrong
    If you only knew the way I feel about it
    I just can’t describe it, oh, no, no

    Finally it has happened to me
    Right in front of my face
    My feelings can’t describe it
    Finally it has happened to me
    Right in front of my face and
    I just can not hide it

  • Couple of weeks for discover university? It was like a month or two, the wait for the official was sooo long when’s the next EA play thing? No doubt they’ll announce it there tho

  • Bless the hard workers of Target who don’t worry about getting in trouble just to leak us information on The Sims.

  • A farming/country living EP would be good for those who play historical sims. I really wished they’d make worlds larger like get together. Also wished the floor textures were better matched with the i world textures especially sidewalks.

    • I would love this if my game didn’t crash every five minutes or every time I go into CAS or building. I have absolutely no custom content and have never used cheat codes so no clue why this keeps happening.

    • Horses, almost certain. Cows, they mentioned udder-ly with the future cube so probably. Chickens, I wouldn’t be upset. Sheep, hurrah for my sheep dogs! Unicorns? I would love it too but I don’t think unicorns would any way shape or form be in a country pack

  • Wheat farming for the pizzaria and cows for the cheese for the pizzaria? I cannot wait for this pack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have been wanting this a long time. Make it good, EA. Big lots, tractors, cranberry farming? We need nut trees. Canning. Butter churning. so excited. I know it will be amazing like Sulani. Show us a little bit of what the world will look like.

    • Why are you obsessed with pizza?! Also, this isn’t an official EA website, the trailer hasn’t even dropped, it’s not even confirmed by EA! We will *definitly* not get a world tease right now!

    • It’s not target’s fault. The employee who did this would likely have been punished if they got caught. Stores plan their products in advance.

  • Guys believe me, 99% this pack will be the next expansion pack, it will be officially announced in EA play and we will be able to play it before July.

  • i remember buying points in the sims 3 and buying a country dlc pack. my favorite items were the canning station and the baking oven. so many cool items! i love the idea of canning food to make it last a long time. imagine canning food and selling it with the city living table or owning a country store with get to work features!

  • If this does end up being true, I’m 100% positive these “leaks” are coming from actual Sims employees to build hype before the announcement. In any case, I’m excited for it lol.

  • Sims 3 had horses too so it is nothing new at all… and in a loading screen enviroment hroses are quite boring.

    • I do think that they’re tryin to give us that open world feel in the newer places we have like solani- in which case! Horses could be very fun- what id honestly want most from a pack like this would be a new world. Id hope itd be super big and pretty- sunseeets! (Also itd be pretty cool if they added dust storms as a new weather)

  • Hope the target employee gets fired for doing this.

    I’m sick of all the leaks, it’d be nice if something is ever a surprise.

    I imagine the gurus are pissed too.

  • Tbh, I’m surprised by my reaction. I do not like the idea of this pack, because to me it screams half-baked which has been a big problem with the most recent packs. That being said I’m also not mad about it, which is definitely what I thought my reaction would be. I was originally planning on purchasing the next expansion at release (which would’ve been this one), but I’ll have to see about this concept first. I might just wait until December when I can bundle the game pack, November expansion pack, and a stuff pack on sale and maybe buy this half off. Idk, I’m skeptical about this pack but I’m hoping it surprises me. If we can grow pumpkins and have a harvest festival I might be down for this. Idc about animals though

  • I work there. Just searched that upc on the zebra device and it comes back dead. Nothing. Definitely fake