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FALSE SPECULATION: The Sims 4’s 9th Expansion Pack is Country Livin’

UPDATE: The Sims Forums member elelunicy has pointed out that the Target listing shown down below has been photoshopped by someone from an older Google image that you can see down below. We’ve marked this speculation as FAKE!

Please note that this post contains no official information / confirmation from The Sims Team and is only based on online findings.

After a couple of cryptic hints from SimGurus and the Future Cube about possible new content coming our way, it seems there’s another clue that ties it all up – a leak from a Target employee!

That’s right, an unknown source has published a product listing from a Target work phone listing The Sims 4 Country Livin’ as the 9th Expansion Pack for The Sims 4!

Screen via @FCowplant

This listing comes hand-in-hand with a leak that happened in September 2019 regarding Horses and equestrian themed content possibly coming to The Sims 4!

Although we can’t confirm that this is a legit leak, we can say that The Sims 4 Discover University leaked the same way just a couple of weeks before it’s announcement.

We’ll definitely keep you updated on this information so stay tuned!

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