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There’s a lot more content left in store for The Sims 4


The Sims 4 still has a lot more content to provide according to the latest interview with Graham Nardone, Snowy Escape’s Lead Producer.

In the interview with Gamesradar Graham talked about the meaning and development of Snowy Escape as well as some of the game’s core features like Lifestyles and Sentiments:

“Players did not expect that out of us,” Nardone admits. “But it is something that they have been highly discussing and requesting… I think that increased depth to the simulation is a big thing for players.” EA’s strategy, when filling a long-time request for more depth, is to occasionally subvert expectations. “I think it’s cool, playing with those expectations a little bit while still delivering on the things that people really want at that core level,” Nardone says.

Later in the interview Graham talked more about the community’s requests for adding disability options such as wheelchairs, disabled-friendly home objects, service dogs and more:

“We’ve had active outreach with players in the community and asked, ‘what are better ways that we can represent you? What are some of the things that we can do to recreate those moments, or lived experiences, respectfully within The Sims 4?'” Nardone points out. “I think the thing that we want to avoid is turning it into a feature.”

When asked about if there are any plans for a next installment of The Sims Graham stated the following:

“There’s such a diverse range of topics and features that we could cover, the possibility space of what we can do within The Sims 4 is just humongous,” Nardone tells me when I ask about the potential of a new game. “I think that just goes to show that there’s way more that we can still do within this title, and our players are plenty hungry for more content that we can give in. That’s a good problem to have.”

If you’re thinking that this means that EA is still only focusing on The Sims 4 don’t worry. Developers can’t talk about or confirm something major as a next generation Sims game. If you’re wondering if the next Sims Game (or The Sims 5 if you will) is being developed we can answer that for you – yes. There’s more than enough evidence, even a confirmation from EA’s CEO, that Maxis is working on a next Sims Title. Check out some of the articles here:

There are different development teams working on the next-gen Sims Game and on The Sims 4, and according to the latest interview there’s a lot more left in store for The Sims 4!

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