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Let’s Decorate a Candy Bar with The Sims 4 Sweet Treats CC Pack!


Sippin’ gin and juice at the candy bar…

Not gonna lie, I’m still obsessed with the Sims 4 Sweet Treats CC pack by LittleDica (with contributions from many other talented Simmers). Sims Community did a detailed overview of the CC pack where we showed off detailed close-ups of every item in the pack in all swatches, plus catalogue thumbnails but that just wasn’t enough for me.

I had to build something with this pack. It’s fun, it’s nostalgic, and yes, very tacky but in the absolute best way. In other words, I’m in love. This CC pack comes with some really great shell builds for us to decorate how we want and I couldn’t wait to start decorating with this pack. I picked the Minty Fresh Manor to redecorate and turned it into a candy bar filled with fun for the whole family! It turned out hideously fabulous if I do say so myself. Let’s check it out, shall we?

Let’s Decorate a Candy Bar with The Sims 4 Sweet Treats CC Pack!
Of course, I didn’t touch the amazing exterior much at all. I just replaced some windows with arches to access the patios and filled out the fenced in area with swing sets and cotton candy décor.

Let’s Decorate a Candy Bar with The Sims 4 Sweet Treats CC Pack!
The inside was completely empty except for a few walls breaking up the space so I completely gutted it and opened it up more. Since the theme of this build is peppermints, I stuck with the red and white theme on the inside using bright and colourful mint-themed furnishings, red and white ice cream cone sculptures, red and white tile flooring and of course, lounge seating around the juke box that looks good enough to eat.


The focal point of the space is of course, the bar, with lots of delicious candy on display for guests to enjoy. No really, the candy jars are all functional! Sims can grab and eat candy from them! Sims can sit at the bar and enjoy sweet treats, good drinks, and watch whatever they fancy on the huge neon cotton candy cloud TV behind the bar.


Or if TV’s not your thing, pull up a chair at one of the peppermint tables and enjoy some live entertainment played on a (maybe) edible guitar and microphone.


The kids will have a blast climbing the ladder to the second floor where all the arcade and console games are. Tipsy adults trying to get up to the second floor to use the bathroom? Not so much but don’t worry loved ones; it’s all part of the journey. No, I will not stop making Katy Perry references, by the way.

Let’s Decorate a Candy Bar with The Sims 4 Sweet Treats CC Pack!

I hope you had as much fun touring The Candy Bar as I had decorating it! Thank you again to all the amazing Simmers who came together to recreate my personal favourite stuff pack from The Sims 3!

Click the download buttons below to get my furnished version of Minty Fresh Manor (renamed The Candy Bar) and to download The Sims 4 Sweet Treats CC pack, which goes public on April 24th!

The Candy Bar

The Sims 4 Sweet Treats

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