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New Update for The Sims 4 Coming Today


Hot Fix or New Content?

The Sims Team has released a Pronouns Update for The Sims 4 this week, on Tuesday. The Base Game Update brought in just a few small Bug Fixes and a whole new Feature, with a new Sims Delivery Express that dropped just two days after.

However, our reader was able to spot that this won’t be the last Update / Content drop of this week. There’s another update that’s been scheduled on Origin’s systems for May 27th, 2022. Which is today.

New Update for The Sims 4 Coming Today

In case you don’t know, plenty of Windows players have started reporting massive lag spikes on their computers after the latest Update. Draining their CPU power to abnormal levels.

It was stated by EA_Cade that The Sims Team is currently investigating the lag issues:

Hey all,

This issue is currently with the Sims team for investigation. I’ll provide any updates I get in this thread.

Thank you for all the information you’ve provided thus far to help us track this down.

Could the upcoming Update for The Sims 4 be a Hot Fix solution or something else? We’ll just have to wait and see!

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