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QUICK UPDATE: Modders are already Fixing The Sims 4 and High School Years’ Bugs!


Less than a day since the Expansion Pack release!

Modders Carl and Mythical Ascelin have both released mods to fix game bugs introduced in the High School Never Ends Patch and High School Years’ initial release.

Carl released Sim Retirement Bug Fix which will allow your Sims to retire. Currently, Sims cannot retire in the game without the mod.

Mythical Ascelin re-updated the Aging Fix mod, originally made by Scarlet. The mod prevents days from being added when creating a new Sim. The last patch caused an aging bug that adds days to a Sim every time they exit CAS.

We also have a full Bug Report on the current issues with The Sims 4.

Have you tried out these fixes? Let us know!

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