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Making Round Sofa Corners in The Sims 4


No round sofas ’round the corner? Try this with no mods or CC!

With the round walls update, I immediately thought that the curved sofa pieces from Dream Home Decorator would fit like a glove in the smallest round room. Alas, here’s what it looks like:

Slide2 1

Well, the gap is not that big and noticeable, but something about it doesn’t feel so snug. So let’s fix it and cozy up that corner!

Make sure you have bb.moveobjects on before starting.

First, you need to make a room below a round corner. Brighten it up with a ceiling light.

Slide3 3

Grab the modular sofa from Dream Home Decorator and select the curved corner piece. You can access it by clicking the gear symbol on the side which will open a sub-menu.

Place it on the floor below. Size it up one time by pressing ‘]’ and elevate it by pressing Ctrl+9 around 25 times until it reaches the top. The curved sofa should be seen on the floor above except for its wooden legs.

Slide4 2

Notice that the lighting in the room below applies to the sofa. So as much as possible, try to match it with the lighting on the floor you’re working on.

Next, we’ll add seating on the sofa since it’s technically just decorative on this floor. Use any chair without a backrest, preferably this one from Dream Home Decorator since its texture matches well with the curved sofa. Place three chairs with the Alt key and rotate them with ‘<‘ or ‘>’ or by holding Alt if needed.

Slide5 1

Don’t worry if their swatches don’t match! Try to think of it as a pillow or cushion on the sofa. For example, these blue swatches from different packs look like these:

Slide6 1
(from left to right) living chairs from Cats and Dogs, Dream Home Decorator, and City Living

Then just decorate as you like! Here’s a comparison of the before and after:

Which one do you like more?

You can also watch this video tutorial to see it work in-game!

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I'm Maia and I'm a Filipino student who makes builds and build tips in The Sims 4! I create a variety of design and architectural styles from my interests like Studio Ghibli and builds from my country.

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