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The Sims 4 Bugs: What’s Fixed and What’s Still Broken?


What’s been fixed and what’s still broken? We break down some of the major issues for you!

The Sims 4 Bugs: What’s Fixed and What’s Still Broken?
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The Sims 4’s stability has been… shaky in recent months, let’s just come right out and admit that. While many game breaking bugs are due to improper mod use, there are still many other issues with the game that almost all players have experienced regardless of whether or not they use mods. For example, issues that affect console players are clearly not the fault of broken mods; consoles do not support modded content so console players can’t play the game with any mods or custom content.

In response to growing player concerns about the bugs piling up, The Sims Team has released three updates in August and September of 2022 to try and get some of the more pressing bugs under control.

Namely, the aging glitch and the groundhog day glitch, among many other problems that have been plaguing players.

We decided to look through the patch notes from the last three hotfix updates and compare some of the larger bug fixes to see what’s been fixed and what is still a problem for players.

What’s Been Fixed

The Sims 4 Bugs: What’s Fixed and What’s Still Broken?

The following is a list of things that seem to be resolved for most players; however, some of these might still be broken for some players. We’ll go over those in the next section.

Base Game

  • Sims no longer arbitrarily age up upon exiting CAS, Build/Buy, or traveling to another lot
  • Adults no longer inappropriately tag teens in flirtatious Social Bunny posts
  • Sims no longer inappropriately ask children to be their boyfriend or girlfriend
  • All Sims can be selected for travel again regardless of whether they are on the active lot or not
  • PlantSims can once again transfer items from their inventories to fridges and storage chests and vice versa without the game throwing an error
  • Children, teens, young adults, and adults can now be reliably aged up using the birthday cake


  • (GF) Sims who are not famous should no longer have a fame marker when hovering over them
  • (GTW) Doctors should not T-pose when using the surgery machine anymore
  • (HSY) High school graduates should now wear their graduation robes to the graduation ceremony, even if they arrive late. All other graduates in attendance will also keep their graduation robes on.
  • (HSY) Sims who graduate from high school early now receive a diploma and do not get a notification incorrectly informing them that they have dropped out
  • (HSY) Sims will ask the correct Sim to prom instead of whichever Sim the player happens to be controlling at the time
  • (HSY) Sims should not use their phones as often; however, teens will still be on their phones constantly
  • (DHD) Sims now can add rooms for Room Addition gigs.
  • (HSY) The “groundhog day” bug causing players to go back in time several days when exiting CAS or traveling has been fixed for some players. Players who were affected by this bug due to incorrectly tagged custom content should no longer have this bug. The Sims Team is still investigating how and why this bug happens for players who do not use custom content.
  • (EL) Freelance Crafters can now send fabricated items via “Send to client for approval…” from computers to complete the “Send your finished work to the client” career task
  • (GF) DJs and Mixologists no longer leave their booth unattended when a Celebrity attempts to build up Fame through “Perform <scene> for Tips” or Dance Battles.

What’s Still Broken

The Sims 4 Bugs: What’s Fixed and What’s Still Broken?

Base Game

  • While children-elders can now age up reliably using the birthday cake, the issue still persists for toddlers. The Sims Team is aware of this and still investigating the problem.


  • (HSY) As mentioned above, not every player will see the groundhog day bug resolved after the September 13th patch. Only players who were experiencing this glitch due to poorly tagged custom content will have the problem resolved now. Vanilla players who had this problem will not see any improvement in this area at the moment. The Sims Team is still investigating the matter.
  • (HSY) While The Sims Team claims that young adult-elder Sims should no longer be as glued to their phones as teenagers are, many players (myself included) have not noticed any significant decrease in the amount of phone usage in older Sims.
  • (GF) DJs and Bartenders no longer becoming distracted by celebrities is great and all, but it doesn’t address the persisting problem of celebrities disrupting literally everything else in the game. Many venues cease to function as soon as a celebrity appears on the lot because they distract everyone, most notably restaurant staff.
  • (DO) While we’re on the subject of restaurants, we would certainly like to know if and when The Sims Team is ever going to acknowledge that the Dine Out game pack is completely unplayable. It’s been out for seven years now and it has never been functional in any way whatsoever. It’s as broken as My Wedding Stories was when it launched. Come on guys, if you could fix My Wedding Stories in a month, you could have fixed Dine Out at any point in the last seven years. Why is Carl fixing this pack by himself when he doesn’t even work for Maxis?

The Sims 4 Bugs: What’s Fixed and What’s Still Broken?

Reporting Bugs

Please remember to let The Sims Team know if you are having issues, too! They can’t fix problems if they don’t know about them and the more players providing information, the better! You can report game bugs at Answers HQ, including:

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Are you experiencing any of the issues described in this article?

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