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The Sims 4 Childbirth Mod Gets a Heartwarming Update!

sims 4 real childbirth mod september 2023 update

Wean toddlers, get bloodwork, pap smears, and more in the Childbirth Mod update!

Sims 4 Childbirth Mod

The Sims 4 Childbirth Mod by Pandasama is constantly growing and evolving. It’s gotten many updates adding much-loved features like home births and lactation. The latest weaning update brings even more heartwarming goodness to the game. Sims can now nurse and wean their toddlers. There are also new pregnancy checkups that can be done at the hospital. Pregnant Sims can get bloodwork done and go in for pap smears to make sure everything is okay with the health of their baby.

We’ll walk you through all of the new features in the latest Childbirth Mod update!

The Sims 4 Childbirth Mod Weaning Update

The latest weaning update comes with plenty of new gameplay features and objects! We’ll explain everything in-depth for you so you can get the most out of the latest update.

Weaning Toddlers

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Lactating Sims can now breastfeed their toddlers and also wean them off of breast milk. If you choose not to wean your toddler, your Sims will autonomously breastfeed them when they’re hungry and the toddler will nurse until they are full or until their parent runs out of milk. You can also direct your Sim to nurse them under Toddler Care. Your Sims may sometimes get moodlets from nursing.

Toddlers who have nursed at least once can be weaned off of breast milk. Under Toddler Care, select Start Weaning to begin the weaning process. You can choose to just quit cold turkey or gradually wean them. If you choose to quit cold turkey, your Sim will immediately stop nursing the toddler all together. If you choose to gradually wean them, your Sim will continue to nurse their toddler but for a shorter period of time. After two days, they will stop completely.

Sims 4 Childbirth Mod

There are no serious consequences to choosing one method of weaning over the other but your toddler will get angry if you quit nursing cold turkey. You can try to Explain Weaning to them to make them understand why they cannot nurse anymore. Sometimes they will accept the explanation. Other times, they will continue to stay angry for up to two days. Eventually, they will get over it and move on, though.

Pregnancy Checkups

Previously, pregnant Sims could use the phone to go have an ultrasound done at the hospital. In the latest update, the Ultrasound option has been replaced with Pregnancy Checkups. Don’t worry; your Sims can still get an ultrasound done! There are just additional pregnancy checkups available to choose from now.

Pap Smears

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To have a pap smear done, use the Pregnancy Checkups option on the phone to travel to the hospital. Make sure you have a pap smear bed placed down on the lot. You can find it by searching “pap smear” in the Build/Buy catalogue.

Sims 4 Childbirth Mod

Click on the bed and choose Get Pap Test. A doctor will perform the pap test for your Sim. Your Sim will receive the results from their pap test through the phone the following day. There is a small chance your Sim may have HPV but this condition does not require any treatment.


2023 09 13 16 37 39 771 ellanora by ellcrze

To get bloodwork done, use the Pregnancy Checkups option on the phone to travel to the hospital. Make sure you have Pandasama’s hospital bed placed on the lot. You can find it by searching “hospital bed” in the Build/Buy catalogue.

Click on the hospital bed to get bloodwork done. A doctor will take some blood from your Sim. In the case of bloodwork, no news is good news! You’ll only receive the results through the phone the next day if something is wrong.

If you have the Health Care Redux mod, the blood test will be able to detect any pregnancy complications that are part of that mod. Compatibility with the Romance and Pregnancy Overhaul mod will be added soon, too.

Pregnancy Treatments

Sometimes the pregnancy checkups will come back with health issues that require treatment. There are also new ways to treat a stalled labour and speed up the dilation process.

RhoGAM Injections

Sims 4 Childbirth Mod

Sometimes, your bloodwork will show that your Sim has an Rh negative pregnancy. In very basic terms, this means that the baby’s blood type is incompatible with the pregnant Sim’s blood type. If your pregnant Sim has an Rh negative pregnancy, you’ll receive a phone call and be prompted to travel to the hospital for treatment.

Rh incompatibility can be treated with RhoGAM injections. After traveling to the hospital, click on a doctor and select Get RhoGAM Injection. The doctor will administer the shot to help your pregnant Sim handle the incompatibility better.

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There is currently no penalty or negative consequence for not getting a rhoGAM injection so if you don’t want to deal with this feature, you can safely ignore the phone call prompt.


Sims 4 Childbirth Mod

Pitocin is now available to help speed up dilation during labour and to treat stalled labours. You must have Pandasama’s hospital bed placed on the hospital lot to receive a dose of Pitocin. You can find it by searching “hospital bed” in the Build/Buy catalogue.

While in labour, click on the hospital bed and choose “Start Pitocin.” Receiving the Pitocin will cause your Sim to immediately become fully dilated but there are risks involved with using Pitocin for a quicker labour. There is a 2% chance that getting a dose of Pitocin will cause a uterine rupture. If your Sim has a uterine rupture, they will be forced to have an emergency C-section to deliver the baby.

Uterine ruptures can be triggered via the mod’s SHIFT+Click cheats for storytelling purposes.

New Objects

The Sims 4 Childbirth Mod’s weaning update comes with several new objects tied to some of the new gameplay. There is new hospital equipment as well as an adjustment to birth certificates.

Pap Smear Table

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The pap smear table is essential for having a pap test done. Make sure to place one down on the hospital lot if you want your pregnant Sim to have a pap test done.

Hospital Bed

Sims 4 Childbirth Mod

The hospital bed can be used for bloodwork but it is absolutely required in order to start Pitocin. Make sure it’s somewhere accessible on the hospital lot so your Sims can use it both before and during labour.

Birth Certificates

Sims 4 Childbirth Mod

Of course, birth certificates are not exactly new; we’ve had them since Get To Work, but Pandasama has added support for birth certificates to her mod. Now Sims will receive a customizable birth certificate for their baby when they give birth through the Realistic Childbirth Mod. The customizable birth certificates contain your baby’s height and weight at birth, which is a neat touch!

How to Download the Sims 4 Childbirth Mod

The weaning update for the Childbirth Mod is still in early access for Pandasama’s supporters. Supporters of Pandasama can download v.1.39 from her website right now. The public version is expected to release on September 17th, 2023.

If you are not a supporter of Pandasama, you can still download v.1.38 in the meantime, which contains the lactation update!

Want to learn more about the lactation update for The Sims 4 Childbirth Mod? Check out our full walkthrough!

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