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The Best Sims 4 Mods for Realistic Gameplay!

sims 4 realistic gameplay mods

Switch up your gameplay for the coming season!

In the ever-growing universe of The Sims 4, realistic mods are the secret sauce that makes a delicious game even tastier. While The Sims has always delivered an engaging life-simulation experience, there are some options to kick that realism up a notch. If you’re all about chasing authenticity, you’re in the right place!

The Sims 4 Realistic Gameplay Mods list for the New Season
These Realistic Mods might go great with Sims 4’s Upcoming Season!

This article will guide you through the best Sims 4 realistic mods, that are sure to make your Sim’s life as real as yours. So, without further to do, let’s dive in!

How Do Sims 4 Realistic Mods Transform Your Gameplay?

Imagine opening your Sims game and seeing that the complexity of your Sim’s daily life has drastically evolved and is all of a sudden more relatable than before. Well, that’s precisely what these Sims 4 realistic mods aim to achieve. If you’ve ever wanted to see your Sims navigate the labyrinth of personal finances or experience a rich emotional life connected to meaningful life events, these Sims 4 Realistic mods got you covered.

They transform the standard gameplay into a more relatable and engaging experience, upgrading everything from your Sims’ emotional well-being to their career goals. With these Sims 4 realistic mods, you’ll be diving into a Sims life that reflects the highs and lows of the real world, leaving you wondering where the game ends and real life begins.

In conclusion, having these mods is like flipping the switch from standard to high-definition Sims life. So let’s flip the switch, shall we?

1. SNBank: Are You Ready for Real-Life Finance?

SNBank Mod
Image taken from SimRealist’s Website.

Are you tired of the Sims’ oversimplified financial system that just results in you entering motherlode endlessly? Well, SNBank by SimRealist aims to give you an immersive, true-to-life experience when it comes to managing your Sims’ finances. Now, there’s a way to integrate real-life banking systems, complete with account histories, direct deposits, and even debit cards. Isn’t that something?

This mod adds more than just a dash of realism, it offers a full set of financial tools designed to teach your Sims some responsibility and enhance your gameplay. For instance, you’ll be able to track all of your Sims’ debits and credits, even on shared or joint accounts. Furthermore, the mod provides the feature of multiple account types, so your Sim isn’t limited to a one-size-fits-all financial solution!

The SNBank mod even goes the extra mile by offering features for more complex financial scenarios. Need to plan for the “end of days” for a Sim? You can do that now! Want to manage multiple streams of income? Direct deposit categories got you covered! And let’s not forget the much-appreciated debit card feature, enabling your Sim to easily manage their expenses without having to visit a financial institution.

All in all, if you’re looking for Sims 4 Realistic mods that offer an authentic, comprehensive financial experience, then SNBank by SimRealist is the mod for you!

download icon

SNBank Mod is available to download on CurseForge!

2. Child Birth Mod: Childbirth Just Got An Upgrade!

Sims 4 Realistic Mods
Image taken from PandaSama’s Patreon.

You wanted realism, right? Well, The Realistic Childbirth mod by PandaSama offers the most authentic childbirth experience ever! Requiring the Get To Work expansion pack, this mod allows players to choose from three types of childbirth: the standard EA process, natural birth, and C-section. Each of the types of childbirth comes with its own unique features and processes.

For example, in a natural birth, Sims must wait until they’re 10cm dilated, and they have the option of walking around the hospital or using an exercise ball to speed up labor. If opting for a C-section, the Sim receives an epidural and then proceeds to the surgical delivery. Players can also choose a companion Sim to accompany the one giving birth, adding an emotional layer to the experience!

Several realistic elements enhance the gameplay, including the features of moodlets that reflect the Sim’s pain and emotional state, and a dilation check by a doctor. For an even more realistic experience, the mod features complications such as epidurals not always working and the Sim gaining more weight post-childbirth. The mod even accounts for the nuances of multiple births; only the first baby will be given for skin-to-skin contact, but the others will wait your Sim at home.

This mod is really big in the world of Sims 4 Realistic Mods because it gives players a more immersive experience in one of life’s most beautiful events.

download icon

Childbirth Mod is available to download on PandaSama’s Patreon!

3. Meaningful Stories Mod: Bring Your Sims to Life!

Meaningful Stories Mod
Image taken from Roburky’s Website.

Roburky’s Meaningful Stories Mod stands as a game-changer in the realm of Sims 4 realistic mods, revolutionizing how emotions and moods work in the game. Instead of the often shallow emotionions that Sims experience, Meaningful Stories introduces a enhanced mood and emotion system, which adds significant depth to gameplay! The mod accomplishes this by altering various aspects such as moodlets, emotional traits, and what it means for a Sim to be “truly happy”.

For instance, depressive episodes in the game could last an entire week unless specific actions are taken, and the concept of “true happiness” is now event-driven rather than being a default emotional state. I mean, how cool is that?

Another standout feature in this mod is its “Emotional Inertia,” which makes the emotional states of Sims more stable and realistic. Instead of bouncing between extremes, your Sims’ moods will gradually shift in response to life events, offering a more natural emotional progression. If all these changes sound overwhelming, don’t worry—Roburky’s mod offers in-game tutorial tips that pop up whenever something relevant happens, although these can be turned off for more experienced players.

Accessible via an in-game Roburky menu, Meaningful Stories offers a range of settings options that let you tailor your gameplay experience to your liking. Here you can adjust mood settings, variable moodlet settings, and even environmental settings, which remove unrealistically “happy” items like magical lamps that instantly lift moods.

Roburky’s Meaningful Stories Mod significantly improves your Sims 4 experience, making it a must-have addition to your Sims 4 Realistic Mods collection, perfect for anyone looking to boost the emotional intelligence of their Sims!

download icon

Meaningful Stories Mod is available to download on Roburky’s Website!

4. Express Delivery Mod: Have Everything at Your Doorstep!

Sims 4 Express Delivery Mod
Image taken from QMBiBi’s Patreon.

The Express Delivery Mod by QMBiBi adds so much convenience and realism to The Sims 4 that mimics our own online shopping habits. Available from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, seven days a week, this mod integrates a delivery system into the game, allowing your Sims to shop online for everything from groceries and electronics to pet supplies or home decor.

For example, your Sims can shop from a virtual Target for household necessities, pick up the latest tech gadgets from the Apple Store, or even order arts and crafts supplies from Michaels. Each shop has its own set of products, with some even providing discounts! To use the Express Delivery Mod, simply open your Sim’s phone, navigate to the Shopping tab, and you’ll find a list of stores. Just add items to your cart, and in a few hours a Sim will have your delivery at your doorstep. The best part is that the items you purchase aren’t just decorative—they’re functional too!

In conclusion, the Express Delivery Mod is a must-have for any Simmer looking to bring their game more to life. This mod will definitely create a more interactive and realistic experience, making your Sims’ world closer to your own daily life! Whether it’s furnishing a new home, keeping up with the latest tech trends, or simply enjoying the convenience of having everything delivered to your doorstep this mod definitely has something for everyone!

If you enjoy Sims 4 realistic mods, this is a great one to add to your collection! However, if you’re looking for a more diverse online shopping experience, check out our Llamazon Instant Shopping Mod Guide!

download icon

The Express Delivery Mod is available to download on QMBiBi’s Patreon!

5. Real Estate Mod: Elevate Your Residential Ownership!

Sims 4 Real Estate Mod
Image taken from SimRealist’s Website.

The Sims 4 community is no stranger to innovative mods, and the Sims 4 Real Estate Mod is among the most intriguing. As one of the Sims 4 realistic mods, this mod elevates the real estate system in the game to a whole other level. A key feature is the ability to manage rental properties, opening a new experience where your Sims can be multiple property owners. In addition, this mod introduces a great landlord-tenant system, contributing to that extra realness factor.

What sets this mod apart in the world of Sims 4 realistic mods is its focus on the details of property ownership. From choosing a perfect Realtor for your Sim’s housing journey to taking part in Negotiation Battles for property acquisition, every aspect has been thoughtfully designed. Your Sim can now become a landlord, rent out properties, and manage tenant relationships.

But what truly makes this mod great? The House Listings Process: engage with a realtor, and based on your preferences, they’ll recommend properties. With the new “Check House Listings” feature, you can now negotiate deals and handle property transactions seamlessly!

Dive deeper into negotiation battles, property evaluations, and even split households or property exchange. And let’s not forget about property management! The mod not only lets you own several homes outside of EA’s typical framework, but it also introduces features like setting main residences! And for those planning on pursuing landlordship, you can now handle tenant interviews, collect rents, impose late fees, or even evict unreliable tenants. Although to ensure this mod functions properly, we recommend adding the SNBank Mod and Financial Center Mod to your Sims 4 realistic mods collection.

Whether you want to be a landlord or are just looking to diversify your Sims’ income streams, this mod gives you the tools to do so, all while adding an extra layer of realism to your game!

download icon

Real Estate Mod is available to download on CurseForge!

6. Turbo Careers Mod: Super-charge Your Sims’ Career!

Turbo Careers Mod
Image taken from Zerbu’s Tumblr.

We had to mention Turbo Careers by Zerbu on our Sims 4 Realistic mods list! Gone are the days when your Sims vanish into the ether during their work hours. This mod pack, compatible with The Sims 4 and The Sims 4 Get to Work Expansion Pack, transforms all closed adult careers into open, interactive experiences. When your Sim’s workday begins, you’ll be presented with the choice to accompany them to their workplace. Upon arrival, you’ll find a set of goals tailored to your Sim’s specific career and level, and your performance in fulfilling these tasks directly influences how quickly your Sim will climb the corporate ladder.

Setting up the mod is straightforward, but it adds depth to the game with venue-specific goals and requirements. Each career unfolds at a unique venue, which you can either create yourself or download from the game’s gallery. However, each venue does come with its own list of necessary objects. For those concerned about saving space in their Sims worlds, the mod even allows for combined venues that can host multiple career paths!

While Turbo Careers is an older mod that hasn’t been significantly updated for a while, it still ranks high among Sims 4 Realistic Mods for its ingenuity in career simulation. Whether your Sim is a fast-food worker or an aspiring astronaut, the mod injects a dose of realism by requiring you to pay for food and other amenities, thus mimicking the real costs associated with working a job. From setting up the ideal workspace to keeping track of daily goals, Turbo Careers transforms what was once a background event into an immersive, hands-on experience.

Now, going to work will become more than just a time-lapse—it will become a part of the storytelling! This new layer of realism is exactly what you can expect from Sims 4 Realistic Mods.

download icon

Turbo Careers Mod is available to download on Zerbu’s Tumblr!

7. Grannies Cookbook Mod: Expand your culinary experience!

Grannies Cookbook Mod
Image taken from Curseforge.

When it comes to enhancing your virtual culinary journey, the Grannies Cookbook mod by Littlbowbub is a delicious addition to the realm of Sims 4 realistic mods. This comprehensive mod revolutionizes your Sims’ kitchen adventures without interfering with the in-game cooking appliances, making it compatible with other custom food mods. Easily accessible through the ‘small appliances’ section of the catalogue or by searching for ‘LBB’ or ‘Cookbook,’ this mod offers a whole book of recipes.

Whether it’s snacks, drinks, or even toddler-specific meals, you simply click on the cookbook to select the culinary masterpiece you’d like your Sim to create. Plus, the book can be added to your Sims’ inventories, making it usable across different lots.

But the true beauty of this mod lies in the incredible variety and detail of the recipes. From comforting bowls of chicken soup to extravagant dishes like Ratatouille and exotic drinks like Taro Bubble Tea, this mod makes the food aspect of The Sims 4 as rich and varied as in real life. The culinary categories are diverse, including options for hot and cold drinks, various toddler foods, grill recipes, and an expansive range of desserts that would make any Sim’s mouth water. The Grannies Cookbook mod even provides a smorgasbord of breakfast options, like Acai Smoothie Bowls and Smiley Face Pancakes, to start your Sim’s day off right.

Within the space of Sims 4 realistic mods, the Grannies Cookbook stands out as an incredibly textured modification that amplifies the cooking aspect of the game to a whole new level. It transforms cooking into a detailed and delightful activity that can be savored—literally. From creating a luxurious four-tier wedding cake to simple afternoon tea snacks, this mod caters to every culinary whim of your Sim, making it an essential addition for any Sims 4 player looking to enrich their in-game lifestyle.

If you want to expand that cookbook even further, don’t hesitate to check out our Pizza Baking Mod Guide to add 6 new pizza recipes!

download icon

Grannies Cookbok Mod is available to download on CurseForge!

8. Let’s Get Fit Mod: Turn Your Room Into a Full-On Gym!

Lets get fit mod
Imag taken from Cepzid’s Creations Patreon.

For players seeking a more active and healthy lifestyle for their Sims, the Let’s Get Fit mod by Cepzid Creations is a game-changer in the domain of Sims 4 realistic mods. This fanmade modpack goes beyond the typical treadmill and yoga routines, offering a wide variety of gym equipment and fitness activities. The public version includes barbells and stationary bikes, while the early access version takes it a step further with 12 furniture items and 14 functional objects complete with new animations.

You can make your Sim sweat it out with dumbbells, kettlebells, a new punching bag, a workout bench, and even a pull-up bar. Plus, it adds unique storage options like a barbell and dumbbell rack, along with playful versions like Toy Barbell and Toy Dumbbell for the mini fitness enthusiasts in your Sim’s household.

But that’s not all; the mod also incorporates bonus sport activities to diversify your Sim’s workout regime. Your Sim can hit the skateboard arena, enjoy a serene golf stage, or practice on a golf training mat. These additional activities offer a holistic approach to fitness, providing both fun and health benefits for your Sim. The Let’s Get Fit mod also pays attention to aesthetics, offering 12 new furniture items, including sporty decals and a range of sectional sofas, enhancing the overall environment where your Sim hones their fitness skills.

The depth and variety of options make the Let’s Get Fit mod a standout among Sims 4 realistic mods, ensuring that fitness in the Sims world is as engaging and versatile as in real life. Whether your Sim is a gym junkie or a newbie looking to get in shape, this mod has something to offer for everyone! It’s the perfect way to keep your Sim—and your gameplay—fit and entertaining.

So, with all the new equipment, why not open a gym? If this route is for you, be sure to check out our Live in Business Mod Guide which serves as a great addition to the Let’s Get Fit Mod!

download icon

Let’s Get Fit Mod is available to download on Cepzid’s Creations Patreon!

9. SimDa Dating App Mod: Swipe Right for the Perfect Match!

SimDa Dating App Mod
Image taken from SnootySims.

Navigating the dating scene in the Sims world just got a whole lot easier, thanks to LittleMsSam’s SimDa Dating App mod, which stands as one of the most interactive Sims 4 realistic mods available. This comprehensive mod adds a new “SimDa” Dating App menu under your Sim’s phone social menu, offering various options from specific dates to adventurous blind dates and even something a bit more casual.

Depending on the choice, your Sim can either embark on a romantic journey with “the one” or experience the dating game with various other Sims. The outcome can vary from bad to good to awesome dates, impacting your Sim’s relationship status. Apart from the dating options, this mod also brings in an element of spontaneity with its “Hook Up Calls from NPCs” feature. Once enabled, your Sim has a chance to receive random hook-up calls from NPCs. In addition to this, the mod provides various add-ons that let you customize your dating experiences further.

Whether you’re looking for something serious or some no-strings-attached fun, this mod has something for every Sims’ preference. You can even change the pregnancy chances during one-night stands or hook-up calls, making this one of the most adaptable Sims 4 realistic mods in terms of mimicking real-life dating consequences and possibilities.

Moreover, for players who are invested in achieving dating-related aspirations and goals, the mod cleverly integrates SimDa dates into the “Serial Romantic” and “Soulmates” aspiration goals. It even works with the Seasons expansion, fulfilling the Holiday Tradition goal for those special calendar events. All in all, LittleMsSam’s “SimDa Dating App” mod brings a realistic, dynamic layer to the Sims 4 social landscape, adding depth and complexity to your Sim’s love life.

So I guess all that’s left is to choose a spot for your Sims’ date. No worries, we got you! Check out the Top 12 Most Romantic Spots in The Sims 4!

download icon

SimDa Dating App Mod is available to download on LittleMsSam’s Tumblr!

10. Healthcare Redux Mod: Woah, Healthcare Just Got Real!

Healthcare Redux Mod
Image taken from A Deep Indigo’s Website.

The Healthcare Redux Mod by A Deep Indigo is a game-changer for Sims 4 players seeking a more realistic healthcare experience for their Sims families. This is one of the Sims 4 realistic mods that overhaul completely the healthcare system in the game, adding a wide range of new features that simulate real-world medical conditions and treatments.

When you load the mod, each Sim in your family is automatically assigned an immune system level, which influences how easily they get sick. There are also a variety of new diseases, from common conditions like sinusitis and colds to potentially fatal ones like bacterial meningitis and tuberculosis.

Each disease comes with its own symptoms, treatment options, and even immunizations. On top of that, the mod introduces new chronic conditions like anxiety, asthma, and hypertension, and even allows for more complex medical scenarios like surgeries and medical emergencies.

Apart from regular treatments, this Sims 4 realistic mod also features specialized healthcare services such as prenatal visits, and even different types of health insurance plans your Sims can choose from. Pregnancy is made more lifelike with complications like preeclampsia and gestational diabetes, and new parent Sims might experience the ‘baby blues’ or postpartum depression.

The mod is extremely detailed, providing different lengths for various conditions and diseases, from minor injuries that heal in a day to more severe illnesses that can last for days if not treated properly. Even the treatments have varying efficacy based on the severity of the condition, allowing for a comprehensive healthcare experience.

Whether it’s getting an Epi-Pen for a bee sting allergy, taking malaria pills, or scheduling visits to specialized medical practitioners like acupuncturists, this mod adds an intricate layer of realism to your Sims’ lives that extends beyond basic gameplay. It even has a built-in health insurance feature, offering different plans based on your Sims’ jobs, making it a must-have for players interested in a more authentic simulation!

Although this mod comes with its own remedies for illnesses, we recommend equipping yourself with some basic knowledge on How to Cure Sick Sims!

download icon

Healthcare Redux Mod is available to download on A Deep Indigo’s Website!

11. ALL – Mental Health Mod: Does Your Sim Need Therapy?

ALL Mental Health Mod
Image taken from Zero’s Sims 4 Mods Patreon.

The ALL – Mental Health Mod by Zero’s Sims 4 Mods is an ambitious addition to our Sims 4 Realistic Mods Collection, aiming to bring the importance of mental health into the Sims world. The mod introduces a Mental Health System where your Sim can be diagnosed with one of 11 possible disorders, such as ADHD, Anxiety, and many others. Though it should be noted that these representations are not 100% accurate and are tailored to fit within the Sims’ universe.

To kick start this journey, players can have their Sims click on their phone to get a diagnosis. Once diagnosed, the Sim receives a hidden trait that subsequently impacts their emotional state and behavior. The diagnostic outcome is partially random but can also be influenced by the Sim’s pre-existing personality traits.

Beyond the diagnostic aspect, the mod further enriches the gameplay by adding therapeutic options for the Sims. These range from Psychotherapy to Pharmacological Therapy, and even include the purchase of general anxiolytics and antidepressants from a computer within the game. Out of all the Sims 4 Realistic mods, this one takes a step further by offering the option for family and couple therapy sessions, which not only assist in eliminating negative emotions but also contribute to conflict resolution and relationship building.

For those who seek additional layers to their Sims’ mental health journey, the mod presents support groups. These are less effective than formal therapy but serve as a free alternative for Sims looking to cope with their struggles. These groups are specialized, offering focused sessions on issues like grief, and even vampire-specific challenges. However, it’s crucial for players to understand that the mod’s interpretation of mental health disorders is generalized and not a substitute for real-life medical advice.

Being that your Sims is going to have a wide range of new struggles, here are some Relaxing Activities to Ease Your Sims’ Mind.

download icon

ALL Mental Health Mod is available to download on Zero’s Sims 4 Mods Patreon!

12. Financial Center Mod: The Perfect Add-On for SNBank Mod!

Financial Center Mod
Image taken from SimRealist’s Website.

Coming in with another mod from SimRealist, this one serves as a great addition to the SNBank Mod and Real Estate mod. Designed as an extension of the SNBank mod, this addition allows your Sims to visit a physical bank lot, waiting in line with an in-person interaction for banking services. If done right, soon your Sims won’t just be a customer of the bank but could also work or even own a piece of the financial center!

This inclusion not only adds depth to your Sims’ financial lives but also showcases how Sims 4 realistic mods can contribute to more complex life scenarios. Whether it’s applying for a mortgage or dealing with loans, the Financial Center Mod offers a range of options that are in sync with real-world banking. Compatibility with other mods like Scarlet’s SimCity Loans and LittleMsSam’s ATM Cards and Credit further expands the possibilities, offering a complete and intricate financial ecosystem within the Sims 4.

As an additional treat, this mod includes an Annual Thank You feature that appreciates long-term patrons with a unique investment feature, adding another layer to your Sims’ financial growth. If you’re a fan of Sims 4 realistic mods and you’re looking for ways to enrich your Sim’s life with new financial decisions, the Financial Center Mod is a must-try!

Don’t miss out on this incredibly detailed mod that elevates your Sims’ financial lives to a level of realism never seen before!

download icon

Financial Center Mod is available to download on CurseForge!

13. SimNation Travel Mod: Hop On a Plane and See the Sims World!

SimNation Travel Mod
Image taken from A Deep Indigo’s Website.

The SimNation Travel Mod by A Deep Indigo takes the concept of traveling in Sims 4 to a new level of realism. Now, your Sims must navigate the complexities of transportation just like in real life. They need to buy subway passes, register their vehicles, book international flights, and even take driving lessons! From applying and renewing passports to putting down vacation rental deposits, this mod introduces a variety of features to make your Sims’ travels more authentic.

The mod offers features including new reward traits like “Prepared Traveler,” aspirations such as “Seasoned Traveler,” and even a travel-related career as a Travel Magazine Critic. Teens can undertake formal or informal driving lessons with adult household members to prepare for licensure. Adults can head to the DMV for a license or manage international and domestic travels with much-needed paperwork and reservations. All these features are integrated into your Sims’ smartphones and computers, ensuring that the logistics of travel are just a few clicks away. I mean, how cool is that? For those who seek Sims 4 realistic mods that extend to the domain of travel, this mod is an unmissable choice.

Adding this mod to your Sims 4 realistic mods collection will definitely enhance your gameplay by demanding strategic planning. It’s not just about getting from Point A to Point B; it’s about the journey and the preparations that make it happen. All in all, the mod brings a layer of complexity and immersion to the game that avid traveler Sims 4 players have been craving!

Now that your Sims can travel, they’ll need a relaxing place to go. To give your Sims the best vacation possible, check out our Top 5 Vacation Locations for Rental Lots!

download icon

SimNation Travel Mod is available to download on A Deep Indigo’s Website!

How to Install Sims 4 Realistic Mods

Installing Sims 4 realistic mods is pretty straightforward, but if you’re new to this, here’s a quick guide:

  1. Download the Mod File: Locate your chosen mod and download the relevant files. Make sure your downloads come from reputable sources to avoid malware.
  2. Unzip the Files: Most mods come zipped, so you’ll need to unzip them. Locate the zipped folder, right-click, and choose the ‘Unzip’ option.
  3. Move to Mods Folder: Once unzipped, move the files to your Sims 4 Mods folder. This is usually located at Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods.
  4. Enable Mods in Your Game: If it’s your first time, don’t forget to enable mods from your game settings.
  5. Restart and Play: Once your mods are enabled, restart your game, and you’re good to go!

PRO TIP: If you’re unable to find the Mods folder, a quick work-around is to create one yourself!

Wrapping Up the Sims 4 Realistic Mods!

There you have it—the best Sims 4 realistic mods to elevate your gameplay and show you the real meaning of immersion. These modifications provide an authentic touch to almost every aspect of the Sims 4 universe. Whether it’s adding depth to your Sims’ relationships, overhauling the travel experience, or making careers more challenging and rewarding, these Sims 4 realistic mods make every decision and action feel like a genuine, real-life scenario. The level of detail and thought that modders have poured into these creations is truly remarkable.

What’s particularly exciting is the ease with which these Sims 4 realistic mods can be integrated into your game. Most are user-friendly and compatible with various expansion packs, which means you can customize your gameplay to suit your individual preferences and needs. For those who seek a richer, more immersive Sims 4 experience, diving into these Sims 4 realistic mods is a no-brainer.

So why wait? The Sims 4 community is bustling with creativity, constantly bringing forth new ways to amplify and enrich the already expansive Sims world. With these Sims 4 realistic mods, you’re not just playing a game, you’re engaging in a lifelike simulation that tests your decision-making, planning, and social interaction skills.

Looking for more mods to improve your gameplay? Well, we covered a bunch of them, so don’t forget to check out our Collection of Mods Articles!

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