The Sims 5

The Sims 5 Leaks for Desktop and Android

Sims 5 Leak

The next generation Sims Game has just been leaked. For both Desktop and Mobile!

A reputable Reddit community member has just shed a light on the latest leak in the gaming community. This time it being The Sims 5, also codenamed as Project Rene.

The Sims 5 Leak Alert

Sims Community does not support piracy and / or sharing illegal file documents. Replies and comments that encourage such behavior will be removed.

The Sims 5 leaks the web

The game, Project Rene, has surfaced on the internet in two forms:

  • Project Rene Test Build for PC
  • Project Rene Test Build for Android

Both forms of the leaked Sims 5 game date back from the November 2022 Playtest. We shouldn’t expect to see more than what was shown already.

You should expect to see the game circulating in some weird, unfinished forms unfortunately. Whether it’s through discovered in-game media files or code discoveries.

Once again, be wary of such files and the forms that they come in and avoid downloading them onto your device. This community has been dealing with too much virus already…

The State of Project Rene

Maxis announced Project Rene in October 2022, after which they confirmed they’d keep their players updated with a transparent way of developing the game with its community. However, it seems that this approach has backfired EA more than once already.

Project Rene

The first report of The Sims 5 being hacked was back in November 2022, shortly after which new Screenshots (and even Game Soundtrack) have surfaced the web. The build version from that time was put together for a focus group of Playtesters, which hasn’t been talked about much since.

Lyndsay Pearson revealed little about some of the Multiplayer features players can expect in The Sims 5 in an interesting audio interview a few months ago.

Even in our conversations now, we’ve talked about trivia games to fighting games to racing games. Playing together and social features can mean so many things. 

We’re having a lot of fun exploring all those different opportunities, particularly within the context of The Sims. Because it is still about these little characters, their little lives and you helping guide them.

The Sims 5 Preview: Prototype Scene

Project Rene hasn’t been making announcements or updates on its state. The only information we’ve discovered recently is that the game’s Lead Director has left the team. Leaving the future of The Sims 5 unknown for players who want to know about the game’s current state.

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