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The Sims 5 Leaks: Object Physics, World Map and More!

sims 5 world map object physics leak

The latest round reveals the Beta World Map, Object Placement Physics and last minute marketing changes.

Remember when we said that there’s going to be more leaks happening of The Sims 5’s playtest build? Turns out we were right! And the recent round of images and videos seem to confirm multiple exciting features, as well as theories about the game’s past name.

After the entire Project Rene test build leaked for Desktop and Android devices just last month, a dataminer was able to obtain several images of the game’s early build state. A couple of players were also able to see and test out the build itself and play with the game’s Open World, Build Features and even Object Physics.

Let’s break it all down in our latest round of The Sims 5 News report:

The Sims 5 Beta World Map

For a couple of months we’ve been seeing the French-inspired world where the Project Rene playtests and first reveals have taken place. However, we’ve never been able to see the full scale of this World until now.

The Sims 5 Leak

The Sims 5 World Map, at least in its early exploration phase, seems to be focusing on a heavily populated play zone. With a few dozen district zones, a river flowing right across the new city and apartments and houses that have yet to be populated throughout the development.

Dataminer DzXAnt22 uncovered the original World Map created for playtesting. According to their report, the area covered in red is what we’ve seen originally so far from the Project Rene leaks and reports. Everything else beyond the red area is non-playable and undiscoverable.

This map was datamined from myself through the Project Rene Playtest build that was leaked a few weeks ago.

The area coloured in red on the map indicates the playable area in the playtest. Here are some comparisons between the map and some in game screenshots which shows the map lines up correctly. The map is also based on Paris I believe as i have also found actual IRL photo references in the game files as well (I will share if there’s a demand for it but they’re not really that interesting)

The Sims 5 World Map (Beta)

– Text and discovery by DzXAnt22

To compare the scale of the current known Sims 5 World Map, the OP shared additional images that compare the red playable area to the in-game look and feel:

The dataminer also included some information about the game’s current performance, and how well the game is optimized right now on Android devices:


Based on the build I’ve got there isn’t a whole lot to go off of, however I can tell you a few pointers that leads us to believe it COULD be open world:

  • Project Rene utilizes asset streaming and LODs to keep everything running smoothly. Seriously, this thing runs at ~30fps on my galaxy s9. This tells us at the very least performance is rock solid even when fully zoomed out.
  • There is no “travel” UI icon anywhere in the game files (or anything like it).
  • No string references found for “travelling” to other lots or locations.

Do keep in mind that this build is over a year old and things could have changed from then and now, however we strongly believe this will be an open world game much like TS3 was.

With the way The Sims 5 beta is structured right now, the OP strongly believes that the game could eventually be a full Open World game just like The Sims 3. Still, it’s fair to say that the playtest still doesn’t represent the potential full game that Project Rene could end up being. After all, we were told that The Sims 4 was going to have Toddlers at launch in 2014 and we ended up waiting 3 years for them to get patched into the game.

Realistic Object Physics

But wait, we’ve just scratched the surface of new Sims 5 discoveries! Maxis is taking a realistic route for object placement and customization.

The game will allow you to add accent decor and functional objects to already existing ones that you’ve placed down. Let’s say that you want to make your bed a little more comfortable with few extra pillows. You’ll be able to simulate real world physics by placing the pillows above the bed (or wherever you please) and watch them fall down. Becoming a realistic part of the object’s body structure.

After clicking the objects gravity feature, the extra objects placed down will naturally fall to the closest surface area. If the surface is stabile enough to support the object’s weight then it’ll remain there. However, pushing an object next to the side will cause it to fall down.

Take a look at some visual examples shared by @LunarBritney:

This gives opportunity for not only realistic decoration in The Sims 5, but also possible gameplay effects that the realistic physics engine could provide. Let’s hope those smarter Sims are next on radar!

Item Stretch and Pull

Intuitive creative tools seem to only get better with Project Rene. With certain customizable items having options to be stretched, pulled and expanded to your heart’s desire.

What if that cute dining table that you wanted to use for your large household just isn’t big enough? With just one drag you’re able to extend and manipulate the table’s look. With the game’s engine smartly extending added objects to their according place.

Insane Levels of Customization

To my surprise, it seems most objects in The Sims 5 have insane levels of control points and customization. Down to the smallest of details!

Creator @Simmattically shared additional footage showing just how much you can do with customizing objects. And all of that from the comfort of your smartphone.

My biggest surprise was seeing wallpaper customization of Sim laptops. You can apply different patterns and change colors all while having the in-game’s laptop user interface remain intact.

Closing down the laptop can also be done from Build Mode, where you can select different parts of an object and apply and change different skeletons to it. For example, beds have different categories for each object part from top to bottom. If you’d want to change the faucet on the sink you can now do so. And players who have been asking for different varieties and options for kitchen counters and cabinets will be happy to know that they also come with modular functionality. Allowing for endless variations!

Project Rene used to be Project Lotus

And now for the final discovery! It turns out we knew the name of the next generation Sims game way back in 2021 when we reported about the next generation Sims game being titled “Project Lotus”.

The rebrand of Project Lotus to Project Rene must have happened shortly before the official announcement of the game in 2023. Considering that there are still code string references and even in-game Car license plates that reference Project Lotus.

the sims 5 project lotus
Image source: @LuckyPaIms

EA has been quiet recently in regards to their development progress of The Sims 5 and what the current state of the game is. Let’s hope that we won’t have to wait soon enough to see more of this game’s promising potential.

What are your thoughts on the newest Project Rene features and finds? Share your opinions in the comments below and stay tuned for the latest and greatest Sims 5 News updates!

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