The Sims 4

The Sims 4: New Update! (April 16th, 2024)

Sims 4 Update

EA and Maxis have a new Sims 4 Patch ready.

The Sims Team has a brand new Sims 4 Update ready for release across PC, Mac, Xbox and Playstation supported platforms! The latest Patch prepares the game for the upcoming release of two new Kits – Party Essentials and Urban Homage. Coming this Thursday!

Find out the new fixes and improvements in the patch notes below:

Sims 4 Update

The Kits Preparations Update

Installing the New Update

You can get the latest Sims 4 Update on the following official launchers and platforms:

  • PC: EA App, Origin, Steam, Epic Games
  • Mac: Origin, Steam
  • Playstation: PS4 and PS5
  • Xbox: Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S

You can download the latest Sims 4 Update by checking for a Patch through the EA App. Or Origin if you play on Mac. If you have Automatic Updates enabled the update will automatically download through your client program. In case your EA App is not working properly ensure you’ve cleared your app cache!

If you play The Sims 4 on Xbox Series X / S and Playstation 4 and 5 you can request a new update by checking for updates under The Sims 4 game in the Main Menu. If you’ve enabled automatic updates the Patch should download right away.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you’ve already downloaded the first game update, you’ll have to download another 300MB patch to fix the issue that the first update caused. Resulting in broken in-game notification regarding the missing Sims 4 SDX drop.

Sims 4 Update

The Sims 4 Patch Notes

Update 4/16/2024

PC:  / Mac:

Console: 1.91

Sul Sul Simmers!

In just a few days, you can get your hands on a fresh fit to wear to the best party on the block. The fun doesn’t stop there; we’ve also got some updates coming your way!

The Sims Team

Bug Fixes

Base Game

  • Plants that are alive and well will no longer emit green “stink clouds” as if they were dead. Translations related to this fix will be available in the next release!
  • After enforcing regulations with the Landgraab Power Company, power on a Sim’s lot will no longer be unexpectedly shut off when bills are paid in full.
  • What an identity crisis! Simmers playing in any language besides English will no longer see the First and Last Name panel blank in CAS for Sims that have selected pronouns.
  • Um, wasn’t this supposed to be a group activity? When doing Group Cooking, all Sims will now participate.

Gallery Server

  • We have been continually reviewing your Gallery profanity reports, which can be submitted through the The Sims 4 Gallery Profanity Filter Feedback survey, and we have been updating the ruleset to allow Simmer freedom while keeping others safe. A couple of highlights include:
    • Reducing the strictness of how hashtags were handled when listed in specific orders
    • Maxis-created Sims, even from past Sims games, should no longer be prevented from uploading if you choose to recreate one or more

Eco Lifestyle

  • We fixed an issue where The Dew Collector was not collecting any water. Now, it will correctly collect water, and the water level will continue to rise.

High School Years

  • Timestamps are now updated properly on the Social Bunny App. Phew, talk about FOMO!

Horse Ranch

  • While admirable, Sims will no longer express a desire to level up their Nectar Making skill, when that skill is already maxed out.
  • Yipee, Horse Riding now helps Sims lose weight!

For Rent

  • In this economy?! The maximum available rent value will no longer lower after evicting a tenant during a grace period in 11C Sungai Point.
  • Yikes. Now, this is going to require an audit! Landlords who own a Residential Rental Lot and own a business will no longer have fund transfer issues. Transfers from the business to the household will no longer fail, and money will no longer duplicate household funds when transferring to a business.

Crystal Creations

  • The shawl sweater from Crystal Creations is now visible when selecting a “Fashion Choice” in CAS filters. Please be advised that wearing this shawl did not grant the power of invisibility.

Realm of Magic

  • What a conundrum! When aliens abduct Spellcasters, they will now become pregnant and give birth to an alien baby instead of a Sim baby.


  • Tastes like kibble! After taking the ‘Wolf-B-Gone’ drink, Sims will no longer have a fury glow still showing.
  • Updated a series of CAS accessories that were originally showing up for werewolves, even though those accessories were not applicable to werewolves.

Grunge Revival

  • A texture issue with the chipped nails in Grunge Revival has been updated.

Poolside Splash

  • Textures on one of the tank tops have been updated to remove some texture bleeding.

Castle Estate

  • Hear ye, hear ye. All Castle Estate Windows have been updated to show up in the correct wall height categories.
  • The arrow slit window has been updated to show that it can be placed on curved walls.
  • The “Heraldic Crest of Yore” and the “The Eavesdropping Llama” have been updated to appear in Outdoor Wall Sculptures. Your castle has never looked better!

The Sims Direct Team has also shared an important notice about a potential notification. Some players should expect a bogus notice regards a Sims Delivery Express with the new Sims 4 Update. As instructed by EA, you should ignore this notification:

In the meantime, some players may receive a pop-up message “Sims Delivery Content Not Installed.” You can ignore this error by clicking “Yes, Play now.” Your content remains in-game, and today’s patch will resolve this pop-up within the next hour.

The Sims Direct

What are your thoughts on the new Sims 4 Update? Join the conversation below and stay tuned for more releases coming this week!

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