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The Sims Mobile has huge features in plan after Worldwide Launch


Sarah Fuchs, one of the producers on The Sims Mobile have revealed more information to Player.One about what The Sims Mobile has in plan after the worldwide launch hits Google Play and the App Store. The features she mentioned are huge, revealing that, beside a new neighborhood which is going to be introduced shortly after the launch, they’re also planning up events that reflect the real world such as the Oscars or the solar eclipse.

We collected all the important facts below:

We have a huge roadmap of things that we are going to roll out. We are going to be releasing a lot of content, but we have a new zone that we are planning to release right after we go worldwide. In a zone, you will have different venues, different careers, different Create-A-Sim, build/buy objects, sets of things, mystery things — so we have a huge amount of content planned. You could spend zero dollars and have a great experience, you could spend thousands of dollars, depending on how decked out you want to be.

Multiplayer is very tricky for The Sims, because you want to tell your private story. If they are telling a story about having a crush on some person, or they’ve made a Sim look like some person in their real life, they get to choose how public they want to be with it.

We are going to do something so we can experience the real world through the Sims.For example, the solar eclipse and the Oscars. We want to reach a broad audience of people.


The Sims Mobile is planned to release worldwide in the next 2 months as stated in EA’s Q3 2018 report.

You can read the full interview here!

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