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The Sims Mobile: Major Live Event Coming This Month


Brandon Gill, a Creative Director for The Sims Mobile has teased during the Maxis Monthly Livestream that there’s going to be a new Major Event coming up later this month in The Sims Mobile. He didn’t say what this major event is all about but he did phrase a few times that October is the spookiest month and that we can expect the spookiest of events.

Here’s everything that he mentioned:

We have a pretty major live event happening this month and for those of you who are watching the stream and are a little bit in the know…we’re doing something a little bit different this time. Keep an eye out for a quest that’s going to kick off before the live event where you can earn some special decos that will help you out for the live event.

We have the spookiest of events happening this month. There will be another couple of live events before the year is out so keep an eye out for those!


Make sure you stay tuned to our Sims Mobile News Category for all the latest news and updates about the upcoming event!

The Sims Mobile: Major Live Event Coming This Month

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