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SPECULATION: The Sims 4’s Next Expansion Could Arrive This June

PLEASE NOTE: This post is pure speculation and contains no confirmed information about The Sims 4’s next Expansion Pack release date!

Buckle up because it’s time for another speculation post! This time around we suspect that The Sims 4’s Expansion Pack 7 could be arriving soon – specifically – in June 2019.

The Sims Team’s latest announcement that they’ll be pushing out a new update for The Sims 4 that will terminate all ongoing support for 32-bit (Windows) and Non-Metal (Mac) systems could be telling a lot about the next Expansion Pack release. In case you don’t know, the game is getting an upgrade that will make The Sims 4 exclusive to 64-bit on Windows and Metal Mac OS systems for technical reasons. For more detailed information on that check out their announcement and our article about if your computer will be able to support The Sims 4 after June 2019!

The Sims Team will be doing this upgrade in June 2019. However, considering that they’ve mentioned the fact that “You will be able to purchase and play all Stuff, Game and Expansion packs released between September 2, 2014 and February 26, 2019” it could very likely mean that the next big paid release that they’re preparing for is happening exactly in June.

This isn’t the first time that The Sims Team has decided to upgrade The Sims 4 just days before an Expansion Pack release. Back in December 2015 The Sims Team issued an important update for The Sims 4 allowing 64-bit operating system users to enjoy the game fully and even choose to play between the 32-bit and 64-bit version options in the Origin Game Properties. What’s interesting is that this big switch has been made just 4 days before the release of The Sims 4 Get Together Expansion Pack.

Sure, this doesn’t mean that the same scenario will happen all over again but if it does, it definitely won’t be the first time.

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  • I’m this next expansion pack They need to add funerals So we can have funerals when our sims die ⚰️ Just like the model but I’ll Sims could be in the casket that would be nice and Gallery To Consol that would be really nice

  • I’m this next expansion pack They need to add funerals So we can have funerals when our sims die Just like the model but I’ll Sims could be in the casket that would be nice and Gallery To Consol that would be really nice

  • I wish they would bring back some of the things you could do in the Sims 3. I put Sims 4 aside because I had forgotten how much fun Sims 3 was.

  • I feel this matches up with the recent release pattern, for example:
    Cats and Dogs Released November 2017
    Seasons Released June 2018
    Get Famous Released November 2018
    New Expansion Hopefully Releases June 2019

    • Agreed they have pushed through the packs that the Sims 3 had but with the Sim 3 you are able to interact with a lot more. Like in pets you could control your pets. The essentially are like a human. I like being able to drive around the world or taking a walk with your baby in a stroller. University was awesome too! I love all the Sims just a little tid but of what I would have liked. I play it daily and would recommend it to anyone! I am trying to get my 6 yr old into it to. Easier to keep organized then having Barbies all over the house.

      • @Roxanne M Sleszynski , I also loved that pets were controllable in TS3. :) But most people didn’t want that because they wanted the TS4 pets to mimic real-life pets. (I like to play AS the pet!) We are in the minority opinion on that issue! :(

  • I want hotels AND/OR university, so like dorm rooms or a way to rent out large complexes out to multiple sims! Maybe only working at one level of residents at a time, like with city living, but multiple sims could be living in multiple dorm/hotel rooms bout could interact with others ONLY on that level of said building? Mini fridges, that are like shelf sized spaces that work like a real item… hot shot coffee makers… YOU COULD MAKE RAMEN ON… even stair cases that are spiral, so you could make SUPER hotel suites that could be multi level(and extra expensive), but have that fancy staircase your sim can come down on for his or her wedding night… (you could even make a vacation building that costs TONNNS JUST TO STAY THAT ONE AND ONLY NIGHT AT WITH A HUGE VENUE?). With dorms, it’d help with split levels to make more small rooms that we could furnish and that would function. I vote for hotels and university and dorms! I’m over the car thing, because we do have the decorations that we can upscale, and the team has already said THAT it’s pretty much impossible…. but with the announcement on the the system change today… pretty much any new game pack or Stuff pack is up for grabs! ID LOVE TO SEE WHAT THE COMMUNITY HAS ASKED FOR, TO BE ADDED TO THE GAME! I’ve bought every single pack… and play pretty much daily, I’d love to see the things the people have asked for for almost 5 years, and even simple things like basic black and white and dark brown swatches for most items so we can make matching things….( I have an epic build on my game but I don’t dare share cuz NOTHING MATCHES) I LOVE THE SIMS AND I HOPE THEY SEE our words and take anything we say I to consideration :)

  • There is always a surprise with the sims 4. I never doubt them. I do hope the future pack will be like Island Paradise Pack or University. but lets see what the future tells. imagine an Into The Future pack.

    • I dont care about cars that much but it would be cool if they coukd open the neighborhoods and give us bicycles skateboards and maybe mooed to get around. Uni has to be coming soon but id like to see more than just university. I would like lots of options for education for all ages. I would also like to be able to build apartments and dorms.

  • I to would like to have university , High schools . Elementary and Daycares for our toddlers. To be able to add Dean and Teachers to our get to work pack and to have teen and university stuff will be so much fun.

    • On toddlers I’d recommend an option for the following:

      Head Start (Doesn’t need to know anything. Will train basic certain stats rather randomly But costs more then at home child care or Centers)
      Day care Center of Learning (must be potty trained… able to walk … able to talk.. small chance to boost one of the areas per day)

      Preschool (must be able to go to school and do certain things to level 2 medium chance to boost levels)

      Gifted Child Center (must be maxed out in one of the toddler stats & have level 1 in some skill
      as the child spends so much of their day honing the various skills associated with maxed out stat)

      Chances to make friends

      • Mood:

        1 sad someone made fun of me
        1 angry bad day at school
        2 angry really bad day

        1 uncomfortable accident at day care

        1 inspired fun with play dough
        2 happy play time
        2 happy went on field trip to…. can be inspiring/focusing depending on the field trip
        1 confident playground champion
        1 in spired tickled zylophones

        Gifted Child could be when some stats are higher
        Prodigy Child could be when they are maxed out

  • The fact they are cutting 32 bit and non metal indicates to me that they will be bringing out a core upgrade. Either much better graphics, or making it open world like the sims 3 or both.

    64 bit/ Metal will ensure the computer is optimized to really crunch everything that or some other large foundations update

  • They’ve said that in the next 6 months there will be an expansion, a game pack and a stuff pack released.
    I personally think that the expansion will be university, it’s what everyone has been requesting.
    I think the game pack is going to be farming cause of the demand for it, I think that witches is a possibility, but I don’t think we’ll see anything like that for a while considering we just got strangerville.
    I’m not too sure about the stuff pack, but I hope its a good one considering the last one…

    • Yeah, I’m one of the kinds of simmers that don’t care much for magic/supernatural things. University and sustainable living are my top requests :)

  • please make university! more careers and professions etc! and bring cars back. what is up with the removal of the cars!

  • The first thing I want is higher education. I do not want to have to move to the university to do that, though.

    The next thing I want is some kind of sustainable living, green, eco, hippie, or whatever else you want to call and/or include in that. There are lots of elements that are available already, but if they could just take the next big step and release a pack with activities and clothes and decor… I don’t live this way (enough, anyway) in real life, I’m not even crunchy, but I’d like to play a few sims that are.

  • If it’s An expansion like island paradise or University im gonna be so happy. Real beaches, and swimming in any water! I wanna add more stories to my sims, and have a reason to play past the teenagers graduation (oh and a Legit graduation would also be cool).

    • Oh and a middle stage between child and teen. We need a tween stage because we can’t just go from dollhouses and kidzbop to metal and dating lmao